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  1. Nope. You do not need it for the main game. I believe you can upload these for unlocks in game faster though.
  2. Lots of resources at he moment...
  3. I played one of Lightspeeds missions yesterday. I can attest to this. It's a lot of fun. Worth noting, Arma is a bit complex and does take some time to get the mods together. Lightspeed was kind enough to give me some tips after I did a Youtube video of my play through. Not all of the keys and options are self explanatory. My team was pretty gimpy after being shot up. Apparently there's a key to force a medic to assist others... who knew!? Thanks Lightspeed
  4. I would have just run away on foot but that's me. Now, they are looking at possession of a stolen vehicle and probably driving under the influence.
  5. Who needs a watch when you can have a ghost recon weapon charm?!? Oh right.... worse idea ever
  6. Good to hear. I tend to avoid the UBi forums
  7. I'll probably wait for the open beta before having an opinion on this. The open beta will open a new section of the map so hopefully there will be more variety. I would agree, the closed beta got somewhat repetitive.
  8. Good games guys! Had fun. Took lots of video but here are some highlights from the first mission. More to come if you want them.
  9. Looking forward to it. Almost game time!
  10. You bring pizza. Ill bring the beer.
  11. You need to work that out with Zee. 😄
  12. Right now we are looking at this Saturday. Zee is picking the mods and time has yet to be set.