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  1. CommandoCrazy

    Nearing another milestone

  2. CommandoCrazy

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie CC
  3. CommandoCrazy

    Nearing another milestone

    Just 17 posts left!!!!!! :'> well, 16 now. CC
  4. CommandoCrazy

    Funny Babies (or kids) Thread

    Don't mess with her!!! CC
  5. CommandoCrazy

    What comes after GR?

    Check this out. I do not intend to do advertising here, but I'm sure it's not just me who thinks Ground Branch will become THE tactical shooter. But, one thing's fo sho: GR will stay on my harddisk 4-ever . CC
  6. CommandoCrazy

    Might buy the game if...

    I think there are still some [GR] servers on XFire, too. I was playing it via XFire a few months ago so I assume they're still there. Regarding the mods, I can only agree with Whisper. I've been playing GR since it came out and I'm still not through with every mod. CC
  7. CommandoCrazy

    Mafia molls or burqa wearers?

    Glasses aren't en vogue anymore.... Why not re-texture the beercan into a prosecco can? CC
  8. CommandoCrazy

    Not quite vehicle ?

    That is so neat! Now let me guess, there's gonna be a destroyed version, too? CC
  9. CommandoCrazy

    Funny Babies (or kids) Thread

    The evil emperor CC
  10. CommandoCrazy

    MH-53 helo

    awesome job, "MC" (=Modding Chief) Hammer CC
  11. CommandoCrazy

    models of mk46/Mk48 mod 0 ?

    DVS1 Weapon Mod has several M249s with optics (Aimpoint & ACOG) and suppressors, you might want to check out these. CC
  12. CommandoCrazy

    Unforgettable images

    link to image CC MODERATOR EDIT: Large image changed to link per forum rules.
  13. CommandoCrazy

    A couple of characters plz.....

    got a pic? I haven't started with Mugabe yet, got a little sidetracked with other stuff. CC
  14. CommandoCrazy

    gif thread:

  15. CommandoCrazy


    :rofl: CC