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  1. 4ceReconSniper

    Diaz- Remastered (WIP)

    nice job. I'm not sure if Special Units like the Ghosts use amber lenses. I find it not practical.
  2. 4ceReconSniper

    Android games thread suggestion

    I started the thread.
  3. 4ceReconSniper

    Android Games

    I am creating this thread for members who can relate on Android games. I played a lot of these games on my android phone. Below are the games I played and placed my opinion. I encourage to share yours. 1. Plants vs Zombies 2 Status: Uninstalled Played a lot of this before got a lot of expansions. EA rode the popularity of the original game. Uninstalled this because it really need a lot of space 2. Zombie Tsunami Status: Uninstalled Fun to play at the start until I lost interest. I love the physics of this game. 3. Iron Man 3 Status: Uninstalled Played this game until I got all the armors. It uses the gyro of my phone. It needed a lot of game time. 4. Marvel War Of Heroes Got tired of the unending card upgrades. 5. Breach And Clear Status: Installed Great game, the only android game I bought so far. classic rainbow six like planning for android. If you love rainbow six, you will love it. 6. Marvel Future Fight Status: Installed Currently playing this game, the stages maybe repeating, but I love the way you build(upgrade) your characters and it's multiplayer component. 7. Ghost Recon Network Status: Uninstalled Great simulation of GR FS weapons. I uninstalled it because it lags on my old phone. I will try installing it again on my new phone. 8. Assasin's Creed Unity Status: Uninstalled Only tried if I can have free UPlay points for my account. hahaha
  4. Can we have a thread discussing android games? Or maybe smartphone games?
  5. 4ceReconSniper

    The Division - PC Beta Downloaded!

    For me, I don't mind whether it is a third or first person. I enjoy Tom Clancy games. Played R6, GR, SOAF, SC, Hawx, EW. I look deeper on the plot/story.
  6. 4ceReconSniper

    M107 SASR

    Nice work! The detailing was superb. Looking forward on more some camo variants.
  7. 4ceReconSniper

    Thinking about retexturing

    I never thought that others would also like the Red Square retextured.
  8. 4ceReconSniper

    The YouTube Thread

    SWAT Prank
  9. 4ceReconSniper

    Thinking about retexturing

    Great work 0-0. I am looking forward on the completion of this retexturing. I would like to see the Red Square redone
  10. 4ceReconSniper

    Wildlands Ask Me Anything

    How about the background musicand theme of this game? I prefer the OGR music than the music in GRAW onwards. The music in OGR has a military ambience.
  11. 4ceReconSniper

    Sony's Virtual Reality Kit UK Price announced

    It seems VR is in the trend lately, Samsung also announced the VR add on for it's Galaxy S& smartphone.
  12. 4ceReconSniper

    Ghost Recon Video

    Welcome to the forums. The video is interesting, did you play solo or coop on mission 1?
  13. 4ceReconSniper

    The Division - PC Beta Downloaded!

    So replayability of The Division is not the good? I'm not sure about the Dark Zone mode of the game, it seems that feature is hyped up.
  14. 4ceReconSniper

    Windows 10 update- older games

    This made me think of playing the rainbow six series again. Have you tried the first SC? Thank you for the heads up Papa6.
  15. 4ceReconSniper

    Funny Cat Pictures

    "So you are telling me that this is a cat, really? (sarcasm)"