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    GR2 PC Wishlist

    i saw this forum and had to join just for this topic. my wish list would include... the obvious stuff - customizable weapons - keep the dead bodies - keep it 1st person no switching, its more realistic that way and makes the game harder. u have to think more like a leader less obvious stuff - americas army has a great thing goin on, make the players go through training inorder to use certain weapons, like qualifying for that weapon. - have training increase experience, take the team to the range and their accuracy goes up - different, more realistic insertions, HALO/HAHO, helicopter fast roping, armored personell carriers, etc... - give us pc players headsets so we can talk also - and keep the dead bodies, thats a must! - more of an indepth environment immersion. give us the ability to tear open a hole in a wall with a m249, or c 4. - make craters in the ground with grenades or anti tank weapons. - ability do direct ground vechicles to take out a tank or move your team to a different spot on the map, ex. HUMVEE w/50.cal or a tow missle, bradley fighting vechicle, or an abrams tank. AND THE BIG ONE THAT I WOULD LIKE - your team is deep behind enemy lines right? make the maps bigger make the mission something other than a quick insertion, quick mission, and quick expraction. missions behind enemy lines are never like that. give the team some area to cover, make them sneak past enemy patrols, bypass guard outposts, and make them take more than 20 steps to get to the objective please? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME