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  1. Snake@War

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Noraf! Enjoy it.
  2. Snake@War

    [ArmA II a "GR successor" ?]

    That's what the "T" button's for... when it works!
  3. Snake@War

    [ArmA II a "GR successor" ?]

    ^5... Agreed completely.
  4. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    Glad to hear he's doing better! Tell him I wish him many hours of ArmA II fun when he is able! Send him my best. ROFL @ Cpl Led
  5. Snake@War

    Pretty frikkin awesome!

    Yeah, BIS definitely got this one right, Lightspeed, but I'm still looking to Sky Gods and GB to be my Ghost Recon replacement... This game is the next best thing though haha! Also, you can add WeaponFX, and the M136 hotfix for it (also listed in the thread), to the list of great sound addons. Much props to BIS!
  6. But it's not ready yet, haha. My favorite mission to play so far would either be the first mission of the campaign or Village Sweep scenario. It's a great game, don't let anyone fool you! As far as addons/mods go, I'm currently running CBA (basically XEH port), VopSounds2.1, TRSM Tracked vehicle sounds, RH Heli sounds, and Kegety's NoBlurA, combined with the Non-blinding sun mod which tones down the HDR to a more realistic, less stylized level. Check the game out as well as the addons I'm using if you haven't already! Edit: Oh and to help organize all the mods, I'm loading ArmA II with this launcher...
  7. Snake@War

    L4D2 - Gameplay Video fest

    LOL I was like, what mod is this? haha Then I saw "L4D2"... Looks great!
  8. Snake@War

    Weird [different Time zone] Feelings

  9. Snake@War

    Pretty frikkin awesome!

    Ah I see... Well the thing is I still want the bloom, just not the blurring. And with the HDR mod I'm using, it seems to under-do the lighting which is why I find the bloom nice. I think it provides a nice balance personally. Otherwise I would just turn the post processing off. Thanks for the info/clarification! Just wondering, but are those settings listed seperately, or are they just bunched together under the post processing? If they are listed seperately, Steam needs to push the update badly...
  10. Snake@War

    Pretty frikkin awesome!

    What did I say to suggest I was running 1.01? lol I'm on Steam so I think it should be the latest version. Also, it's not that I don't like the default sounds, but the mods I'm running just give it that extra edge, you know? And I haven't encountered any problems at all from running Kegety's blur mod, other than the occasional flashing interface. On another note, I always used to play OFP on recruit, but I could never manage to pull myself away from the easy to use gui and the map markers showing where stuff was... But I decided to just delve into the Expert mode and turn the assists off. I find it more immersive to have to look at your map and figure it out with or, God forbid, without my GPS unit. It's that extra edge to the game that is probably the reason I never finished either campaign that shipped with OFP and its expansions. This is Snake, out!
  11. Snake@War

    Suggested Resolution?

    What drivers are you running, DS? That IS odd...
  12. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    Oh wow... I see. Thanks for the info ZJJ. I'm keeping him in my prayers...
  13. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    Wow... been going on a month now, ehh? Keeping you in my prayers Dannik. Glad to hear you are making progress.
  14. Snake@War

    Demo Fading?

    Hey guys, I just upgraded from a Phenom II x2 550 to a Phenom II x4 955 and upgraded my Radeon 4850 to a 4890 and all of a sudden i start walking on terain thats not there and flying and stuff like that... Is the demo fading because of the new hardware? Thanks...
  15. Snake@War

    GRID Modding - BMW Liverys

    Hey Rocky these look great! What is the best Grid modding community out there? I would love to look into that stuff.... Thanks!
  16. Snake@War

    Everybody Disappears

    What mods are you running? Can you post your ike crash log as well as your ike log? Thanks.
  17. DVD version of ArmA II is available at Amazon.co.uk for only 20 quid...
  18. Snake@War

    [Windows 7 hype]

    It's not hype, IMO. Windows 7 might not LOOK better, but it runs very well, is quite stable, and, dare I say it, a nice upgrade from XP. Vista sucked, yes. But just because Chevrolet made the Chevelle, doesn't mean that Chevrolet would never make a quality vehicle again. Not that they are anywhere near the best car company, but they can still make a good product. Windows Vista = '65 Chevelle Windows XP = '69 Camaro Z28 Windows 7 =2010 Corvette ZR1 TYVM This is Snake, out.
  19. Snake@War

    Market Place

    Hi everyone... I have some parts that I need to sell that I have left over from my build. I have a AMD Phenom II x2 550 Black Edition AM3 processor and a Encore ENLWI-G(2) 802.11b/g Standard PCI 2.0 Wireless Adapter. If anyone is interested PM me, thanks. Both pieces of kit work perfectly fine. I am selling the Phenom II because I recieved a X4 955 as payment of debt from my brother. I'm selling the wireless card because it won't fit in my case unless I take the slot cover plate off... I had trouble getting my video card in as well, so the card is built fine, I just think my case isn't quite to ATX specs. Anyways, just send me a best offer I guess... I will include the wireless card for free to anyone who buys the processor (assuming it's not sold yet). Thanks!
  20. Snake@War

    Demo Fading?

    Yeah that's what it thought too... haha! See, I just built my system a week ago, but my brother decided that I should have pooled my money with him for no other reason than to get a better system... and to settle some money that he owed me. I told him that I didn't really need to upgrade to that stuff but when he told me he had already bought it, well, I wasn't exactly complaining. lol I already have a buyer for the video card, and I'm actually making a small profit on it after the rebate. But I do still need to sell my "old" Phenom II x2... Anyways, I wonder if it was just some bug now because when I restarted the level it worked just fine.
  21. Snake@War

    System Build

    Speaking of beastly, I've got it overclocked to 3.7 ghz now... dang. This thing's fast.
  22. Snake@War

    System Build

    Well it's been more than a year since I've had a computer worthy of being considered a gaming pc... I've been getting by with a PS3 and a Acer Aspire One netbook but that is changing now. I'm building a gaming rig. For the case I'm using a cheap Logisys Area 51 mid tower. It comes with a 480 watt psu (I'm afraid to use a cheap PSU) but I'm going to use the XCLIO Goodpower 500 Watt PSU for my PSU. For the MOBO I'm going with the Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P. It will allow me to unlock the extra 2 locked cores in my... AMD Phenom II x2 550 Black Edition Callisto. It is rated at 3.1 GHZ as a dual core. But my mother board should allow me to unlock the 2 extra cores, essentially giving me a quad core @3.1ghz for $102 (But I'm not holding my breath for the 2 extra cores. If all else fails, I'll just overclock it to 3.6-3.8 ghz as others do with the stock heatsink). That's pretty incredible IMO. For my GPU I'll be rocking a HIS Radeon 4850. For my RAM I'll be using 2x2gb G.SKILL DDR2 @ 1066 mhz. Oh and I went with the WD Caviar Green 640GB for my HDD. So what do you think? And for a rough idea about performance see this review of the Radeon 4850, but bear in mind that the rig used in the benchmarks had a 2.8 Core 2 Extreme and 2 GB of RAM. I'm pretty excited, needless to say!
  23. New trailer on Gamespot... Fear and Anticipation Looks awesome... I can't wait for its release.
  24. Snake@War

    ***XFIRE User Names***

  25. Snake@War

    Firefox 3.5 Released

    Sounds like I might give it a run through... Thanks guys... I don't see it being as fast as Chrome, but you never know until you give it a test drive!