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  1. HardRock

    Multiplayer for PC

    Yes can't wait till they get it done!! On thing i like to see , Is if someone don't have a map that is being played .. It will download it for them, that way they can play. There are lots of other games that have this
  2. HardRock

    New Web Page

    We have an new Ghost-Force Clan Web page Stop By Ghost-Force Clan
  3. HardRock

    DEDICATED SERVERS - List Them Here!

    Ghost-Force Clan Server All Welcome http://ghost-force.klan-host.com/NukeGF/index.php
  4. HardRock

    Ghost-Force Clan

    The Medic Station is an Respected Ghost Recon Site that Has helped us in many ways . For that we are very thankful.
  5. HardRock

    Ghost-Force Clan

    Recruiting We are now recruiting new members for our clan. If you are looking to join an clan that likes to have fun then you are at the right place. There is No test ! For more info email info@ghost-force.de
  6. HardRock

    Ghost-Force Clan

    We are New in Town Stop by and till us what you think. Ghost-Force Clan
  7. HardRock

    Virus help!!!!

    http://www.answersthatwork.com/ download this program to find out what is going on.
  8. HardRock

    Virus help!!!!

    go to www. pandasoftware.com and use the free check , it will let you know then how to get it off your computer. You can also use the Virus Info to look up the virus and it will let you know everything about it and how to get it off.
  9. HardRock


    Hi all, Ghost-Force Clan Has an new Server come in and have some fun. IP Server runs 24/7
  10. HardRock

    Free marriage advice

    LOL good one.
  11. HardRock

    WinXP SP2 free for all

    Did they say When it will be out??
  12. HardRock

    Which Speed

    Check out www.e-bug.de or becouse of the $ right now some US stores
  13. HardRock


    Yes HX5 has Stinger but the range rings are all wrong. They have an USSR sight! The IFF Antenna is missing. Stinger is fire and forget, not reload 6 times. For Tanks,,, "well" A stinger will only ###### off a Tank!