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  1. Cheers Rocky, that link has since been updated too which is useful. I never did get around to purchasing a dual set and went with a laptop. It's done me well, but nearing the point of getting a desktop with the plan to dual monitor at time of purchase. Really liking the look of AOC C24G1 23.6" Curved - on the right desk I could very much become a poser-PC gamer once again. Not a bad price either. So is it the Hz that's important these days? Always remember looking for a monitor with a good/low MS rate. Presuming this actually isn't so important?
  2. I hope you are like me and have no hair.... Purchased for my eldest son (I get the hand-me-downs and lesser gear these days sadly) a set of HyperX Cloud Revolver S 7.1 headphones. He really likes them and the memory foam really makes them comfortable. Finds them very useful for R6:Siege. How have you found this set, good?
  3. Used to have the same print outs, but I wasn't so anal over it that they were done in colour - so one up on me there! People have said in the past to me "wow you really know the phonetic alphabet". Never felt confident enough to tell them it was due to my time playing this game. Great memories and still looking for something to replace it in the same manner.
  4. Would prefer a dedicated Steam version myself. Dislike all of these different platforms, all the various passwords and usernames I need to keep remembering.... Allowing gamers to keep communicating and influencing each other is, imo, the way you will sell in greater volumes.
  5. So what kind of before/after increase in FPS are you achieving?
  6. Will end up feeling like a brand new game for you. Good luck.
  7. Thanks Rocky, that is a sweet monitor!! It will give me something to compare. Am I right in presuming your monitor is best used with an nvidia card?
  8. Yeah that's kind of how I see it. It's happily play my most preferred game over and over again, but give yourself five years and something new will have made you and friends move on so the game eventually becomes a redundant for the most part. Is the same argument with music cds, personally I'd prefer to use steam fire the most part, anything I really like would force me to buy a physical copy - and I'm fine with that also.
  9. Thanks Nightcrawler, and everyone else who posted up info. (on things I was too lazy to look up) And yes, I took the wife "computer desk" shopping today... and once I get a new rig sorted I'll enjoy trying GR:W out. Keep safe all.
  10. Thanks for that Lightspeed, so regards the missions - can I complete these in which ever way I wanted, ie with a Gun Ho or Stealth approach?
  11. Currently running a laptop, which is doing me fine for the strategy games I'm playing at the moment, though not so for getting the most out of GR:W's.. so later this year I'll be getting a new desktop PC sorted out. With that in mind, I'm also considering getting a dual monitor set up. I've always gone for monitors with low ms, is this really worth it or should I be focusing on other elements? Would you recommend I go for a PC with two graphic cards, or would a single one do the job just as well? Cheers in advance for the advice.
  12. When flying a helicopter, does the game require you to use a console keypad to fly effectively, or will a M&K be sufficient? Active multiplayer? Servers busy? How do you complete missions when joining a public server, or is that just setting you up for ultimate failure? (I presume comms is pretty much essential?) I've been checking the game out for a bit and I'll say it's impressive and some gameplay/coop videos on YT have got my interest sparked.
  13. Is the game popular enough to warrant a GR:W recruitment forum, or separate sticky thread?
  14. I really hope this turns out not to be the case. CD/DVD/Cartridge free gaming is the only way to go, besides who wants all that clutter around the house? Electronic copies carry an advantage too large to ever consider going back to "the old days". Solid State hard drives will continue to lower in price, download speeds will continue to increase - it still blows my mind to think I can download a new game straight to my PC whilst never having to leave my house and ready to play within 30 minutes. Amazing service.
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