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  1. Video Card Recommended: DirectX 9-compliant Shader 2.0 card with 128 MB of VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 6/7 families and ATI Radeon 9600-9800/X families) You Have: RADEON X300 Series (RADEON X300 SE (0x5B60)) Video Card Features - Minimum attributes of your Video Card Video RAM: Required - 256 MB , You have - 128.0 MB FAIL: Sorry, your video card does not meet this recommended requirement. Upgrading to a more powerful video card will make all your applications look better. Click the 'We Recommend' button to see some great options. here's what the system requirements lab said. i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what video cards i can get to do better. the demo runs oh so smoothly, i pass everything else..., just the graphics are a little on the low side. it really doesnt bother me much, but i want to check and see just how much it would cost me to get a good video card, any suggestions?
  2. desertranger12

    what i would like to see changed

    buddhijara, like your squad command ideas. i also think that it would be better to have the option of maybe a 4X scope for the assault rifles?
  3. in the past couple of weeks i have seen a multitude of different reactions to the what i consider to be great job that grin has done. some think it sucks, and others, including me, think its the best thing since sliced toast. considering it is the demo, ill let these small bugs slide but i do have some concerns that i would like to see changed in the full version. 1. my number one concern is the fact that after numerous replays of the demo level, the chopper on approach seems to go farther foward than the last time, eventually inserting the team "into" a building. dont know what causes this but a definate need to fix! 2. after a while the briefing gets old... plain and simple, i would enjoy it a little more if there was a say to skip the inflight briefing and get to the insertion quicker. another thing i would like to have is the ability to check the AO via. satellite while on the ride in to insert. 3. when spreading my team out for an assault, ive found that i cant always see them on the tac map, because they are too far away, i would enjoy being able to be a whole maps way away from my team and still be able to jump to them on the tac map. another thing with the tac map, whenever turning the map on it always sarts over the player, i would like the ability to "jump" to the AI players. 4. on the tac map i would like the ability to plan out detailed plans. let me elaborate. instead of just being able to plan out a route and certain generic functions, i would like to have a waypoint for my teammates that tells them to stop. then on the quick orders when i want them to continue, i can say proceed or something of that nature, does that make sense? SOME AI ISSUES 5. when in a fire fight teammates seem to walk infront of your firing lanes, making it hard to shoot without injuring them. 6. teammates also have a tendency to walk into machine gun fire and to just sit there and take it until they are dead. 7. i would like it to be able to order a teammate to use a grenade launcher or frag grenades at a certain position. 8. when fighting with the enemy, they see to dig in and assume defensive positions, it would be very hard if they not only flanked you ( which is usually with small two man teams, not really enough to do damage to you ) but charged straight foward using suppressive fire to cover their assault. anyway GRIN, like i said before, i love it, and these are just a few things, that "I" feel should be taken care of... keep up the good work... DR12
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    my video card, anyone wanna help?

    really? well, what are the options at 300 +?
  5. desertranger12

    what i would like to see changed

    This is a must IMO. Or at least let us choose armored cars and machine gun emplacements as a viable target for the attack order. ← thats also good, i want my teammates to be able to blow up static as well as moving targets
  6. desertranger12

    I think I found the root to our

    yea, please explain...
  7. desertranger12

    How do I get DOF

    ok cool.
  8. desertranger12

    The Wonderful AI

    i agree with every thing you had to say buddhiraja. ive also seen that when, especially when engaged by the turret, that the ghosts just seem to sit there and keep firing while they are being shot to pieces, i hope thats fixed...
  9. desertranger12

    How do I get DOF

    ok, wiat a sec, whats DOF?
  10. desertranger12

    my video card, anyone wanna help?

    yea, what i showed was the reccomended, i passed everything reccomended with flying colors except video card... my budget is from anywhere around $100 - possibly $200 ( max ). but im thinking around 100-150 probably...
  11. desertranger12

    have no clue...

    okay, thanks calius, but the thing is im not playin COOP im playing SP, so my teammates automatically go, i cant stop them... anyway.
  12. desertranger12

    have no clue...

    ive been playing for a while now, trying just about everything possible... but the last couple of times i have started a new mission, the chopper flies past the DZ and over some buildings. ok, no big deal... but then the automatic command to GO! sounds and i began to rope out just to see what happens. when i got to roof level, i didnt stop, i kept going through the roof ( it didnt break or anything... I just go through like it isnt there... then once "inside" the building i can see out, but cant get out... anyway i can fix this? was i clear enough? DR12
  13. desertranger12

    Inserted inside of a Building

    same thing happened to me... except when playing SP my teammates automatically exit, i cant stop them...
  14. desertranger12

    Favorite Weapon

    my favorite is SCARL / combat sight / foward hand grip / anything but the 9mm / extra frags i also like to take the SCARH wit a grenade launcher and extra ammo for it.
  15. desertranger12

    GReetINgs from Mexico!

    okay, so i have both of the problems that desmond had talked about, how do i go about fixing them?
  16. desertranger12


    thanks alot guys, its goin now...
  17. desertranger12


    just spent an hour downloading... *sigh* and now i have this folder on my desktop with a zipper on it... when i click on it, a windo pops up and there is an icon with a regular folder that says ghost recon demo... so i click on that. then there are 13 icons: support... data1 ...data1.hdr ...data 2... engine32 ... layout ... readmeENG... setup... setup.boot... setup... setup... setup( all of those setup's have dif icons)... and SI. so what do i do now... help would much much much appreciated DR12
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    there is no setup.exe...
  19. desertranger12


    downloading now... just a few questions. 1. what weapons are in the demo 2. can u customize them and 3. hows the level were on? DR12
  20. desertranger12

    Demo Alert!

    do you have to be a subscriber at fragland to download the demo?
  21. desertranger12

    GRAW 360 Single Player Demo

    how come 360= 2 demos and us over on the PC side of the fence have none???...whatever. what mission is the single player demo?
  22. desertranger12

    Demo for This Week

  23. desertranger12

    Hilton Hotels to Close Steakhouse

    i hope they dont close it, sounds like a great thing they are doing over there, and to close that down
  24. desertranger12

    Demo for This Week

    have to say wednesday, nice solid time to throw it out there...
  25. desertranger12

    Demo for This Week

    I wish GRIN/Ubi could just say that it's coming today/tomorrow/sometime and save my F5 ← lol, mine is already a little worn out...