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  1. The thing I miss most about GR was the coop tournaments. Really wanted to do it for Arma, maybe I finally will in Arma 5 lol.
  2. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Yup, it's a big game
  3. Lightspeed

    old players that played on .:TAG:.

    Played on IGS Leagues mainly, then played a few matches on TAG. Good times playing PvP. IGS hosted these epic 9v9v9v9 matches. Something like those numbers. Total Random Respawns. Awesome battles.
  4. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    I have lost 3 horses in 3 days.
  5. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    How you enjoying the game. I found the first 15 or do hours hard to figure out what to do, especially to make money. Now I've settled into it and enjoying it as much as I had hoped.
  6. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Hehe, I haven't killed a horse yet but a few close shaved on those hidden cliifs which you can't see until you're on top of them.
  7. Lightspeed

    Igor editor basic movie's

    Ok but you realise not many people are modding GR now. Maybe newer games you will get/give value.
  8. Lightspeed

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Rocky!
  9. That's actually not the point. The point is the map isn't rendering in the building in front of the enemy so it looks like he's in the open. Absolutely ridiculous in this era of gaming that that could be happening.
  10. The Golden Triangle - Operation: Powderburn The Golden Triangle, comprising of three nations in Asia, is one of the world's largest producers of Opium and Methamphetamines. Responsible for the production and export of thousands of tonnes of China White (98% pure grade heroin), and tonnes of Methamphetamines, and responsible for feeding the addictions of most Western countries, the international community has decided to send in the Ghosts on a covert operation. Their mission....to bring down the Asian Drug Lords in the region and suppress the production of these illicit and devestating narcotics. Weapons Ready? I am hoping to set this up as the mid-year 2007 COOP Tourney, in much the same vein as the Behind Enemy Lines 2007 Single Player Tourney. The production is still in its early days, however, the plans, splash screens, maps, and mods have been chosen and one mission is just about ready. I intend to put together at least 5 but hopefully 7 or 8 mission all with points issued for objectives completed. In the BEL tradition, the goal is to utilize all of the properites tha tmake GR so enjoyable - stealth, firefights, sniping, explosives, recon, timing, intensity, as well as, spectacular misions on amazing custom-built and original GR maps. Custom-made skins and weapons are also an integral part of the campaign. I will need time to put it together, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait.
  11. Lightspeed

    The Golden Triangle - Development Thread

    If you haven't done yotm yet, do that first! Of all the amazing GR mods out there, I still rate this one in my top 5, maybe even top 3, right alongside Frostbite. The maps, the immersion, the booby traps, the essence of a GR experience.
  12. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Eeek, I just bought it. Dloading now. Just started opening story, going looking for a guy. No stuttering yet. Although it crashed first time starting game so I did a graphics card update for my Radeon RX580. Must have done the trick.
  13. Lightspeed

    The Golden Triangle - Development Thread

    Hehe, this is cool. Someone wanting to play this all these years later. I loved yotm so I should probably play this. Can't really remember the missions I made anymore. But the maps! Drool!
  14. Lightspeed

    Ready or not

    This game's really sparking my interest, but possibly for reasons the obvious reasons. For someone who first cut their teeth on Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, this gives me hope. For those who played or know the evolution, the series eventually switched to Urban Operations where the environment became a little more outdoorsy. A year or two later saw the dawn of the original ghost recon...
  15. Lightspeed

    Ready or not

    Same issue. But looking forward never backwards. 🙂
  16. Lightspeed

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Looking forward to this, was happy to wait for some bug squashing. I loved RDR, one of my top 5 games ever, so this has been a long wait.
  17. Not sure if I'll ever approve of tpv in ogr
  18. I'm doing a playthrough of DS at the moment, might do p2 next. Never finished it, it was an epic.
  19. Ah damn, I just saw the news about Migryder, RIP mate, a legend of GR. Y'all take care of yourselves guys, don't want to see anymore news like this in a hurry.
  20. Wow that's terrible
  21. I think this one will sting. Historically players just bought the games and paid the price. This time round, it sounds like Ubi is wearing the costs. Lesson learned for all perhaps. Give the players what they want. Players, don't settle for average.
  22. Lightspeed

    Just one word - Drones

    Wow! Rocky not happy speaks volumes, says it all in fact.
  23. Lightspeed

    So who tried the Beta?

    I might finally purchase a console at ps5, but for now, PC only.
  24. Lightspeed

    So who tried the Beta?

    I'm gonna spend my coin on RDR2 on PC instead of BP. Absolutely loved RDR, right up there with my love of OGR.