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  1. Screenshot Slideshow

    Unrelated to Wildlands. Made a slideshow of pics I had from my US Army tour in S. Korea in 1971-72. Most pics are from back then but a few current ones in there too. Me on the left at 0:09 seconds.
  2. Screenshot Slideshow

    I wasn't aware there are armadillos in Wildlands until playing Fallen Ghosts yesterday. Maybe some big cats like Jaguars too? ;-)
  3. Screenshot Slideshow

    Bought Fallen Ghosts during the recent Steam Sale. Some new and difficult enemies and the side missions have been revamped. New weapons and re-skins on some vehicles. Liking it so far.
  4. Screenshot Slideshow

    Unrelated to Wildlands. This is the 50 year anniversary of the Battle of Hue, South Vietnam. United States Marines and ARVN troops fight a month long battle to retake the city of Hue, South Vietnam from NVA and Viet Cong forces during the Vietnam War 50 years ago this month, Feb 2018. The song is by Marvin Gaye and is named 'What's Going On". A song popular during the Vietnam War. Background news reporting sounds like Frank McGee from NBC News.
  5. Hoorah! Good you figured it out.
  6. This is my experience with Gold Edition set of discs. The base game installs and plays fine. When I install the second disc, Desert Siege and Island Thunder and 1.4 patch it will not start at all. The issue is with Win 7 and the DRM on Gold Edition the discs. Somehow MS broke installing with a disc set with Win 7 and onward. My only option was to buy GR and the 2 expansions off of Steam. Well I guess I could have run it on Win XP but I'm not doing that. :-) May not be your issue as you get the game to launch. Do you have Desert Siege and Island Thunder installed patched to 1.4?
  7. Blood Oil Remastered?

    Have made a mission(see attached) that shows Eskawaad's characters from the "MP Actor Files" folder and which .kil file they are in. I have placed waypoint labels that show on the command map in front of each group. If you wanted a different look for the standard ghosts in Centcom you could probably make use of these. Not sure they have the proper desert and jungle .chr and associated textures set up correctly in the .atr files but that is doable if needed. I think there are more Eskawaad characters to be had in the Mods \ Centcom Mod \ Actor \hero folder but I can't get them to appear in the actor list in Igor. Hope you get your game to launch. Character mission will appear in Quick Missions as **Eskawaad Characters. Needs GR, DS, IT and Centcom to work. Drop the .mis file in the Centcom Mission folder. =c02=character.mis
  8. Steam GR no longer working

    One possibility is a syntax error in a file you have edited, for example a .atr, .kil or .gun file. Will absolutely not let the game launch in most instances. Remove all of your mod folders from the GR directory and see if the base game and expansions will launch from your C drive.
  9. Nvidia has tried to streamline it maybe a couple weeks ago with the latest version of GeForce Experience. alt + F1 is a straight screen shot. alt + F2 as you say is 'photo mode' with movable camera and where filters can be used to enhance the pic. Alt + F3 is 'Game Filter' where filters can alter the appearance of the game. I like Ansel but I don't think they will fix the issue of the memory leak when allot is going on Ansel freezes the game.
  10. Screenshot Slideshow

    Getting better at taking down convoys and actually have got several at 100% health. Much better feeling then getting points while the vehicle is a ball of fire. Have used the music before in the video below of actual images from Bolivia instead of screenies from the game.
  11. HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    In the Rockall Mod by Tinker I know there is a shooting range on the Barracks map but I can't remember if it has working targets or not. If not on Barracks I know Tinker made one with working targets just can't remember exactly where.
  12. Screenshot Slideshow

    I've read that it is as good or better then the stock game.
  13. Screenshot Slideshow

    I'll probably buy Fallen Ghosts but until then going back and doing some side missions I missed, especially the ' Rebel Radio ' ones which can be difficult at least for me. Convoys are tough to get full points for and I think they regenerate unlike "Rebel Radio' if you complete them.

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