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  1. I dont have any clue how GR:WL was developed or what engine etc... Dabbling through other graphics, and games... Most games are a true work of art these days. User interfaces alone have their own teams. Sound guys, animators, technical artists, programmers, designers, marketers, legal consultants, so on so forth. Big business big structure and as I like to qoute one misc dev. "Through out the whole process your never fully sure what you will end up with" Lead designers often feel detached from the actual end product as do all the animators and other developers. It all comes together in a rush and that pre production planning is arguably the most important. Wildlands is on my to buy list.
  2. Hahah 32kbps blast from the past. Enjoyed this bump.
  3. Enjoyed this thread so far? Follow my facebook page. PZDevs On Facebook Also officially started the Blender Tutorial Series. More to come!
  4. Major film producers are looking at these to make feature films that you have to "play". So the ROI is potentially good. Since it is new tech, the cost should only go down and make its way into the consumer market. I would expect augmented reality in some form. think laser tag where your neighbor hood is now filled with digital zombies.
  5. Let me introduce you to THE VOID. Accurate to 3 inches. The Army has a similare simulator being made that will be accurate in milimeters.
  6. Havent done much for content creation lately or any art work for that matter buttttttt....... Still keeping myself busy. Dont know if anyone here remembers but i had a website years ago called pzmods. mostly had no idea what i was going to do with it. Now though........ Pzdevs is mine! planning on having it hosted after I get it ready to launch. This won't be a "blog" however a somewhat more professional website with a store and various other cool things. Debating if it needs a forum or not and what kind of audience i want it to attract. Indie devs/students or maybe more professional studios. That question might be unanswered for a bit. I think ill do a few iterations of the design before I answer it fully. So heres a basic sneak peek at the mobile version.
  7. Fooling around today.
  8. King lizard blocked out for fun. I might finish this one. I might be remaking the castle in unity as a portfolio piece. MR render of it.
  9. What kind of bug is that
  10. Im now a firm believer in having a fully calibrated monitor if you plan on doing any graphics. Going through all my old photos ists nuts how off everything is. Goal for this photo from the time it was taken is to have its poor exposure correctedvas best as possible to gain back the original scene lighting. Left Out of camera. Middle 720p edit Right 4k calibrated. Although granted it looks more grey and mundane now on my cellphone. I had a few discussions with other photographers on the importance of exagerating lighting for less then accurate devices. On a proper display though the other two are absolutely horrible. Also im feeling pretty confident in most modeling packages now. Starting to like them all to be honest. really start to feel their unique differnces. Space ship blocked out for fun in maya.
  11. Todays mission was to go out and find a decent 1080p monitor or tv at $100 or below. I went to one pawn shop found a 1080 took it home. Only to find out it was a mislabeled 720p. Took it back and asked about a unlabeled monitor being sold in a desktop kit. The computer and monitor bundle was 350$ I checked specs and wow... okay so how much for just the monitor I say. Ohh I'll do 130$ the guy says. Sold. 4K Monitors do not cost 130 used... I cant believe he sold me this.
  12. Did a few sketches in the last week, Been learning more about coding, 3d, and Unity. Checked into somethings for Rocky`s cool idea regarding VR. Got some folding tables as well. I rather like using these over regular desks. Only real desks I like are pro grade but their expensive.
  13. Thats strange. Thanks Wombat!
  14. Can someone load up all the textures from mp06 and send me a copy of them in .png format? I don't have 32bit photoshop anymore and can't access the RSB files.
  15. I'll do a tutorial on my mental ray setup a little later on. I use physical camera settings. If you have any experience with film/photography it will make you feel right at home. You can adjust the settings of the ISO, aparture, and shutterspeeds. Its really quite amazing combined with final gather, caustics, and a proper scene.