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    Blackfoot Studios Prize Draw

    I'm a backer. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1032527424
  2. =WO=TekHousE

    ROF bug after patch.

    The default Z key for the ROF does not work after the patch on my game when playing a coop MP game. ANyone have the same problem in other Mp modes?
  3. =WO=TekHousE

    1.05 Patch Bugs

    Yeah its what I meant by that post..
  4. =WO=TekHousE

    1.05 Patch Bugs

    So when's the patch for this patch? LOL
  5. =WO=TekHousE


    I think that speculation about financial matters are just that, SPECULATION. Unless you are connected to the project in some way that is not known to the rest of us? And anyway, the things you talk about are common to ALL game production, its no secret mate. You have offered no new content or insight into GB at all? Seems like a total 'troll' post to me??
  6. =WO=TekHousE

    1.05 Patch Bugs

    What a disappointment. ROF bug is there. If you drop the weapon you are using that is not switching, and pick up another weapon, that one also has the ROF stuck as well. Did this countless times on the Coop Retrieve map. Long connection times getting into a server that is running the TDM domination map. Server lobby, if a server shows that there is space, clicking to enter it gets you a message that it is already full. Happens randomly. And I saw it on a server that was a few slots under capacity.
  7. =WO=TekHousE

    GRAW 2 Patch Announced

    NO I think you will find people are asking for the game to update players automatically with whatever MOD is running on the particular server being connected to. This is NOT going to happen. The game WILL update with the latest patch automatically though. Its a totally different thing than updating a game with a missing MOD.
  8. Only one problem with sniper maps.. You need something to snipe at. I can't see many rifleman saying OOH pick me! LOL
  9. Don't hold your breath on those 15 maps hehe
  10. =WO=TekHousE

    GR Poll For the next game

    I did the poll.. I don't think it will make an ounce of difference. Why? Well have a close look at your pc, if it doesn't have XBOX 360 written on it, theres your answer!
  11. As opposed to Americans and Mexicans..Much wider choice..umm NOT!
  12. Stuff this PC business! I went out and bought myself an Xbox 360! Got GRAW 2 as well..slapped it in the xbox once it was setup. Xbox went and dloaded some updates for itself. The GRAW 2 started, told me through xbox live there were updates, went and got them..dloaded all the map packs..and bang! Suddenly I have plenty of content and new maps. And oh how painless it all was. Not considering buying the xbox which I was getting anyway. Someone up there in charge of the PC game ought to wake up!
  13. I hear XBox is getting new maps again! Some are original GR ones.
  14. HI mate! Thanks for the invite, I appreciate the thought. As for WO, nothing going on for online gaming now, I wear the tags for posterity now. But who knows..? I hope that GRAW 2 can be brought up to date and up to the standards we are demanding. COD 4 is fine, but you are right its not liked by many GR players and it is not tactical in respawn mode. Unfortunately, like you say, hopes are fading for GRAW 2. One of the biggest problems is lack of information from GRiN in telling us that something...ANYTHING is happening with this game. GRAW 2 has been like buying a car that was supposed to have a V8 in it, but you were given a 4 cylinder until the V8 was finished. So now it looks good on the outside but under the hood its messed up.
  15. I totally agree with both you guys. Sadly look at how many people are frequenting these forums now..not many. Yeah COD has issues with small maps and overloaded gameplay. But as you say there IS gameplay, i.e. servers to play on! I wish GRAW 2 could be updated with new maps, and some controls to better secure our servers from lamers trying to cheat or just create havok in games. But the shear numbers of servers for COD 4 is staggering. And the first patch was released already, a 1.5mb patch to stop an issues with MP ONLY that caused you to lose experience and ranking when going from a ranked server to a unranked one. Pretty quick reaction from Infinity Ward. I am also certain that I can find COD 4 games that are tactical. I recognize a few of the servers by name already. But I am equally sure that if GRAW 2 was sorted out, GR guys would be back to play new maps and fixed issues with existing maps and other server related issues. I for one would put my own dedicated server back up in a second! Hello? is anybody really listening??
  16. Do you really think this game is ever going to be patched again? I mean honestly, last night on COD4 I got 28,000+ servers. Hundreds of those had plenty of players (up to 32) plus pings of below 100. Sure its run and gun...except where some servers are running 'classic' modes. But there are plenty of players and you can see who is in each game before joining. IF GRAW2 gets patched, its going to be one heck of a download. As to 'keep up with the Joneses' there is SO much to fix.
  17. =WO=TekHousE

    Graw 2 is slowly dieing

    Those people hanging around here are probably waiting in the hope that news of a patch will be announced. If I had to pick one thing that hints at the reason why this game has died so fast it would be this: NO Real game lobby! Thats it in my opinion. I cannot see who is online, can't tell if they are people I have played with from [GR], can't see the familiar names of cheaters that abound in this game, so I could STAY OUT of those servers. Simply, the inclusion of a feature like we had with ASE would go a long way to making this game work online. As it is, you have to wait SO LONG to get into a server, only to have it wrecked by some cheat, either hacking the game with unlimited GL and speed hack or simply TKing until they are kicked.
  18. =WO=TekHousE

    I know we're playing GHOST Recon

    This is why UBI thinks no one has any headaches with this game.
  19. NO. I figure they owe me for GRAW 1
  20. =WO=TekHousE

    GRAW 1&2 postmortem and future prospects

    Nice post man! To call GRAW 2 tactical is stretching the meaning a little too far. It was such a shame to look at the large maps, seemingly OPEN in construction and then discovering how linear they really were. One thing that bothered me from the start of GR was that a RECON unit deployed with an arsenal of grenade launchers and other HEAVY gear. Surely a launched grenade negated all the 'stealth' and tactics used to reach that particular point in a mission? Maybe thats taking it too far. For sure the GL has been responsible for turning tactical gaming into 'pot luck' 'nade spamming free for alls. We may as well have had aircraft in the game too, for all the times people are killed from above by a parabolic grenade.
  21. =WO=TekHousE

    Xbox maps released [throwbackmappack2]

    Thats so totally heart breaking. Why are we being treated like gaming lepers by UBI?
  22. =WO=TekHousE

    New AI tactics ?

    Was he trying to do an Ace Ventura and hide in them or something?