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  1. SteelHack


    I was reading through an older issue of PC Gamer....and there was an article right up front about a guy who did not want to play current themed war games...as his son was over seas. His son came home and asked are you playing COD Modern Warfare....we play it over seas and love it. There was a picture of his crew playing...and it said something like here he is shown with his crew of 4 gunners and a medic (the Predators)-----I am paraphrasing...but the term Predator was there.....I am wondering if it was coincidence...or intentional. Ill see if I can find the article or link HACK
  2. SteelHack

    what is the best kill you have ever made?

    My favorite two......One time my clan was playing a wooded map on defend....and my team had all been taken down...so I took cover up behind a tree and was popping out left side "blam blam" jumping out right..."blam blam" Best use of COVER I have ever done...ducking low one time...standing the next....hearing the ping ping of shots coming at me..... VICTORY....very intense. BUT my all time favorite "kill" was me and a buddy playing CO-OP on a Large map....we could barely see a tango DEEP.....so we laid flat...and I pulled out the binoculars and played spotter......Slowly talking my buddy into a final head shot boom ----- That was about 3ft to the left boom ----- Ok...over correction...move back to the right about 1ft boom ----- HEAD SHOT...OMG!!!!.....WOO WOOO>>>>LOL B E A S T
  3. SteelHack

    Graw 2 is slowly dieing

    First off I want to PRAISE the GRIN team.... I cant say how much I appreciate them surfing this site, and discusing their game and letting us play on their playground...I think they did a really good job on making the game that both they and UBI wanted to make. That being said...unfortunately I dont really feel it was the game that the HARDCORE [GR] guys wanted to be made. When Tom Clancy co-founded RSE, he helped create the game we know and love....Team based, tactic based, the old old "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" type of game.......Then came the HALO's of the world....and while they are GREAT GAMES...the problem is....they SOLD SO MANY COPIES...that the UBI's of the world said...we need to make our stuff more like that. So instead of making a "HALO CLONE" they tried to steer current titles in that direction....trying to appeal to the broadest group of people as possible.....so instead of getting a GREAT RUN n GUN game...or a GREAT TACSIM...you end up with a mediocre halfbreed....Jack of all trades, master of none. I think it was Bo, or someone from GRIN....but I could be wrong....back before GRAW came out..or maybe slightly after...I cant recall.....but the message was basically that the a game needs to continue to develop....that people dont want to just buy some updated version of the same old thing.....and while that is true to a point....the GREAT CLASSIC COKE campaign fits this to a T. The PC Ghost Recon Customer...does indeed want that SAME OLD THING.....in that we want the PRODUCT LINE of what Coke was selling....Coke, Diet Coke......and then next year...what we DONT WANT is Sprite, and Cherry Coke....we want Coke, Diet Coke, AND SPRITE AND CHERRY COKE.....we THE HARDCORE TAC SIM [GR] player want what we had....with updated graphics, and sound......We want the ability to go prone and aim downward...AND the ability to slide and dive (GREAT FEATURE BY THE WAY).....We want the ability to ACTIVATE MODS and CUSTOMIZE CHARACTERS that look better than they did before. I understand the business sense....the hardcore market is smaller...hence not as much cash....the hardcore market will mod and play a game for YEARS (hence my [GR] lan party next weekend) hence not as much cash. But where I feel they are missing the boat is the basic EXPANSION PACK....If an [GR] expansion pack was released tomorrow....it would sell like hotcakes....New maps....new missions....throw in a few new bad guys, and vehicles....sprinkle in a few new weapons....and we would all be rushing out to buy it. If I were a game developer.....You make Ghost Recon...right in time for XMAS...then by Jan. you have EXPANSION PACK 1 ready to go...10-12 new maps.....a handful of missions....then in Feb or March...EXPANSION PACK 2 comes out.....Now you are getting not only the $50 for the first game...but another $20 a piece from the next 5 or 6 Expansion packs.....and that honestly could go on forever with a game that gets the following of an [GR]. Tokyo, Seoul, Iraq, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Canada, Greenland.......You get a few of the MODDERS to pump out map packs...and it would not even matter if the missions were virtually identical...(A terrorist group has taken hostages...AGAIN) Thats what the Ghosts are sent in to handle...save hostages, gather intel, ....one mission its SAVE THE HOSTAGE...the next its...ESCORT THE DEFECTOR....its the exact same thing...with a different spin..and most importantly NEW MAPS to learn and enjoy. Ok...I think I am just starting to ramble...so I will go LOL HACK
  4. Is there a "put your own face in the game" mod I cant stress enough how much more my clan LOVED [GR] than when we were all actually IN GAME...looking at each other. HACK
  5. SteelHack

