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  1. Snake@War

    Hollywood Death

    That was strangely emotional, yet very comical. Great find! Loved it.
  2. Yeah... It's just cheeky. No mods, no 24/7 clan/community owned SADSs, no control over who joins the SADS you pay for... Communities that kick over language, ping, exploits, abuse, racism and all that jazz can't say no to these abusers. P2P hosting sucks. Try playing COD4 on a console. I own CoD4 on PS3 and PC so I know from experience that I prefer a master list over matchmaking. While I will admit that the matchmaking is not a terrible idea (sometimes it's nice to just start CoD4 on my PS3 and join a random HC-TDM), there should still be support for dedis. Period. No SADS is no good thing. BTW: VAC isn't a great anti-cheat if you didn't know. At least in my experience.
  3. Well I'm on the fence about it to be honest... I am weak. I think the playlists are gonna be the deciding factor with me...
  4. Update: Infinity Ward Responds To PC Fanboys' Dedicated Server Woes Wow... Calling us fanboys because we want SADS for building communities, and so we can mod the game rules?!? Just ignore the 100,000+ signatures on the petitions started only 3 days ago.... I'm officially ######. But the sad part is that I'm probably still gonna buy MW2. Edit: New from FourZeroTwo: FourZeroTwo's personal explanation... ... Edit for another update: 402 removed the fanboy article from his Twitter updates.... A little too late is all I say.
  5. Snake@War

    Batman: Asylum

    Ha ha! That's awesome.
  6. Rocket = PC CoD Community... Hopefully the FourZeroTwo tweet is real and they will include SADS after all....
  7. +1 Same here Crash. Same here.... Edit: That isn't to say that I don't thoroughly approve of Windows 7. It's the best Windows to be released in the past 8 years... That's for sure. I've officially replaced XP.
  8. Sounds like it... ha ha. Here's the link, Rocky! Edit: Forgot to paste the link... haha http://www.petitiononline.com/dedis4mw/petition.html ROFL
  9. Snake@War

    Anti-Piracy system for GR:FS

    GR.net should have ONE locked/stickied thread for this topic titled "CD-Key: the only protection method that HALF way works."
  10. Snake@War

    Funny Cat Pictures

    ... Furry pr0n....
  11. I'm thinking it may have more to do with the poor FOV... unless you have played other games at a higher FOV with head-banging-running animations and can verify that is indeed the bobbing...
  12. Snake@War

    So my copy arrived today...

    @Lightspeed: That was the most epic edit of all time... ha ha! Change your mind?
  13. Snake@War

    [Is there a demo ?]

    Not yet... Soon, they say.
  14. Snake@War

    Need for Speed: Shift

    That's all I really have to say about shift... haha But seriously, I think that Shift is incredible. It is very immersive (Possibly the most immersive racer I've ever played) due to a spectacular cockpit camera (See the IGN review for a second opinion....). I own GT5P and Shift, but I have to say that while Shift may not be as realistic as GT5P, it is just as much fun as, if not more than, GT5P. This is the most exhilarating time I've had with a racing game in a long time. Don't get me wrong, Shift has its flaws, such as Drift events in general, but the game is too much fun to pass up. How does it compare with Grid? I think it blows grid out of the water, personally. I just can't stand the way you are literally glued to the track in Grid, or the responsiveness of any control scheme I've tried to use/tweak, including Driving Force GT as well as my 360 controller. The only racing games that I have played and enjoyed as much as I do Shift would be NFS III and Underground 2. I also really liked F1 Championship Edition, but that is a PS3 exclusive. I hope this helps you decide to make the purchase... You won't regret dropping some cash on this game.
  15. Snake@War

    Men Who Stare At Goats

    Awesome... ROFL! Nice find!
  16. Snake@War

    9/11 - Science And Conspiracy

    It's nice to see some more evidence supporting the initial report. But this will silence few conspiracy theorists hypothosists believin' crazy folk... Nice find!
  17. Snake@War

    Killed Soldiers named, Black Watch

    Ask our governments... For I have no ideas as to why they haven't yet done so...
  18. Snake@War

    Gmail offline

    It didn't affect me... I guess I'm lucky. I've never had a a SINGLE problem with gMail. Not a one...
  19. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    Awesome news! I'm very glad to hear it. Keep up the recovery, Dannik!
  20. Snake@War

    Most Users Online...

    Well I was wondering if there was a specific event on August 12 or 13 that would cause that date to reach record numbers of users or members online... On August 13th, 2007 GR.Net reached a record number of members online... Almost exactly one year later, on August 12th, 2008, GR.Net reached a record number of users (members and guests combined) online... Is there a specific explanation for this or is it just... "coincidence?" Just found this interesting.
  21. This game really looks like it could be my new Ghost Recon. Props to Codies.
  22. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    I am praying for you guys, Mr. and Mrs. Dannik. I am hoping you a full recovery from this illness. I'm glad to hear Mrs. Dannik is meeting her own physical needs as well. Blessings on both of you from your friendly Snake.
  23. Snake@War

    Dannik is ill.

    I hope the consult goes well and am looking forward to more good news!
  24. Snake@War

    Ever get tense playing a game?

    Oh come on guys. The key to playing that kind of game is to relax and flow with the natural rhythm.... Yeah right. The first time I ever got the feeling described in the title was playing the GR demo... Ah, memories.