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  1. wombat50

    Tank Drive

    Sounds like you found the cause and have fixed it?
  2. wombat50

    Tank Drive

    I have no idea about the cause. Is it with the original game or are mods activated? 😕
  3. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Switchblade by Link Wray
  4. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Glad you liked it. Lurch is an all time favorite for me. Not much dialogue other then "You rang?" along with groans and sighs.
  5. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

  6. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Played Wildlands entirely SP and have about 780 hours in it. Had not played much until the recent Operation Oracle.
  7. wombat50

    No friendly AI

    AI teammates in Wildlands were not a pain like they can be in ARMA but they could be much better as bugkill alludes to. Arma AI teammates can do much more but it comes with a good dose of aggravation too. I'd say all of us had to suspend disbelief in regards to our Wildlands AI teammates. Drive off without them and they are magically in the back seat 100 yds down the road. Glance over at them in a firefight and the blood is pouring out of their body. But they saved me countless times and never broke stealth that I remember. The voice acting could be repetitive but I still liked having them around. If they could drive me around while I'm hanging out the window shooting that would be nice.
  8. wombat50

    "Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions

    I remember that Hammer.
  9. wombat50

    squad_e's PS4 shots

    Probably my favorite mission in Wildlands. Watched a movie called Elite Squad about BOPE made in Brazil with subtitles. Very violent.
  10. I don't recall the ike.log being much help if the game won't launch at all. When that is the case it is usually a syntax error in a file I have been working on. Seems there was another cause of the game not launching but I have forgotten it. 😞 We like a wide variety of weapons and secondaries but we usually use one kit restriction that has a adequate number of ATs and demos along with a few weapons we have a liking for. Recently we added a Polish and Danish soldier into the kit restriction and tried to be faithful to the weapons they use in RL. Decent weapon sounds are important to me. Really only have 10 or so sounds that are excellent and the rest being passable.
  11. This is our experience as a coop group playing HU. A friend put up a dedicated server and load times were way too long. If the server crashed it took 3-4 minutes to be online after a reboot. Someone gave him an old laptop with and i7 in it. I never got the model number out of him but apparently it was a much faster CPU and load times and reboots were never too long after that. A reboot is 20-30 seconds where before it was 3-4 minutes. When unpacking HU or VOA it takes several minutes and I blame the numerous .kit files and files in text form for this. I did a HU Adj Mod once which altered allot of the kit files. It was not a big mod but you could tell unpacking it that it slowed down while unpacking the .kit files. Nothing definitive but that is for what it is worth.
  12. wombat50

    Operation Oracle

    Solely a SP player in Wildlands but I appreciate the offer Evilducky.
  13. wombat50

    Operation Oracle

    I was unaware until I saw your post. I'll have to fire up the game and have a go. These additional missions have been the best part of new content.
  14. wombat50

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    You are so damn diligent Jack.
  15. Thinking of buying an old computer as a dedicated GR server for testing purposes only. Does the server pc require a video card or will onboard graphics work? Found an old Dell Optiplex 790 with a Intel i5 2400 cpu which I think is enough but it has onboard graphics. Friends I play with each use a laptop but I know jack about laptops. One friend started out hosting with a computer that was slower then sin but upgraded to an i7, not sure of the model #, but load times are fine with it.
  16. wombat50

    GR Dedicated server specs.

    OK. Thanks!
  17. wombat50

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Are Desert Siege and Island Thunder activated and the game patched to the 1.4 version? Post the ike.log(not to be confused with the ikeCrash.log). It may or may not be of help but a good place to start.
  18. wombat50

    The TIER ONE TOUR Loop

    Thanks. I have saved it to a text document.
  19. wombat50

    HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    I think most maps have the gtf zones in their .mis file. I have run across a few that don't. A few maps it is impossible to set waypoints for the AI. Not sure what is up with that but it is only a few.
  20. wombat50

    HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    Kudos for getting it to work. Maps need specific zones for gtf's to work. AP, base, point, Central area, tr, recon insertion and recon extraction zones. Not all gtf's need all of them but they all need some of them. To check if a map has them, open the map with Igor and check under zones on the right side of Igor. They can be added but it is a chore as there are 60 or 70. I have tried to add them by editing the maps .mis file opened in a text editor and pasting them in after copying from a map that has the zones but it is hit or miss. Every zone has a Zone IgorId and a ScriptId and there will be a conflict if any of these numbers occur twice in the .mis file. That makes it hard to copy and paste the gtf zones into the file. Even if there are no conflicts Igor needs to be opened and these zones need to be positioned correctly on the map.
  21. Every mod needs a text file in its main folder called ModsCont.txt. This is the contents from the ModsCont.txt found in the MP1 folder: // Mods Contents NAME "Desert Siege" AUTHOR "Red Storm Entertainment" SUPPORT "http://www.redstorm.com/" VERSION "1.00" MULTIPLAYER "Server-Client" Just copy it over to your mod folder and edit to suit with Notepad. The "NAME" is what appears in the game options when activating a mod.