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  1. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Hey Wombat. Did you edit out your video? Im okay with others posting videos here too.
  2. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS Kit Restriction Editing Replacing Main Menu Backgrounds That is awesome Rocky. Thanks for sharing it. I found a little time to make two more today. More in the future. Also I have quite a few Blender tutorials uploaded on a different you tube account. You can check them out here.
  3. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS Smoothing Groups Export to GR Setting Up Weapon Files Creating Kit Icons Creating Weapon Sounds Setting Up Weapon Sounds If all goes accordingly. You will have a new weapon created. The only remaining thing to do is setup weapon kit restrictions will be coming up in another tutorial as soon as I find some more time to do it. End result will look similar to this. Remember you must adjust the position of the weapon and points to get good hand placement. Simply move the model and points around as needed. If the model doesn't update export to desktop and replace the file using file explorer. *NOTE* Do not move right hand point. Hope you guys enjoy these tutorials.
  4. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Check Keep vertex order. Should work.
  5. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOAD Sending To Max and Scaling *Note* I recorded the whole process, including setting up all mod files, but the recording didn't save past 8 minutes for some reason. Frustrating. I'll do it again in smaller steps in the next couple days. Hopefully there won't be any big issues with recording.
  6. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Yes and my obj plugins are freezing in 3d studio max. Seams most are losing coordinates. I last attempted this in blender 2.78 and it worked fine. I'll find a work around give me a couple days.
  7. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS UV Mapping 2 Texturing 01 Texturing 02 Texturing 03 Light Baking (Image Based Lighting) You should end up with results similar to this. Video descriptions have links to required files to follow along.
  8. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    I believe I use to use .obj but if not .3ds should work. When I get to that point I'll test both and figure out which one to use in the tutorial.
  9. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    RussiaGhost Thanks for pointing that out real quick though. I just realized that might be an issue with baking. I'll find a work around so the bakes come out cleaner. For anyone wondering what the baking section will be about. It is simply adding Image based lighting to the texture. That way you get more believable coloring and shadows.
  10. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Blender does not use smooth groups at all. There is no work around for that I know of other then carefully modeling to avoid shading issues. Instead I'll be doing smooth groups in 3DSM5 which should only take a moment for this weapon. I'll upload a few more videos here soon. I am finishing up with UV mapping2, texture 1, texture 2, texture 3, and baking. After that I'll start working on taking it from blender to 3dsm5, sizing, smoothing, rigging, exporting, scripting, sounds etc... Then I'll be done with this section of the weapon modding for the most part unless I get request. I'll do some kit items later on, or stationary weapons if I can remember the rigging.
  11. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Should I continue? Anyone?
  12. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS Setting up plugins Weapon Modeling Optimizing Model UV Mapping 01 Texturing will be the next tutorial. Followed up by transferring blender models to max 5. Then exporting to Game.
  13. Starting modding tutorials here soon. Let me know what you want to see first. Video Tutorials Announcement Getting Started Modding GR
  14. pz3

    Playing with some sounds...

    I did this once before. I never had a good crack sound but ran into some of the same issues. Not real sure if there is a fix for clipping or the audio sounding a bit off. It does make the firefights more immersive though.
  15. pz3

    GR Community SDK

    I have no idea if thats possible but holy smokes. If it works that would be incredible.