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  1. Snake@War

    USMC dress uniform

    Yeah. How about being spetz naz and attacking the embassy.
  2. Snake@War

    Iron sights mod.

    Is there a version of this with pippers?
  3. Snake@War

    Petals Around the Rose

    I've seen it before. It took me 45 seconds the first time.
  4. Snake@War

    USSOCOM Afghanistan skin mod

    Well, if you ever get a chance...
  5. Snake@War

    Iron sights mod.

    Ok. Works now. It didn't last night. Thanks!
  6. Snake@War

    Iron sights mod.

    Link is dead.
  7. Snake@War

    Facing my final curtain!

    Will there be a G36k RAS in the XM8 Armoury V2.0? You could do that and make everybody happy. Just a suggestion.
  8. Snake@War

    IGN Buys 3dgamers!

    Good find Rocky.
  9. Snake@War

    XM8 weapons mod.

    Can't wait for the update. The 1st one was great so I can't wait for 2.0.
  10. Snake@War

    SCAR Teaser

    It gun, in the mini-mod, sounds suppressed to me.
  11. Snake@War

    A little request

    DLing now. What resolution is the ret made for?
  12. Snake@War

    special ops game in development

    Nice. Very nice. This game might turn out rather well. Looking VERY good.
  13. Snake@War

    USSOCOM Afghanistan skin mod

    I love it!!! Any chance of a woodland version later? That would be sweet.
  14. Snake@War

    This weeks WEIRDO mailbag

    ← LOL They think you are RSE!!! LOL
  15. Snake@War

    What can brown do for you

  16. Snake@War

    should have bought warranty

  17. Are there any mods that do this out there? or are they ALL full equipment, standard issue?
  18. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    He he, very cool sig. 9/10
  19. Snake@War

    GR.NET Banner inspiration

    Looks nice. If you could make the BG green instead of red and increase the layer trasparency that would be better if you ask me.
  20. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    Sweet. 8/10 It seems a little plain but I like the way it looks like a sketch.
  21. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    7/10 Rate this plz!
  22. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    6/10 Ya mean this one? I think so. Well rate this one.
  23. Snake@War

    "The sig above you" thread

    7/10 To plain for me Rate this set.
  24. Snake@War

    Los Angeles Picture Thread!

    Who's the girl in the second pic on the left?
  25. Snake@War

    First weapon model

    Nice Job Swartsz! ¬°Muy Excellente!