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  1. Snake@War

    I'm Home...

    Welcome home, Saint! See any action?
  2. Snake@War

    Killzone 2 Clan?

    ... GR.NET KZ2 clan? Anyone else interested?
  3. Snake@War

    Pirate Bay Trial....Have Been Dropped

    Well in my defense, TPB has Linux torrents.... Edit: And thanks, Apex! Appreciate it!
  4. Snake@War

    Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day!
  5. Snake@War

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Awesome man... :woohoo:
  6. Snake@War

    ARMA 2 FEB (new video)

    They COULD just make a quick little demo map and 2 missions just for the demo... [Double post removed + that video is already posted in the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising forum]
  7. Snake@War

    Pirate Bay Trial....Have Been Dropped

    I'm not one of those users... lol
  8. Snake@War

    The ultimate in odd couples?

    They need to visit a fertility clinic so that they'll have some cute little dogephants running around making some really weird noises...
  9. Snake@War

    Pirate Bay Trial....Have Been Dropped

    ... Down with the RIAA! ...
  10. Looks like there's gonna be less frustrated parents and more angry parents... that is if they even give a flip anymore....
  11. Snake@War

    Help Needed For A Report

    Might as well add Cali to the list now... lol
  12. Snake@War

    Drew Carey Show

    Hilarious vid man!
  13. Snake@War

    Now these guys are good...

    That's just plain retarded... wow. I would never touch one of those.
  14. Snake@War

    Recent Artwork

    From oldest to most recent...
  15. Snake@War

    Recent Artwork

    Comments are to be desired of! lol Thanks.
  16. Snake@War

    Any Wipeout fans

  17. Snake@War

    Shooting A Tiger With A .50 Cal

    Wow... I'm glad nobody got hurt. His reaction is funny though... lol
  18. PSN ID is SnakeATWAR. Send me a friend request so we can play please.
  19. Snake@War

    Any Wipeout fans

    I don't think so... Just played the demo though and it was cool.
  20. Snake@War

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys! I ate Applebee's! Bourbon Street Steak..... Happy Birthday Pyro Monty and Crimson!
  21. Snake@War

    Recent Artwork

    Thanks man! ...
  22. Snake@War

    Wikid Photos

    Yup. The explosion one. Thanks man... Email addy inbound.
  23. Snake@War

    Shadow Recon's Baby

    LOL zjj, I should have emphasized the TOO more. lol
  24. Snake@War

    Wikid Photos

    I was JW, because it looked kinda washed out, and lacked the degree of detail I usually see in MARPAT. That pic you just posted is awesome, man. You have it in a bigger size?
  25. Snake@War

    Shadow Recon's Baby

    Congrats, ZJJ and SR! Don't spoil him too much, ZJJ!