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    worst computer?

    My first computer was an 8088. Not a Vic 20, but I don't know that you could call it advanced. It had 8 Mhz, and no hard drive. There were two 5.25 in. disk drives, and dos was on a disk. So if you wanted to run a program that required dos, you had to put dos in the top drive and the other disk in the bottom drive. When we got it, it was the coolest thing we had ever seen!
  2. bluntobject

    My cats are psychos

    Speaking of cats.... Check out www.mycathatesyou.com My favorite is the cat in the glass.
  3. bluntobject

    Winston Churchill

    Huzzah, Warhawk. Very well said.
  4. bluntobject

    lets hear your best pickup lines

    Excuse me, I'm new in town and don't really know my way around yet. Can I have directions to your house?
  5. bluntobject


    Well, I don't have a lot to add to this thread except to say that it's good to see that it is possible to still have time to game and such when people are 'grown up'. (I'm 19)
  6. bluntobject

    the random word thread

  7. bluntobject


    That was a short thread...
  8. bluntobject

    Our Soldiers

    I agree, well done Ruin. If you feel you're more of a story teller, try telling some. I'm sure there's a lot here that would enjoy them.
  9. bluntobject

    Story thread

    Proceeded to attack the Chocobo along side his rabbid ferret companion, Baxter.
  10. bluntobject


    I pretty much agree with all points made so far, but you gotta realize it's just another so called "reality" TV show to try and get ratings. I get a gut feeling (and I have no evidence of this) that most of these "reality" TV shows are staged anyways. Big shocker, eh?
  11. bluntobject


    When I think about it, I agree with you Warhawk. I know that baloons were used to keep watch out for u-boats, but the ones on the beachhead were unmanned. The observation balloons were a different type used in a different situation.
  12. bluntobject

    Iraq preparing for chemical warfare

    I apologize. I was not meaning to make fun of this topic. I do realize that it is a very very serious thing.
  13. bluntobject

    Iraq preparing for chemical warfare

    Also... I just find it funny to scroll down this topic and see how the posts start out as one liners and get longer and longer... Apparently you're not seeing the humor... Nevermind.
  14. bluntobject

    Iraq preparing for chemical warfare

    Just wanted to state my opinion. I'm with Monty in that I do not think nukes are even a concievably viable resource here. We're after Saddam, his regime, and his illegal weapons. If the United States were to use nukes against Iraq under ANY circumstances, we would do maybe 20% damage to Saddam/Regime, and the other 80% would be to the environment and innocent people. Besides, can you think of the outrage it would cause in the rest of the world? Now I'm not a pacifist at all, and I do think that Saddam/Regime are evil, but nukes are not the answer here. I do think that he needs to be removed from power and that some people in the world have a strange misconception of him, thinking that if we ask nicely one more time he'll shape up. It is a matter of national interest to the U.S. though, cause if Saddam does have/get WMD's, he would no doubt supply them to a terrorist organization in a heart beat. I do wonder what he'd do if he see's that he's out of options and his regime is being taken out by force. (back to using chemical weapons on Coalition forces on Iraqi soil.) Just my humble opinion (sorry it's a bit long winded.)
  15. bluntobject

    English Is A Funny Language

    You forgot Country Music
  16. bluntobject


    The balloons were used for several purposes by different forces at different times. Some of the most common uses were to post them on shorelines to look out for marauding u-boats. Also, they were held to the ground by high tension wires. These wires were small, hard to see, and meant to tear the wings off of low flying aircraft. (the germans placed them around power plants for that reason.) Just some quick info
  17. bluntobject

    Not a technical question, just a stupid one...

    I uninstalled and re-installed GR, and all seems to be working fine now. All the suggestions everyone gave work, so I guess it was just some sort of fluke, or my computer doesn't like me. Thanks all.
  18. Okay, a lot of people will probably think this is an obvious question but I'm new to GR. How exactly do you switch which team member you are controlling in the game? Or is this even possible? Please advise...
  19. bluntobject

    Not a technical question, just a stupid one...

    Thanks all for your replies, but I've tried quite a few things and they're not working. I can go to the command screen and click on different soldiers, but nothing happens. Maybe there is an option somewhere that I need to change that I don't know about. Anyways, thanks again, and I guess I'll just have to keep enjoying playing the game as only one character.
  20. bluntobject

    Not a technical question, just a stupid one...

    I've tried that, but for some reason it wouldn't allow me to select another character. Maybe it's a problem with my specific game. Thanks for the reply anyways.