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  1. Snake@War

    First weapon model

    I don't see a difference?
  2. Snake@War

    EOTECH Simulator

    Just wondering, what'd he do?
  3. Snake@War

    PZ - M4 Sopmod Mod =)

    Yes! Can't wait for it!!
  4. Snake@War

    First weapon model

    Yes. Very good.
  5. Snake@War

    6Gun most ambitious Special Operations title yet

    Sweet.... Can't wait!
  6. Snake@War

    New CHR - CT units

    DEVGRU's got some of the sweetest equip out there... I wish there were more mod's for 'em.
  7. Snake@War

    New CHR - CT units

    Can't wait for Delta and DEVGRU.
  8. Snake@War

    SCAR Pictures

    Me neither.
  9. Snake@War

    GR, fo' sho'

    LOL Nice aveyizzle too. I'm not much fo' spinnizzlers though...
  10. Snake@War


    Holy crap.... They stink. Good song though. :no: I can lie too now, can't I?
  11. Snake@War


    LOL Demos now are getting sooo huge. I have demos from 2002-3 that were only 50-100 MB. It's amazing they're soo big now.
  12. LOL What game is this supposed to be?
  13. Snake@War

    Any Austeyr?

    That would look sweet ingame.
  14. Snake@War

    SCAR Teaser

    Yes plz!
  15. Snake@War

    My first attepts at skins....

    Looks 10,000x better now. GJ!
  16. It's very simple. All you do is take the threat.rsb from ORIGMISS/textures and put it in a new mod like enableTI/textures. Oh yeah. A new modscont file too. Abra kadabra, presto, vualla!
  17. Snake@War

    Console Version Modding

    Totally awesome. This is VERY interesting! I don't play on-Live and am very interested in starting XBOX modding for a few of my games. Does this require moving the Xbox hdd to a pc to make a new game disk? I am very interested in this!
  18. Snake@War

    Best Mods/Maps/Missions?

    Code Ocelot. Very good. I also like US 1st ID mod but that's a total conversion. It does have a campaign though...
  19. Snake@War

    New CHR - CT units

    Yes! Something for high-end PC users!!!!!!! I know dynacomp has excellent CHRs but these are totally awesome! I love them!!! Just as good. Release them!!!
  20. Snake@War

    Which $20 game should I buy

    I'ld go with OPFlash. And to modernize I would get Y2k3 7.0 mod.
  21. Snake@War

    PZ - M4 Sopmod Mod =)

    Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Sorry. I don't mean to rush. Or do I?
  22. Snake@War

    Want to move to PC Gaming

    I have a Radeon 9600 with 256mb memory and I run GR with 6x aa at 1024*768 full detail flawlessly. But then again I have 3.0 HT p4, and 512 ram.
  23. Snake@War

    SEALs know when to act

    Very good. God sent that SEAL.
  24. Snake@War

    West Country Dictionary

    LOL Hilarious.