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  1. Hey Lightspeed you are not forgotten, we spartans were delibrating on getting some Arma 3 up again, and first thing I mentionned was: we need a Lightspeed mission.... Say Hi on the Sparta forums if you will, and who nows, we might get up early oneday to have a game or 2
  2. Forrester

    old ghost recon players

    old, hwat is old....
  3. Forrester

    Funny Cat Pictures

    Ahh missed this thread Good 2014 to everyone.....
  4. Forrester

    gif thread:

    awh lol missed this for too long.
  5. Forrester

    Star Wars The Old Republic

    my son is starting.... geez i get old....
  6. Forrester

    Photo Corner

    My first attemt at scenery's with my new toy a Olympus tough 810 (GPS 10m water resistant, altimeter etc.) rest of pics at my flickr account (including some of BPR's crew...) http://www.flickr.com/photos/38353569@N00/
  7. Forrester

    Post your Camera.

    For my work (and hobby) I bought a second camera... An Olympus Tough TGH-810 with GPS, altimeter, compass, 10 weterproof, and crushproof if I might sit on it...lol I'm anctious to see how well the GPS works....
  8. Forrester

    CoD 7: Black Ops - Player Feedback

    ehhh clint eastwood, ehh silvester stallone, ah yes thats the guy.....
  9. Have played Ghost Recon again with some guys from tangodown, and still being astonished about how well the Ai covers etc. Graphics may be outdated, but this game still calls for an upgrade to todays standards. I wont for sure be buying GR FS..... cloacks etc. dont appeal the slightest to me, and if I want vehicles BF BC2 is enough.... still just a tad too much run and gun, and no crouch/peek.... oh man I am yearning for some tactical shooting like the crouch only nights of old.....
  10. Forrester

    CoD 7: Black Ops - Player Feedback

    I do miss the crouch only nights, but hear none but bad comments on black ops from our guys, servers full of cheaters etcetera.... Though I sometimes disagree with Krambo on his opinion about games, I have to say the odds are against black ops for me. Knowing what modern warfare 2 was..... Too bad there aint no crouch in BF BC2..... back to good old ghost recon for me....lol COD4 makes me sick because of its wobbly graphics, which it didn't do at that time, but guess 'm used to bf bc2 too much.....
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    CoD 7: Black Ops - Player Feedback

    Sweariest forums....? BPR ??? hahahahahahahahaah
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Santana - Para los Rumberos
  13. Forrester

    The YouTube Thread

    funny catsthread wouldave been good too but rolfmao
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    Scousers Join Ferrari

  15. Forrester

    Gay Protest Signs

    Parabellum, if you read the parts were is told that gay people are wrong, you should know in what tima and circumstanses those letters/parts are written. Its not about gay being wrong, but about the way people handled sexuality (free morale kids being abused, marriage being less important and people that didn't look attractive anymore being dumped...... rougly said.) A jew wisdom says there are 7 ways to explain the wholy scripts but don't rule out the eighth.... Cristians have a tendancy to take the bible to literal and forget the true wisdom/meanings beneith.....
  16. Forrester

    Scottsmen in an elevator

    oh dear you guys are so on to humor...... lol I visit to scarce to notice all I'll do exclusive research before posting funny video's ever again
  17. Forrester

    The YouTube Thread

  18. Forrester

    what settings can i get with my system

    should be playeable. For GRAW though make sure you have a soundcard, it will improve your game a lot....
  19. Forrester

    Dragon Fly Close Up

    awesome pic rocky, I know how hard it is to catch a dragonfly, they are my favorite lots in our garden... big cruchy ones according to our cat
  20. Forrester

    Post your Camera.

    Nikon D60 with a kitlens of a D90 (18-105) and a 70-300 Nikon saving for a flash, wide angle lens and maybe a underwaterbody..... but I don't think that'll work with the 18-105 results? http://img822.imageshack.us/g/dsc4270u.jpg/
  21. Yeah I understand.... well there's always ghost recon, and ehhrm ghost recon, or ghost recon..... Still love that game, I'm sure we'll play a lot of it on the lan I organise next year for my clan... Most currently popular games are no good for a lan anyway, most need a dedi server that can only be rent over internet, and 24 peeps on a wifi connection, nahh wont do.... I'll take my old betsy to the lan too, if GR is the game she'll coop just fine.....
  22. 2 gig is minimum to make it playeable, but when I hear 512 I might think the rest of the rig is slighly outdated too???? pentium 4 wise, being a dell maybe???? The geforce 8400 won't coop either, need a 8600 minimum, and preferrably an 8800 GT or GTS