    The Release Date Fiasco

    Im am probably in the minority here...but honestly....I have lost all interest at this point....I still get on here...hoping to see some ground breaking pics or news....but unlike GRAW 1 were I was chomping at the bit...and did preorder....after getting to be involved in the BETA trial.....I did not even bother to try the DEMO.....just felt like more of the same.....and while I wont even say thats a bad thing.....there were a lot of things from [GR] that I have wanted to see get moved up into GRAW...and it didnt feel like they were going to make it into GRAW 2 either....It still felt just like GRAW to me. Now part of this may be due to the fact that I do not play a lot of MP. My buddies and I get together...and we play CO-OP all the way....mission by mission.....and thats what I prefer to do..... Trust me when I say this....I LOVE GHOSE RECON....and can honestly say I never see a time in my life where I am not playing it a few times a year....but right now...we still end up playing [GR] ...thanks to all the modders out there.... and until that same type of feel and mod ability comes to GRAW we probably will continue with [GR]. Oh I am sure GRAW 2 will get my bucks...as well as all my CLANS $$$ as well. But last time...we all preordered....this time...well unless the reviews here are so overwhelming I cant stay away...probably just going to wait till it starts to drop in price. HACK
  6. SteelHack

    "Open" GRAW 2 Beta (2nd wave) thread

    I signed up and had mine inside of 48 hours. No problems signing on or logging in. Its my first BETA release...so I can not comment on how things in the past have gone...but I was pretty pleased with the hole thing. HACK
  7. SteelHack

    Dissapointed with GRAW2 PC

    From my time playing the Beta....It felt just like GRAW 1 to me.....I really didnt notice much difference...but...I also am not a "deathmatch" online player...I only play Co-Op with my gaming CLAN. HACK
  8. SteelHack

    Backwards ball cap?

    Thanks man....I am scouring through the files now to find it...I saw him in the readme. Tinker...I will get back to you on this....Thanks a lot guys. HACK
  9. SteelHack

    Backwards ball cap?

    Tinker....thats pretty much what I am looking for...... Could you point me in a "folder" direction....I just went back...installed CO2 and the Patch....and I am not seeing it in game. B E A S T
  10. Its been some time since I have done any CHR modding....but [GR] is finding a whole new group of players...all these years later. I have several requests...to "input" the new players actual face into the game....one guy wants the backward hat....SWAT Sniper Style.....I seem to remember a CHR out there somewhere with it...but cant seem to find it. Its just for personal use...and will not be included in any MOD release. HACK
  11. I consider myself a pretty die hard fan of the GR series of games....but for the first time since I discovered [GR] back in 2002 right around the time the expansion packs came out.....Im just not as interested.... I used to come to this site every day...to read about the mods, or about Ghost Recon 2 for PC..... GRAW....and here we are waiting for GRAW 2....and I just dont care.....There just doesnt seem to be any new PC info coming...the PC crowd is once again being delayed (which we all knew was going to happen...so its not like thats depressed me) I dont know what it is...and I am not going to say that when GRAW 2 does come out that I wont come rushing back to the well for another giant drink of the koolaid....but for the first time since me and my clan discovered the beauty of GR.......I have lost interest... am I alone or are others feeling this as well? I realize this is probably not the right place to ask simply because if you are here...you also have that GR addiction.....and probably are not in my boat. Waiting for my GR withdrawal to start... HACK
  12. SteelHack

    GDC XIV: Marathon Format

    No dude ... I was actually online over the weekend. I was planning to switch things up but then google distracted me on a drunkin bet I had made the night before on whether penguins had feathers or fur. I lost. Don't ask. And with that said ... This first GDC marathon is officially over!! Wow ... some very clever and eye catching entries. Remember, the average of scores will determine the winner. I am contemplating whether to start the next GDC while judging is going on. My concern is that might steal the thunder of the prior GDC ... what say you GDCer? Guess maybe we should have taken him up on this....But who knew it would be 9 months? HACK
  13. SteelHack


    Release this baby so we all can "Beta" test it. Seriously...you know no matter how good you make it....someone out there will find "the bug" Help us....Help you Help us....Help you
  14. SteelHack


    still waiting HACK
  15. SteelHack


    Do we have an ETA yet on this baby. Cant wait to see it. HACK