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  1. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Get this guys album off google play or itunes, its great, album is "The scene is dead" ..
  2. Pc gaming has changed horribly

    So, you may have noticed this month I bought new pc parts. Upgraded to a amd ryzen 1700 8 core CPU, 32 gb ram, geforce gtx 460. I'm happy with this upgrade, but having a love and hate relationship with arma 3, so many CTDs. But loving new games like battlefield hardline & metal gear solid V phantom pain.
  3. Hi all , Is it worth getting one of these? They look fun, but i hope not too gimmicky, do you own a similar product?.. I might get one for Arma & DCS games. Going at £85.01 at amazon
  4. Nice one zee, MUST..... BUY..... A .... 1080GTX
  5. Picture Thread

    some arma 3 puppy power
  6. Do i buy one of these?..

    hey all, I can afford one of these at the moment, it would be handy for making music for videos too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Teenage-Engineering-Portable-Synthesizer-Controller/dp/B00CXSJUZS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505516401&sr=8-1&keywords=teenage+engineering+op-1 Really tempted to buy one.
  7. Picture Thread

    what are you doing man! install it ASAP! It sure is addictave
  8. Picture Thread

    Some Metal Gear Solid the phantom pain shots, from my new rig
  9. Some Shennanigans

    Thanks, This is my GPU i got, but i wanna get a 1080 GTX, perhaps till my birthday
  10. Some Shennanigans

    hey everyonee long time no see!.. Sorry if im using your thread pz3.. I got some upgrades..
  11. Picture Thread

    Arma II Fire Team ready... Tier one units Skyrim The wolf of whiterun
  12. Picture Thread

    Some HDR and Arma II for ya
  13. Risk it?

    Cool, I might be buying new upgrades this year.. I'm patient enough to wait it out
  14. so, its out on steam, shall i risk buying wildlands even though my PC will run it on low settings?.. if it even runs it that is .. what you all think?..
  15. Worth checking out if you like making arma movies