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    Sitting back at my computer Desk shooting unsuspected patrons in the GR multiplayer. My kits are the P90 w/ Frags, I also use the SVUA sniper with Frags. I love fragging peoples. HEHEHE!

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    Definataly HX.5 Red Sun
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  1. Do you have to have special permission from the Admin to start a poll or is my computer just acting up, or am I just doing something wrong when i go to start a poll?
  2. I have Windows XP Pro. I went to the microsoft page and took steps to protect in the event i did get a Sasser worm virus. I opened the command prompt and keyed in the command path. and all the other steps. Now when i am surfing the 'net, I keep getting Microsoft C++ errors. And the Internet Explorer crashes on me. I have Norton AntiVirus, however, the scan comes back nil. After i get the C++ error message and the Internet Explorer crashes out, I go to restart IE, and it stops responding, I end having to reboot my computer. It only happens when i go to watch a vid or another window pops up.
  3. A couple of websites you should add... I got most of my parts from here www.computergeeks.com www.tcwo.com www.motherboards.org i found computergeeks was the cheapest, however they do not have a floppy drive. tcwo has them for about $10 or less
  4. i would suggest ossetianal woods, and i think in the red sun mod there are some other maps like hunting lodge i think. you can download from ghostrecon.net, click on downloads, then click new maps, the website will guide you through. For the ossetianal woods. and for HX.5, i d/l from fileplanet.com here => http://www.fileplanet.com/section.aspx?s=90445. HX.5 Red sun. Good luck, if you find any let me know as well.
  5. gotcha, dont hold you liable, if i mess it up, its on me. thats cool. I built my cpu from scratch. i know the insides and outs for the most part. i am gonna try to make some new mods, i haven't really checked into it that much though.
  6. I have successfully d/l and installed the NYC map mod. When I go to play GR, the mod is not there? Is there anything special we have to do to get this mod to work. I have been craving to see the level, GR doesn't recognize it. It is in the place with all my other mods and they work fine. Any input would be great. Even links to get a working NYC mod.
  7. Thanks for all the input, I'll play around with it. If all else fails, I'm taking the EASY OUT. delete entirely and reinstall.
  8. is there any input from past experiences that you know of that just dont wanna play nice together?
  9. I can play with the DS and IT mods. I think it is one of my US kits that keeps crapping out. I think it is the HX5 mod. They were all working at one time. Then after a while I kept getting the #Value missing. Then sometimes I get no errors. It is an inconsistency. Other times the character select works fine. I dont know. I'm thinking about completely deleting GR and all mods and starting over from scratch.
  10. I have the Microsoft Broadband utility. I have a wireless card 128-bit encryption as well as the hub. With the Broadband utility We get an automatic IP addy, Usually beginning with 192.-- My actually Comcast IP is 69.-- How can I open a port to host GR. Whenever people try to join me, It just shows connecting. HELP!
  11. thanks, i'll give that a try. does anybody know if there are any glitches in the HX-5 mod?
  12. i'm an newbie, not sure if i am posing in right area, so be nice to me plz. Right now i am running HX5 red sun, sniper armory, DS, IT, several level map packs, US Navy Seals 2.1, and some others. When i go to play in Multiplayer I choose the character, as i am surfing thru the characters whenever i hit a certain character set GR closes me down all together. I have the latest GR patch. I am running Win XP. Also in some of the weapon sets i keeps getting error #Value and stuff. Does anybody know how to get this fixed. PLZ help.
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