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  1. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic Desert Siege   

    Forget it srry but it works now it just didn't before
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  2. WiCkEdWoW added a topic in GR - Character & Skin Modding   

    I like Wildcats Spec Ops. But there is one thing I wanna do by using SO(spec ops)
    I wanna have bandana and bonnies on both ghost recon and ghost recon desert siege. But i dunno how to script. I've tried before i didn't make it work so i was wondering if someone could help me with that BTW where can i find a RSB plug in for Photoshop 7.0?
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  3. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic USMC Desert Marpat   

    Stalker are u gonna publish ure skins or wha? If not can you send them to me? don't give me any wierd files please dunno how to use them!
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  4. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic SORRY Bajabravo!!   

    Yeah, i mean every time when i got to equipment. It's only showing the same, the bajabravo sabre teams. I know i know i can click those stuff on the left side. But i prefer thoose wich has info( I mean thoose mods that shows scrennes, website and so on.) Sorry about swearing.
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  5. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic SORRY Bajabravo!!   

    OH, ###### forgot somethin, does anybody update this site?
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  6. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic SORRY Bajabravo!!   

    I know it should be realistic, but that's not the point. I love his skins. but not those weapons he choose personally i love the m14 rifle or the g3a3 rifle, but thoose models he choose isn't that good.(but i just can't resist the skins bjb made.) Btw dunno if im going to buy GR2 rather buy Halo2 , burnout 3. Nuff Said
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  7. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic XM8 weapons mod.   

    XM8 armory mod is maybe the best weapon mod that i've played till now!!
    I just love it! Snowfella and the BaconBomb guy should join forces to make a super weapon mod against the faces of EVIL!!! (always wanted to say that )
    Oh Btw can u make a desert camo for the XM8 mod?! so it would fit for DS. please???
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  8. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic Xbox Cover Art Changed   

    I like better the EB games Product Image(xbox) it looks more seriously, while the Worthplaying Product image(for ps2)That guy kinda looks freakie the way he shouts or whaeva looks wierd. dunno what to say. I think the Ps2 image looks more fake.
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  9. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic SORRY Bajabravo!!   

    OK OK im really sorry about it bajabravo. Bjb is actually my favorite skinner,( modeler or whaeva) but i just didn't like thoose weapons that he choose for his mod, I preffer weapons like the XM8 armory(btw NICE JOB SNOWFELLA) and the standard upgrade. I know I know i can do that thing that says not recommended thing. But it just comes out a bunch of kits. I would make skins weapons myself if i could( only make skins for MOH games)
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  10. WiCkEdWoW added a topic in GR (PC) - Tech Support   

    Desert Siege
    My desert siege expension is wierd. I can play if for a while like 10 - 15 times but after that the game just woudn't start no more. and when i delete desert siege files from the mod file. Ghost Recon works again, but when i but em files back it just won't start up!
    Don't get it!
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  11. WiCkEdWoW added a post in a topic SORRY Bajabravo!!   

    OK ok im sorry. ok kill, me hang me, send me to the electric chear. whaeva u want! as long as i don't come to hell it's alright for me. Maybe we could just forget this and delete this forum that i posed and pretend it never happend? Or maybe i should just leave for y'all satistfaction?
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  12. WiCkEdWoW added a topic in GR - Weapon Modding   

    SORRY Bajabravo!!
    I love BJB Sabre Teams mod but there's one thing that really ###### me off!!

    The weapons BJB made or choose in his mod sux ( sorry bajabravo!! )

    I was wondering if someone could show me how to delete thoose weapon models files or make a mod(ask Bjb for promotion ofcuz) without those weapons please???!!! That would be heaven!!
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