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  1. bugkill

    No friendly AI

    They are being added to Breakpoint, but I'm confident that their voice work will be centered around team communication. Also, the AI team is optional in Wildlands and I'm confident that it will be optional in Breakpoint. Hell, it would be cool if they did a Ghost Mode that featured the AI team while leaving the campaign as is.
  2. bugkill

    No friendly AI

    Which is stupid since the AI team is optional in Wildlands. Think about it, the AI team will be added to the game, but it won't change the campaign. It is no different than when human players join you in your game. You can choose to play with others or not, so the same can be said for the AI team. Those whiners can't help themselves from crying when common sense tells you that Ubisoft ain't changing the game by adding the AI team. They serve the same purpose as CO-OP players which is to give more immersion by playing the game as being part of a team. The funny thing is that Breakpoint is the type of game that should have been based around having a team anyway considering all those damn drones and enemy everywhere. Also, it flies in the face of realism when you have Nomad take on the Wolves, a PMC security force, and a ######load of Skell tech, all by himself. Watching the gameplay at E3 had me laughing my ass off thinking how a solo player will be able to take down a Behemoth drone all by himself or clearing the base.
  3. bugkill

    No friendly AI

    Far Cry 5's "Guns for Hire" are full fledged NPC's, not simply "AI teammates". They can drive vehicles, fly aircraft, etc. That mechanic should have been in Wildlands.
  4. bugkill

    No friendly AI

    I've made it clear on the Breakpoint forums that we need NPC's, not "AI teammates". We need the dev team to understand that Solo players need NPC special operations soldiers that work as a team when we give them orders. They have all this data from Navy Seal and SF consultants, so they need to put those behaviors in the NPC teammates. When we call them AI teammates, we are essentially asking for regular troops with unlimited ammo that have no behavior beyond shooting and healing. We need NPC's for Breakpoint where they act like special operators in the virtual world. Not OP, but they act tactically in the environment and can do stealth takedowns when ordered. When Ubisoft gives Far Cry 5 a better squad control mechanic than a GR game, you know something is screwed up. Hopefully, they will step it up and make it right.
  5. bugkill

