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  1. Snake@War

    Have a Politcally Correct Christmas!

    Separation of church and state is not, and was never, in the constitution or any ammendments. If you find it, let me know.
  2. Snake@War

    Which game?

    Yep. Quite a while.
  3. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    Roger that.
  4. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    Will do. There are multiple sigs in the forums that break a the size rules, aren't there?
  5. Snake@War

    About Kit Matrix and standard GR weapons

    WinRAR is free. dl here. Well here.
  6. Snake@War

    Member Information

    Name:Nathan Date of Birth:1-28-89 Location:RDU,NC Occupation: Ice cream Romance Status:inactive Image:none Favorite Aspect of GR: Modding community Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Map Graphics and baby blue color Favorite GR Mod:Combatech's US 1st ID mod Favorite Ghost:Jack Stone Favorite Kit: PSG1/M4 (customized) Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Quick responses Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: No multiple themes When did you first visit GR.net: LOOONG time ago. Other computer games played:OPFLASH, RavenShield Clan membership:none Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: 256MB Radeon 9600 3.0 GHZ HT 512 Ram Current/Former/Future Military: Delta Force (hopefully) If yes, what job:SF Miscellaneous: I don't use WAREZ
  7. Snake@War

    Alternative modding

    GR requires 3ds max. Sorry dude.
  8. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    If I try to scale it down it gets messed up. ← You'll have to make another one then. ← Is this good?
  9. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    If I try to scale it down it gets messed up.
  10. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    You like this one?
  11. Snake@War

    Which game?

    VBS1. Then maybe Flashpoint.
  12. Snake@War

    :: back in black ::

    HOLY COW! Oh JUNK! If this were the sig above you, I would give it a 20/1!
  13. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    What about this one?
  14. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    9/10 Muy excelente. Rate this one. I added a nice little horizontal grid effect and changed the colors a bit. And this one, Second is my best yet.
  15. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    12/10 That GR2 one is AWESOME! Rate THIS one please! and then this one.
  16. Snake@War

    GR2 Characters ported for GR1?

    I brought this up at another site(click on my sig) and got no leads. I don't think so.
  17. Snake@War

    Sig Request Thread

    Hey guys, which one of these do you guys like the most, 1 2 3 1,2 or 3?
  18. Snake@War


    @Whisper- This is WAAAYYYY of topic but are you a Christian? Noticed your sig. I am too. @Cobra- Nice work man!
  19. Snake@War

    DYNACOMP will be finished

    Oh my word! Holy cow! That is NOT GR1! It just CAN'T! *Snake faint's from the blood rushing to his head... thud... Doctor! He's flatlined!*
  20. If you ask me we need to try to get something like the XBOX hud.
  21. Snake@War

    My first joke

    >-------------------------------------------< Snake As a matter of fact, I just died laughing!
  22. Snake@War


    Yep. It says. "SR-16 M4". Looks cool though still.
  23. Snake@War

    About Kit Matrix and standard GR weapons

    Check your email now. I sent it to the military one. Glad to help a dude in the armed forces.
  24. Snake@War

    About Kit Matrix and standard GR weapons

    Don't mention it man. I'll get on it later today. PSG1 right?
  25. Snake@War


    Does that patch fix the g36c silencer?