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  1. Deleting the DLL file worked for me. yay.
  2. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    You got it all going? Your exporting weapons now?
  3. Haven't spoke to jay since arma3 came out.
  4. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Going from blender to virtual machine to 3dsm5 was kind of a night mare so I pulled them down. How on earth you got 3dsm running is beyond me. I can't even get gr running anymore.
  5. Well, I didn't do to much for it.
  6. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Follow up on a few of these. Let me start with a basic work flow for learning Focus on getting a map rigged and setup. Dont worry about textures and art. Just get it into the game and able to run around in it. The level builder pdf can be pretty confusing but it has the answers for most of it. Trial and error through it. Its the best way to learn but not the easiest. Follow along with other tutorials already here on gr.net Maps break down into a few things. Room groups, sherman levels, and portals. Once you understand these you have the foundation you need to continue. Focus on creating command maps after. Then focus on lighting. Scripting etc... Last but not least. Windows,water, glass, doors, trees, destructible items, these all require a little individual rigging or prep. Skyboxes are fairly simple as well but ill get into that later. Textures are rsb just like any other game model. Less is more. So utilizing atlasses for many objects is important. The terrain can be two maps mixed. A basic color map mixed with a detail texture map. It works and looks ok. The polygon limitations are pretty simple. GR does not handle high density mesh well due to its lighting system. Create your level in the same style as GR and thats about as good as it gets. Unfortunitly you cant fake it to make it better. So things like accurate prebaked lighting, huge texture atlases they dont really improve quality much. I tested it. It works on really small levels but nothing big. You can create modular levels and assets. Its best to weld it all at the end to prevent collision issues. Also do utilize lots and lots of hidden colliders. Geomtery thats more complicated will not offer good collision at all. Take it step by step and before you know it you will have a map finished. Tutorials for trees and vegitation are on gr.net as well. Use 3dsm 5 for building the level. You can use other versions for creating mesh but the bulk of work is done in 5. This should be confusing sounding and it will be lol. Let me know if you need me to talk about anything.
  7. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    I will get around to it at some point. Maps can be a big lengthy process. GR modding videos will happen just not sure when. Lot of big changes here on my side. Work and life gets in the way.
  8. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Hey Wombat. Did you edit out your video? Im okay with others posting videos here too.
  9. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS Kit Restriction Editing Replacing Main Menu Backgrounds That is awesome Rocky. Thanks for sharing it. I found a little time to make two more today. More in the future. Also I have quite a few Blender tutorials uploaded on a different you tube account. You can check them out here.
  10. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS Smoothing Groups Export to GR Setting Up Weapon Files Creating Kit Icons Creating Weapon Sounds Setting Up Weapon Sounds If all goes accordingly. You will have a new weapon created. The only remaining thing to do is setup weapon kit restrictions will be coming up in another tutorial as soon as I find some more time to do it. End result will look similar to this. Remember you must adjust the position of the weapon and points to get good hand placement. Simply move the model and points around as needed. If the model doesn't update export to desktop and replace the file using file explorer. *NOTE* Do not move right hand point. Hope you guys enjoy these tutorials.
  11. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Check Keep vertex order. Should work.
  12. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOAD Sending To Max and Scaling *Note* I recorded the whole process, including setting up all mod files, but the recording didn't save past 8 minutes for some reason. Frustrating. I'll do it again in smaller steps in the next couple days. Hopefully there won't be any big issues with recording.
  13. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    Yes and my obj plugins are freezing in 3d studio max. Seams most are losing coordinates. I last attempted this in blender 2.78 and it worked fine. I'll find a work around give me a couple days.
  14. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    NEW UPLOADS UV Mapping 2 Texturing 01 Texturing 02 Texturing 03 Light Baking (Image Based Lighting) You should end up with results similar to this. Video descriptions have links to required files to follow along.
  15. pz3

    Video Tutorial Series

    I believe I use to use .obj but if not .3ds should work. When I get to that point I'll test both and figure out which one to use in the tutorial.