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  1. Just added thought. Look at the missions that include the tanks you can command, and modify them to be players. Also, just to find the difference of the solo mission versus, the regular players, and then the missions with the tanks. Hope it helps.
  2. DeanJP10

    Bin Files

    Worst Case, Reinstall, Make the changes if necessary (if the file is still wrong), then add the patch.
  3. DeanJP10

    The Map Editor and Map building

  4. DeanJP10

    The Map Editor and Map building

    OK, I think I'm missing something, Where is the map editor?
  5. DeanJP10

    Color Change

    Can the Rets and the Compass Colors be changed? Anyone find anything on this?
  6. Taken from another post
  7. When is xbox getting their stuff? I'm guessing our (PC) patch will probably released a week later.
  8. DeanJP10

    MP Wishlist

    Time Remaining in game: Once your dead, the only way to tell how much time is left is check with a teammate on comms. Time Remaining in game on the Server screen would be nice too.
  9. Can the player's Nickname be Skinned to a Patch on the players back?
  10. DeanJP10

    Mission #5 MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

    Throw some frags over the wall.
  11. DeanJP10

    General Mods Question

    Nice work Ted
  12. For GR:AW, will there be a Mods page to activate & deactivate mods? For those that have installed Ted Smith's Team Death Match Mod, Is there an activation/deactivation, I have not had a chance to download it.
  13. DeanJP10

    A few observations

    I agree with the EOTech should be an option for the other rifles as well.
  14. DeanJP10

    Serverbrowser idea

    A small little lock can be used for private. I wanted to add, if they could include TIME REMAINING. That would be helpful also.
  15. DeanJP10

    Ubisoft in Firm Control

    What is the other Half of the team doing? Is it GRAW Related or Something else?