    No friendly AI

    They knew what was up, bro. It made no damn sense to take away AI teammates for Solo players, especially for a GR game. It is all about freedom to play how you want. Some like doing milsim with buddies in CO-OP, while others (like myself) like using the AI whenever needed. We only needed enhanced squad control where we can give them a waypoint order via the tactical map and they have enough intelligence to take a vehicle on their own and drive there. The AI team for a GR game should automatically work as a 3 man team (maintaining a formation and working together like a fire team) when given an assault order. They can throw smoke, flashbangs, frags, etc. when facing down a large group of enemies in the open or clearing buildings. A player should be able to give a command "Clear Structure" and the AI team breach the door, throw a banger, and then clear the building tactically. When they are not given orders, they follow the player automatically like in Wildlands. I don't understand how they missed this and it only points to people on the staff not really understanding that GR covers a specific type of community. Moving the franchise towards being more like The Division or some other solo survival game doesn't work. Hopefully, when they do bring back the AI teammates, we can actually change not only their appearance, but also their weapons. We don't want a port of the AI teammates from Wildlands. Make them smarter and more capable like all the other AI in the game that can travel all over the map and get into vehicles on their own.
  6. Sorry, bro, but I disagree. The lack of AI teammates at some point in Breakpoint makes the game limited for many Solo players. The whole thing about bringing people together and being social will only lead to less sales overall. The major issue with Wildlands from a PvE perspective was the AI teammates being horribly handled. It made ZERO sense that they couldn't go anywhere on the map on their own if I placed a marker a bunch of kilometers away. Players should have been able to bring up the tactical map, place a waypoint, and the team should be able to do whatever they need (jacking vehicles or getting into empty ones) to get there like all the other AI in the game. Also, the whole teleporting stuff was ridiculous and players should have been able to give them a command to eject from vehicles or get in them. They gave better AI squad control in Far Cry 5 and that made no damn sense for that to happen to a GR game. We only needed Breakpoint to address the AI control and make them more versatile in a open world environment. They could have still made the game be mostly about lone survival, but late in the campaign, they could have players link up with the surviving members of their team to introduce new squad control commands. It is a freakin' open world game where having a team in a tactical environment is critical. That is what makes GR special, but they have turned into being more like The Division or Tomb Raider. Getting rid of customizing your team and using them tactically during assaults is a major mistake and is simply a step down. I'm getting Breakpoint once it is discounted because I'm not interested in CO-OP or PvP and Modern Warfare will be releasing the same month. Those online modes are fine, but I'm more into playing alone, so it is what it is. Now, the internet being required is pretty damn foolish and totally not warranted, so it makes it even easier to pass on it for a few months until a price cut.
  7. The problem with Ubisoft is that they created Far Cry 5 and gave that game a significantly better squad control mechanic than GR:Wildlands, which made absolutely no sense. They borrow so much ###### from The Division for Breakpoint, but they didn't even think to bring over the squad control in Far Cry 5. I don't really mind them making it a solo survival game when playing PvE, but GR is team based. That is what makes the game unique, but Breakpoint looks like a male version of Tomb Raider with COOP. Why didn't they have proper squad control in Wildlands and then enhance it for Breakpoint? The game requires an internet connection to even play and I'm trying to figure where in the world did they get the idea that GR is best known for it's MP? Seriously, how can any dev of GR game not know that it is mostly a PvE game. The game is not worth buying until a deep discount because it focused on COOP and PvP. I hope people resist if there aren't any changes to the PvE side of things.
  8. No, not anything like Wildlands, bro. We couldn't issue commands individually to our team or give specific orders outside the sync shot. It was extremely limited and FC5 seems to have a more dynamic command option for AI teammates.
  9. Here, I'll save you the trouble.
  10. 1. Customize the AI team's weapons and uniforms. 2. Give specific waypoints and commands to individual AI teammates during missions (Also, be able to leave them behind to go SOLO if you want). 3. Not have AI team auto spawn in vehicles. The game was good, but the lack of AI control and customization kept it from great and that is why I elected to not purchase any DLC. Also, after viewing the Far Cry 5 demo and seeing all the tactical options for your AI support, Ubisoft only ###### me off even more because that is something that should have NEVER been omitted in a GR open world game where you have a team for SP. Coop could have been their focus, but any dev would know that the MP side of things would be the first thing that would die for a open world game, so they should have been just as focused on the SP side with controlling your AI team because that side of the house gives the game LONGEVITY.
  11. I've noticed a number of the original GR/RB6 gamers having issues with today's crop of games and I just want to address a couple of things. Look, I'm just like many of you that miss the old games and have desperately wanted the sequels to have the core gameplay, but updated with new animations and graphics. UBISOFT has taken over the franchise and went into an entirely different direction, building it for the console gamer, and that is exactly what GR:FS is designed for. The PC version for any GR/RB6 game should be radically different from the console version, but can still have some components from it. GR:FS is a fun game to play and is pretty cool, but it is NOT meant to invoke old memories of planning missions and having a great deal of custominization. I do not understand why UBISOFT would release a port of a very good console game for the PC since the series has already established itself as the best milsim shooter (outside of the Arma games) that had a strong following years ago. I don't work for them and I do not sit in their board room discussions, but I wonder where such an talented company like that does not have the presence of mind to make the game much like the originals, but updated with all the cool stuff with even smarter AI and map design to make it a challenge for us milsim PC gamers. The game would sell well over a million if they did that and I'm sure the production costs won't be nearly as high. Don't take much to have a awesome map, waypoints for the high speed AI to patrol, objectives, insertion points, and some in-game cinematics. All the PC gamer wants is the armory and planning room to create his teams and come up with a plan to assault the objective in whatever way they see fit. That is all wishful thinking and that game has not been made and we have been asking for it for years now. Like I said, enjoy GR:FS because it is a fun game and has a number of cool moments. It is not what we want, but the game is not horrible, not bad, or sucks. Then again, that is just my opinion.
  12. I hope that Ubisoft is able to have offline MP because there is nothing worse than having a great game and not being able to play it due to online issues or lack of players on Live after a period of the game being out for so long. We are all aware of what happened to Sony and how it impacted their gamers and I think that the devs at Ubisoft should go the COD: BO and Killzone 2 and 3 route and have offline MP to keep the game fresh and reach out to gamers that don't play as much on Live, but is willing to play offline and still download content for offline use. It would just be great to have many of the MP modes (not all) be available for offline play. I hope they consider this option given that they have time to still tweak the game.
  13. The improvements that they have made since the last trailer and the game looks great. Pretty simple when you think about it, mate. Game looks great for consoles. Too bad if you were not impressed, but you are entitled to your opinion.
  14. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2011-ghost-recon/714929 Wow, simply wow! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voYgEpr_qrI.swf