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  1. Sorry Tinker, I have bin off net, and i ditten get any email on this post my bad. I dont neet any new maps, so server sided mod is perfect I will make some image for you to day, and upload them np. If it cut be made as the normal sige, so the bases is where the teams start, it is okay. i have no rule about the bases is, i just warnt a good fun sige mod with 2 bases, and hopfull esy to make:) Again i am rely sorry for this late reply, but i will look in here every day now. Cheers Jimmy
  2. I am looking for a server side mod like sige but with 2 bases, so there can be fore fun to our old gr game. Most important of this is, I don’t want players downloading a mods before they can join the server. All players need to have GR DS and IT for joining. New maps is also welcome Is there any out there that have a mods like that? Cheers Jimmy
  3. We all no that Ghost Recon is an old game, but we also no that many people still play it, and still, there are many server out there. The bad thing we all no, wend the game is alive; there will always be cheaters and hackers out there, that’s why we have desisted to open a new site call Replaycommittee and is on www.replaycommittee.com where we will try to support all players and clans the best we can. The Big question? What is RC? Replay committee is a support site for the Ghost Recon community which is a group effort to make a stand for clean play. We watch replays, logs and many other things, we also support other Clans and players watching replays along with many other tasks. We always have an updated database of banned IP's, names, replays and what they are banned for, as well we will also have a good database search on the site fore quick support for clans/players. With this we also have some good forums where clans and players can post replays for review and we will do our best too come up with a quick answer/solution. On this site we also support clean servers, so players can always find a good clean server to play on. This is what we call "RC SERVER" and for that we have the same goal as the old ACC. Our goal is simple: If a cheater is caught in one RC server then he would be banned in all RC servers. This would allow the community to visit an RC server feeling relatively secure in the notion that the environment would be cheat-free. There is some rules involved with the RC that we all agreed to follow. We would be happy to share information to help rid servers of hacks. We hope this site will give the community a place to post replays, for RC members to review. We have a good group here with many years experience and have developed tools for this purpose
  4. I can see i have bin out of town for too long time now, a lot have happened and it brake my hart too see all this stuff. I don’t have so much time left right now, but if you need anything pic, information anything just com by my site, pm or email me, and I will give you what you need. Cheers [DK-F]5.5