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  1. Snake@War

    Modding for GR2

    Wow... How do you read the Xbox disks on your pc to do this? Or do you have a linuxed xbox?
  2. Snake@War

    Good Look at Battlefield 2 Game Editor

    It says it is moddable with Maya as the 3d editor. Do this mean you can use the Maya Personal Learning Edition? It's the free, non-commercial version. I hope so, or I won't be doing any modding.
  3. Snake@War

    My first attepts at skins....

    Very nice terrorist. The black specialist's butt is still woodland. Looks good otherwise.
  4. Snake@War

    my first skin

    Looks good. The hat looks a little weird on the top. The texturing isn't as seamless as it could be.
  5. Snake@War

    Keeping AI machine gunner engaged

    That's just plain weird.
  6. Snake@War

    Realism Update

    Sweet. I had C, didn't know there was a D.
  7. Snake@War

    Gaming on Dedi this weekend?

    I should be able to do both. 19.00 CST is 20.00 EST? ← Yep. Edit: Oops, just noticed the date on this.
  8. Snake@War

    First weapon model

    Yeah. Get well soon Swartz!
  9. Snake@War

    Not to be a pain.........

    Actually, their beverages are provided for them. There were two huge refrigerated cases stocked with so many different types of drinks that I couldn't even name them all. However, I did notice the "stash" that is kept in the lower right corner. There is a snack machine that they give their money to, though. ← You two are kidding right? Will this be about GR2 or vending machines?
  10. Snake@War

    my first skin

    Nice! I was getting tired of those old things. I've been waiting for this.
  11. Snake@War

    Not to be a pain.........

    Yes thanks. What about GR2 will it be about?
  12. Snake@War

    New Camo article

    You mean this? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v520/wp3...12-21-44-73.jpg
  13. Snake@War

    EOTECH Simulator

    Thanks for the info Para, sounds sweet.(And built for dummies like me )
  14. Snake@War

    PZ - M4 Sopmod Mod =)

    How long does this mean?
  15. Snake@War

    Real-Time HUD....?

    Yes, I love RU! Excellent addition.
  16. Snake@War

    Destroying Tanks

  17. Snake@War

    New Camo article

    Whoah, the OSCW? I didn't know it was that light!!!
  18. Snake@War

    New Camo article

    Looks like it. I can't wait so see them(the uniform and the "mini nuke launcher" which looks like a grenade launcher to me because of the big barrel) in GR.
  19. Snake@War

    New strain of AIDS

    I feel the same way. Wait. It makes it soooooooooooooooo much more special too.
  20. Snake@War

    SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread

    4 rifles?!!!! Is that so you can just drop your gun and not have to reload? LOL
  21. Snake@War

    FPS: Weapon View, Yes or No?

    Yeah. I agree.
  22. Snake@War

    Republic Commando Gone Gold

    Awesome!!! Can't wait.
  23. Snake@War

    Super Super Hi Poly M4

    Yeah but it looks sweet.
  24. Snake@War

    My very 1st attachment!

    Lol You could see the guy in the first pic 5 miles away! Lookin good worm. Keep it up!!!