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  1. squad_e

    Wildlands Photomirage

    yeah i thought i would mask the areas i didnt want to move, but it still moved. maybe i needed to mask it deeper than expected..
  2. squad_e

    Wildlands Photomirage

    very nice effect there rocky. I even had a go with my screenshots.. I used photo mirage for windows. photomirage GR wildlands HD 2.mp4
  3. squad_e

    Supermoon, photo from last night (20 03 2019)

    you're welcome mate
  4. My photo of the moon last night as it was a supermoon. Did anyone else manage to get some photos?
  5. squad_e

    Picture Thread

  6. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    More drifting fun...
  7. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    There's a free version about I think on steam, the pagani edition . Search it.
  8. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    Project cars 2 would be the one for you rocky.
  9. I'm going to see this happen at the memorial arboretum near me tomorrow . Will be like a once in a life time event. Check it out https://www.staffordshire-live.co.uk/news/local-news/tornado-warplanes-flypast-time-burton-2545647
  10. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    So was I, it even has a steam workshop for mods. I even have a Toyota rav-4 well it's my mom's. Anyway you should get this game man, money well spent, well I got it on a steam sale.
  11. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    Furidashi Drift
  12. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    A filthy Toyota RAV-4
  13. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    spin tires, mudrunner. Hummvee mod.
  14. Well, steam sale is on right now in the UK and its £14.69. Steam Might reel in some players for it. I might grab it for pc myself.
  15. squad_e

    Picture Thread

    Pure rock crawler..