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  1. Windows 10 is kind of a hot mess... but. This is probably why the launched it the way they did.
  2. Have at it! This is a unity executable game for the track I was working on. It was used only as a test bed for the track itself. *NOTE* No user interface is setup. Once you launch. If you get stuck, fall off the world somehow, or want to exit you must press ALT + F4 Download here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7EfM5ReEDfSV3p3Z0ZidWF6Z3M/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Get a blender plugin for exporting characters, levels, and weapons asap lol.
  4. Started on it for fun. Wont be finished. Also this...
  5. Was thinking about aliens and UFOs lately. So why not. Little concept work.
  6. Well, I was going to do a Space X rocket modeling tutorial but got carried away with rendering a bit. Track is still a WIP.
  7. Games evolve during dev. GB could easily go anyway it wants.
  8. Now its getting more fun
  9. Took down all my videos and decided to just keep it a little more loose. Don't want to store all these video files. A video of this track drama. Lol.
  10. That top image is pretty good idea. I would run with it. Move for a closer up and have her facing towards the camera. Posed as shes climbing up over an edge. Weapon almost flat on the ground. I would totaly run with that. Or this... Mmm.. that second one. Yah.
  11. Fx6300 sold
  12. Blender series is at episode 7 if you want to check it out. No videos lately. Not starting them until ryzen 1700 system is built. Have started on some model work for an Android game. I won't discuss which one yet. A former Need for Speed Dev has been doing all the work. One man wrecking crew. Hitting 60fps on galaxy S2s at the moment. This track is actually about halfway done. Already did a couple laps on it. Its good to go.
  13. Happens piece by piece and takes hella lot longer then most people realise. Every model is made from scratch poly by poly pixel by pixel. Until it slowly comes together as a tangible piece of eye candy. You would think 3D graphics are easy but in reality... its easier to make real models out of epoxies, clay, paint etc.... Zees MP5 and characters are real labors of love. Even a lot of college educated instructors never reach that level of detail. Zee you make cool stuff. You know that. Dont let the criticism wail on your mind to harshly. Everyone has an opinion some are more important then others. Be mindfull of critics but don't be afraid to do your own thing too.
  14. Zee, 3 Tone Composition. Not 3 light lighting. IBL is fine. Photography / fine art rules. Frame a render for 3 tones (white, grey, darkgrey) and the rule of thirds. Etc... etc. All that composition stuff is what makes things killer. For characters your looking at the Spiral technique for framing and positioning. 3tone. Spiral As for interesting scenery. Mountains I personally love mountains. And rubble. If that at all helps. Afghanistan sucked but it was beautiful, dirty, and dusty lol. There could be a dozen dirt devils in the scenery at any given time. A dozen Big 200ft dirt devils cruising around.