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  1. Janie42

    Dannik is ill.

    Great news! Wishing you continued recovery...
  2. Janie42

    P2: A Cold Day In Hell

    Applauding everyone's commitment to seeing that P2's beta testing phases are handled properly, thoroughly, especially this close to release... that takes a lot of patience. -- P2 is definitely worth waiting for! -- It's shaping up to be a robust, expansion pack reflecting GR's original (aka "true") spirit. The maps (new & retextured), characters, weapons, and in-game assets are breathtakingly lovely and professionally polished with care, deep detailing, and surprises for all... and the missions... 24 new GR missions! ... each one brilliantly scripted to weld a seamless map-mission marriage... and these missions are hard, not unfairly hard, realistically hard... and varied... something for everyone--but run n' gun is not going to get players anywhere! You'll have lots of time to look around and appreciate the wonderful mapping extravaganza... if you can stay alive long enough! P2 represents years in the making... and it shows! When the public release hits, there are going to be a lot of unbelievably happy GR addicts, SP & co-op alike!
  3. Janie42

    a new equipment mod "EDF"

    Great news about the up-coming mod(s)... !
  4. Re: Credits in GR, I know we can make new shots, but is there a way to override the "official/original" texts that run along w/the screenshots?
  5. PC Patch "secrecy" seems like more mistreatment/disregard of PC-GRAW plyrs... xbox360 plyrs knew ahead their upgrades+ were coming, even some contents were told "officially" before release=> no silly secrecy rubbish or ppl telling the 360 plyrs that they're "lucky" to be getting anything! (They are lucky IMO as they've gotten SO much--and free.) ...wondering why some ppl here think Ubi already has the PC patch but has chosen to hold it back? Don't understand what the point of that would be?
  6. Janie42

    Another flash game challenge

    0, 18, 167 ...fun, only my eyes feel a bit "buggy" now!
  7. Janie42

    New baby born

    Wonderful news... You be certain you spoil your daughter Soliana big time!
  8. Janie42

    Hammer's Vehicle Pack 01

    Hammer => wonderful contribution -- thanks! It's cool all the new vehicles you've been creating (and some other modders as well, e.g., Tinker's flying sofa ).
  9. Janie42

    An Unbelieveable Gesture

    Really wonderful news that thanks to TEK gang Alpha Squad public server will stay open afterall & even some new missions will be coming!
  10. Janie42

    Subway map

    Your new Subway map looks wonderful, Punisher -- thank you!
  11. No nasty intended towards Pave Low ( ) but... Reading (with or without note-taking) is not synonymous with actually "working on" a patch! My observations are in line with... Anyhow, I hope we can let it be okay for kretzj (& others) to ask about patch status; if every (repetative) post became cause for troubles, we'd have lots of troubles here.
  12. Janie42

    ZJJ's new car

    It looks to be a lovely car, ZJJ: congratulations!
  13. Janie42

    The GREATEST GRAW2PC player EVER has arrived!

    & Congratulations... sleepless nights can be less painful than (possible) teenager-from-hell years IMO! By the time she's 12, your daughter will be a master at "GRAW-Fat-BogO" (Advanced Warfighter Fully-automated techno-gear: Boots on ground OUT); it will not need/have any soldier player characters, just warfighting gadgetry; it will run fast on 8th-generation consoles but be unavailable for Wii (as no movements besides pressing buttons will be required) & of course it won't be available for PC. (She'll whip your rear end at this game!)
  14. Janie42

    Multiplayer maps

    @Phlook ^ No suggestions re how to ensure your new map can be great for MP too, but 3 cheers of encouragement & thanks to you that you're making it; the map layout sounds lovely & b-i-g!
  15. When a GR2:SS gametype completes, no matter SP or online (MP/co-op), the after-action screen gives a list including #kills, #headshots, #deaths, etc. & at bottom of this listing is a Total Score, e.g. 205, 950, 2520, etc. Q. How is this score calculated? Any help / explanations will be greatly appreciated!
  16. Janie42

    mod - The Great Patriotic War

    @Variable13 Another mod? Great news: keep 'em coming!
  17. Janie42

    Best Maps nowadays?

    @squad_e => Not sure exactly when you slipped away from GR but... Cobaka's 3 new maps in Armenia SCARed mod are really professional ; same for his 'Red Light' or Worms's 'Great Wall' or Sleeper's 'December' -- all are sweet maps & come w/custom missions, too -- if you don't already have them. Also, one I'd missed earlier is BornToKill's 'Swamp Maze.'
  18. Janie42

    P2: A Cold Day In Hell

    ^ ^ @ migryder, ingeloop, Phlookian et al. Excellent update: all looks amazing!
  19. Janie42

    Day version of Sierra map

    @ viiiper Unlike some others (apparently?) I'm definitely familiar w/your many excellent contributions to GRAW1 but... with all your experience... don't you know? Any modding-related posts not over-the-top in support of GRAW 2's mod tools / modders will likely be considered "splitting hairs"! [note: Exception #1 - posts by Papa6 (exception applicability time limit has now expired); Exception #2 - posts highlighting undeniable coding mistakes/errors, e.g. Bundle Tool issue; Exception #3 - if the asset in question is a weapon, then all would be 100% in agreement w/your position that GRIN (original maker) must be given full credit first: no "splitting hairs.] Of course IMO it was good of Aracnid to post up the info, no matter the post title--easily changed!
  20. Janie42

    Bagram airbase map

    Looks nice... if it has been released, anybody got a link to d/l this map?
  21. Janie42

    Serellan is moving on

    Congratulations, Serellan! Best wishes & many thanks.
  22. Definitely surprised by voting results: happily surprised... Great poll!
  23. Janie42

    What is GRAW2 really

    & interesting post: this thread is a good read IMO. Most of your points I feel the same way concerning, c.f., the poor fit the GRAW storylines are for 4-man Ghost Recon teams! Also, about how it takes time to learn new games ([GR] it was for you)... console GR is still giving me grief! Re GRAW2, hopefully the Mod Tools/Editor do arrive soon & can be shown not to need PhD-level skills for mission scripting. It looks like missions scripting by modders will be necessary to keep many of the strongest (GR) players (both SP & MP--esp. Co-op) around?
  24. For anyone who's not yet heard: Our "bigbluesoul" -- best known for his amazing mod work (c.f. maps) for the Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear series and, recently, his TCGR 'Refinery' map -- is working at GRIN's Barcelona, Spain studios! CONGRATULATIONS mate!
  25. Nice screenies, Ingleoop... Lovely work! This Mod is sure to be really a good one!