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  1. Snake@War

    System Build

    Yeah, no kidding man... Needless to say I was quite frustrated when I discovered my... hiccup. lol But this computer should be a beast, IMO.
  2. Snake@War

    System Build

    Well I ordered DDR2 instead of DDR3 so I guess I'll be selling the DDR2 on Ebay. I hope I don't lose too much money... I didn't realize they weren't backwards compatible.
  3. shouldnt this be called GR 5 ? GR, GR 2 (PS2/Xbox), GRAW 1, GRAW 2, GR 5...
  4. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are not well. I'll certainly pray for you though. Best of wishes...
  5. Snake@War

    Man cuts off own ######

    :crickets chirp:
  6. Snake@War

    Name That Movie Pt II

    U were supposed to post a new one with your response! Good one on that one.
  7. Snake@War

    malware warning in Google Chrome

    Ok. I see. Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering what was going on when it was happening. Good to know all is well.
  8. That pretty much says it all. Figured you might want to know if you didn't already.
  9. Snake@War

    Are Women Born Like This?

    I do believe so.... Well for the most part!
  10. Snake@War

    Breathalyzer Fail

    PROBABLY?! ROFL Yeah... He was toasted man.
  11. Snake@War

    Breathalyzer Fail

    ROFL Even the cops lost it!
  12. Snake@War

    Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

    ROFL That's hilarious... Love the ending!
  13. Snake@War

    Name That Movie Pt II

    Leon: The Professional. :takes a bow:
  14. Snake@War

    New Download Site

    Well I guess we will have multiple mirrors... Thanks for the update.
  15. Snake@War

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I do say that this will probably be a blow to Fox. This is not an April Fools joke for you skeptics. I can confirm that the news IS true... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458525/news#ni0731669 Tons of news coverage on this one. You would think they would want to keep these types of leaks secret!?!? That way less people know about it and will download it. 33 days until theatrical version is released. Pretty awesome mo........
  16. Snake@War

    GR TV show b/w Rabbits + Japanese

    Link is dead...
  17. Snake@War

    COD6 Leak

    http://tiltedscreen.com/?p=2896 http://tiltedscreen.com/?p=2978 IW says that at least PART of the list is fake, apparantly. But those were some happy 10 minutes while it lasted... lol Leaked "fake" list: I hope the vehicle stuff is fake for one. Just in case you hadn't heard.
  18. Snake@War

    Air National Guard

    Hey guys, I'm looking into the U.S. Air National Guard! The incentives are pretty unbelievable, IMO. Anyone have any suggestions or comments?
  19. Snake@War

    CoD 6: MW2 -Teaser hits the web

    Cool teaser vid. Nice find. I can't wait for this to come out.
  20. Snake@War

    My Amazing Gecko

    Huh? I know nothing about geckos so is a 26yr old gecko something special? :ponders for a moment: Wow... that's old for any small reptile...
  21. Snake@War

    WhiteKnight77's new Pc

    Looks more like a midlife Crysis machine to me... lol
  22. Snake@War

    Air National Guard

    I'm probably just gonna sit tight as a civie for now... Thanks for all the great suggestions and info, guys! I may join up later if I can't get a job! lol (I hope that doesn't happen...)
  23. Snake@War

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Hatchetforce!
  24. Snake@War

    Air National Guard

    I'm currently a sophomore in college and need the money, TBH. But I have always felt the need to serve this great country to some capacity. Many have given so much for me... I was considering the Army Reserves but I don't know if I can physically handle it... I have some back problems that could be irritated by the heavy packs and such... Who knows how bad it could get marching with a 150# pack on my back... My dad was in the Air Force and then the reserves for a while and he actually recommended the Air Guard to me. The service obligation is 6yrs for the Guard... As for the incentives: $20000 for critical careers... Should be easy to get into for me. $309/month for 3 years for the GI Bill. Either $20000 in loan repayment, or $350/month towards my school bill while I'm in school. Any suggestions would be nice.
  25. Snake@War

    Asus 1000he: Open For Suggestions

    Yeah, Led. MP4s, AVIs, MKVs and the like do not support scenes. You just have to remember or jot the time you stopped last into a text file or something... I suggest you just get rid of SpyBlaster and AVG. SpyBot is great for spyware, and I suggest you install Privoxy (it's a proxy program that runs locally) to help block even more junk. Avast is a great free anti-virus. That's my "great protection for free" list... I also recommend Chrome as an alternative to Firefox, but if you would rather run Firefox, it's the best alternative.