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    Try this one out guys merry christmas

    Linux is doing good on my PC. Have done alot of updating for it and like it alot. anyhow try this snow globe website and shake up the globe with your mouse..view this Here I got a little kick out of it how they go around beating the crap out of each other Cheers!
  2. |S&P|Papa6

    Srry guys Papa6 signing off...

    Well, I'm in Mandrake Linux 10.1 right now. It looks and runs great! though issues with my printer are evident, np though, I still need my winxp partition for my digicam to download the pictures. So I can print my documents as well. this kind of makes me realize the evil empire Billy gates and his boys have on the PC world. My linux OS can read my winxp partitioon like butter! But WinXP doesn't see files on other OS partitions. This will take some time to learn but well worth the $$ [Edited] I've gotten past the printer issue. listen if you are installing mandrake Linux 10.1 just know that if your printer doesn't get detected, don't worry, if you can boot into KDE, you can install the printer from inside KDE. So now my printer works fine.
  3. Well, I have had a smashing good time with you all with GR and playing etc. But I've come down to realizing that I'm more interested in photography and my family than playing PC Games. So I purchased mandrake linux 10 powerpack and decided to work on programming Linux and developing distro's for it. I'll still be able to be contacted here probably via Xchat in KDE environment or my downloading yahoo messenger for Linux. I"ll be seeing you all. I'll be installing Linux on this box this coming week. I love you guys and have had some really awesome laughs. Rocky, Thanks for all your responses to my emails and a very warm thanks to you all who've helped me out with learning GR modding. I like the fact that Linux runs so much faster than windows. But this is purely just opinion. Good luck guys and m8's and most of all...Merry Christmas! I'll pop in from time to time from my linux system... Papa6 is out!
  4. |S&P|Papa6

    GR2 commercial

    They sure know how to make movies..errr adverts. But what does this tell us about the game? I'll wait for the PC version to come out. BTW...if this is supposed to be a tactical shooter.. you know tactics and stealth, why are there NO silenced weapons? Just a thought
  5. @ Brainman2K, So my next guess would be that the PC version will be the one to own. Just as GR1 was. I have GR1 for the gamecube and it's lame as hell. I'm a pc gamer, tried and true. Nothing beats the hell out of a PC's abilities, not to mention the ability to MOD the PC version. I don't think GR2 is getting a good showing. It reminds me of the Amiga PC problems in the late 80's early 90's. They were excellent for their time, but Commodore put no time or $$ into publicity etc. GR2 is on the TV commercials, But it was all the cinematics from the Game. We'll see what progresses. March 2005 is a bit off but we'll see.
  6. Ok, it's the 28th, the show has aired...how did it go? please tell all?
  7. |S&P|Papa6

    Shadow OPS: Red Mercury

    Cool. I do understand that the AMD64 version on my DvD offers much better AI and a' helluva alot better textures in 64 bit mode....damn, makes me want to upgrade to the AMD64 alot sooner. I've heard nothing but great things from that processor series.
  8. |S&P|Papa6

    Don't Know what to think

    I walked into Gamestop here in Wheaton Maryland last wednesday the 24th of Nov. Of course I'm the curious old bloke and asked them when GR2 for the PC was to come out. The guy at the desk told me that June 2005 was "tenative" not even set. What's up? is it March 1st 2005(which I'd prefer) or is it mid to late 2005? Plz say it isn't so...
  9. |S&P|Papa6


    With this...who says that politics doesn't dictate what we do? the story for GR2 too sensitive? then it might destroy the political sensitivity of the NK/SK situation. PUHLeeeez , we are technically still at war with the north Koreans, so what's the deal? they screw up at politics everyday with Nukes. Why Ban a PC game? ban the norths nukes. Moderator Edit: Please don't venture into politics
  10. |S&P|Papa6

    Shadow OPS: Red Mercury

    probably...But I know critics of games like movies, don't know what you and I look for in games. But I liked it none the less. didn't see or find any past posts on it myself.
  11. |S&P|Papa6

    Shadow OPS: Red Mercury

    this company zombie studios have out done themselves. The link below is to the in game screenshots. Granted the site for your country is listed in the menu on the website, but I'd thought I'd save you the mouse-clicks and get you there quicker. I've gotten through a few of the missions(albeit the inf ammo and god mode) to see what this game is about. Good game to me.. http://shadowops.gamegossip.com/media/screenshots.php The official site is (US): Here The Official site(UK): Here The french site: Here German: Here Spanish: Here Italian: Here
  12. |S&P|Papa6

    Two Map, mappack

    Ok better idea. WDA's forums have the ability to post pics in the forums. I'll get on the ball to do some screenies. I found some geometry texture and geometry stuff to fix but I'll post the screenies to get you into the idea of what I'm trying to create. I like eerie atmospheres....makes the fun better {Edited} Ok..posted some screenshots, early pics but you'll get the feel of what I'm after...
  13. |S&P|Papa6

    Two Map, mappack

    Map 1 is the innercity map...RR_GRT lost the data(no fault of his own) on my map and lost the map as a whole. Map 2 is based loosely on the Stalingrad city as it was during WWII. I got the idea from Jude law in the enemy at the gates. Though this isn't a WWII map mind you. But I've developed 1/4 to 3/4 destroyed buildings. A park in the middle with barren trees and buildings that can be sniped from. I'm redoing the texturing of innercity and resizing it to GR2 standards..if I remember to be 800 x 800 meters. correct me if I'm wrong. anyhow, I have destroyed buildings that you can climb around rubble piles inside the structures to hide/snipe etc..(don't get perverted on me ok?) Both maps will be released together as a result. these maps will be far from the storyline for GR2, but will be fun for COOP and MP games. my website is gone due to miscommunication with my host company and they have deleted my entire site and all. I'll look to a provider to host my piccies of each map for your viewing pleasure. Final Note: I finally got the unwrapUVW modifier down and can retuexture my buildings almost perfectly..um...not anywhere as good as my m8 deleyt I'm also a part of a team now...finally. I'm part of the walkingdead army (WDA) and am busy with them...so stay tuned...it's not forgotten m8's! WDA_Papa6
  14. |S&P|Papa6


    Like Deleyt couldn't do it. God, He does this 3dsmax work for a living. Looks slendid m8. Hope I can even be 1/4 as good as you..
  15. |S&P|Papa6

    New Map (Inner City)

    I want to thank the community here for all the great help you've given me over the past two or so years. EL_OSO, Deleyt, RR_GRT, Biro and everybody( so many to name here) and since I've finally understood the unwrapUVW modifier (Thought I'd never get it) it is VERY easy to unwrapUVW simple low poly objects. question: those textures with multiple items on them ie, the texture strips with more than one building texture on them like This how do I tackle these puppies to texture buildings? This one has me stumped. Thanks, Papa6