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  1. squad_e's PS4 shots

    Heavy Rain Full moon howlin', lets go prowlin'
  2. The YouTube Thread

    its DISCO TIME!! check out the moves, lmao
  3. Picture Thread

    haha, i know it was cheecky of me posting it, its from the ipad version " Pro Snooker"
  4. Picture Thread

    some snooker moments.. I beat the AI by one point The AI felt my wrath by only earning 1 point..
  5. squad_e's PS4 shots

    Some new ones.. The night sky (night vision off) The night sky (night vision on) Mountain view...
  6. Picture Thread

    Off with their head..
  7. London at Night, by me...

    hey all thought i'd share these photos i took last year on my canon 700D. Hope you like...
  8. Picture Thread

    Skyrim.. Night.. Day..
  9. Thanks rocky, I'll look into that in a bit.
  10. Hi all, i've noticed windows 10 has changed it sounds, through my 5.1 surround headset it sounds tinny and no bass, like an orchestra too. But when i change it to my deck speakers it sounds fine. I've tried to disable the enhancment feature on sound settings in windows too, it still sounds horrid. I dont know what to do, please help!.
  11. Posing without a gun?

    It occured to me that, Is it really that hard to pose without a gun?. I still have my airsoft clothes i use to wear going to airsoft a few years ago, i wanted to take some pics of myself posing in my airsoft gear. I need some help in poses, so i thought i'd ask here. Hope i'm making sense. So i'm asking, please are there any ideas of posing without a gun?.. One i thought of was doing the salute pose. thought that would be cool. Anymore?.. Thanks..
  12. The comparison shots are unbelievable! But do you get to play the Predator?.
  13. I got wildlands

    Picked up my favourite sniper rifle, msr remmington... Gonna have me some fun.. screenshot..
  14. squad_e's PS4 shots

    A bridge too far...
  15. I got wildlands

    Took down my second boss! Screenshot.. New stats, getting better.. screenshot...

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