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  1. Never been but Have a great trip Ledanek!
  2. HU with some testing of modifications for our weekly games.
  3. Much Success!
  4. You can use console commands to continue to the next mission. While in the game, press the NumPad Enter key to bring up the console. type autowin then press the NumPad Enter key again. Press the ESC key to exit the console. Not sure about the HU bayonet. In another mod you had to get within 2-3 meters of an enemy and press the fire button to hurt them.
  5. Sorry if I have overlooked it but is there a link for Thumper's latest version of CAPD?
  6. "I almost got ventilated there." Lol That SAM launcher was awesome!
  7. It'll be an awesome mod especially the missions.
  8. Hi Thumper, I hex edited the .map files for Cartel, Trafic and lvov so the vegetation would be correctly tagged. Previously AI could see through all the vegetation on Cartel and Trafic maps and parts of the lvov map. I included some edited vegetation textures as they did not have correct tagging with the RSB editor. I had done these maps for HU but I had to do them again as some of the file names had been changed. I worked off of CAPD2-v1.1. I set it up as a mod for testing. If you are satisfied you can integrate it into your mod. If I had not thought so highly of your mod I would not have bothered but the missions are fantastic. http://www.mediafire.com/file/lp3t20rcp7uq320/CAPD_Retagged.rar Many thanks to AlexKimov for the map template he made used in conjunction with the 010 Editor to hex edit the .map files.
  9. You were definitely more scared on the Embassy mission. Nice commentary!
  10. Well done. Enjoyed the commentary and the choice of music. Friendly and enemy AI are both improved in HU at least it seems so. Nice re-textures by Apex too.
  11. I have Ghost Recon the Steam version and it runs fine on Windows 10 without setting it to " compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 2 " I can start training or a new campaign no problem. The missing files in your ike.log puzzle me. i_main1.wav, i_main4.wav and i_main5.wav should be in GR/Mods/Origmiss/sound folder and GR_main_theme.wav is in the sub-folder, Music. It may indicate other files are missing as well. Try running without the XP compatibility mode and make sure you have activated the expansions Desert Siege and Island Thunder. This is done in Options under the Mod tab.
  12. <MapName>214 - Isles Dawn and <MapName>093 - Isles Noon both work for me on XXL Black Ops. Occasionally in SP and with friends online we will have CTD with HU but it is uncommon. The only idea I have is the following: Ghost Recon patched to version 1.4 (check lower right hand corner of the GR Main Menu screen for version number) Then activate in this order: Desert Siege Island Thunder Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b9
  13. Link: HU Tags Multicam Mod Requires HU version 1.0.0b9 Kudos to ApexMods for the Heroes Unleashed Mod and the work and time he took to make it! REQUIRES and ACTIVATED in this order: GR patched to 1.4 DS IT Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b9 aka V9 HU_Tags_Multicam Mod >>Version 1: -Hex edited 31 .map files to correct the issue where AI could see through the vegetation. -This was done with the 010 Editor and AlexKimov's .map file template. -Correctly tagged vegetation.rsb's with the RSB Editor as needed. Replaces Ghost skins in SP with multicam. Ghosts characters in three versions of Multicam: woodland, desert and jungle. The snipers use the Scott Ibrahim and Jack Stone models. Support uses the Nigel Tunney and Buzz Gordon Models. Demo and Rifleman use the original models. Textures are 512 x 512. A few weapon, frag, Russian and Female voice sounds. m01_caves.mis is an edited version of HU campaign mission M01 Caves, the second mission of the HU campaign. Edited to correct the CTD when trying to load a save. The "Effect - Hidden" was set an at height of 9,999 meters, IIRC. I set it to 2 meters and have not had any CTD when loading any save either ingame or when resuming the mission. 093 Islands Noon, 175 Islands Noon have the issue where the ghosts do not appear on the command map. I did not have luck tagging vegetation on these maps. Credit: Big thanks to AlexKimov who provided the know how and .map template so that the below community made maps would have correct vegetation tagging. NAME OF MAP INGAME MAP FOLDER NAME 056 Canyon River gp22_canyon_river 069 Battleground gp02_battleground 073 Sniper Training cgt03_snipe 088 Ranch gp14_ranch 089 Tropics Fog crx2_tropics_fog 090 Jungle Villa -Tof a03_sordela_residence 097 Jungle Path -Tof tof1_jungle_path 103 Countryside fog ef7_countryside_fog 105 Monkey Island rmi02_monkey_island 128 Chinese Temple gp04_chinese_temple 139 Countryside clear ef1_countryside_clear 146 Penitentiary gp06_penitentiary 150 Lake Retreat gp07_lake_retreat 152 Farmstead gp12_farmstead 160 Ridge gp20_ridge 161 Waterfall gp21_brandywine_falls 163 Jungle Camp gp23_jungle_camp 165 Ocean Town gp25_ocean_city 191 Jungle Hamlet a01_pueblo_esperanza 192 Country Home gp05_country_home 193 Ski Slope gp15_ski_slope 195 Islands Dawn (XXL) p02_islands_dawn 206 Jungle Path Rain tof2_jungle_path_rain 214 Isles Dawn (M) p04_isles_dawn 216 Sunken Fortress gp01_sunken_fortress 217 Jungle Beach a02_playa_neruda 223 Monkey Island Rain rmi03_monkey_island_rain 231 Tropics crx2_tropics_fog 232 Jurassic Park gp13_jurassic_park 234 Towers gp28_towers 237 Beach Village a04_pueblo_zapata UNDONE due to spareness of vegetation or too damn lazy. 71 Nuclear Facility 172 Radar Island 188 Subway -wombat
  14. I don't have any more ideas to try either.
  15. I renamed M01_Shrub.rsb as ike_fx_smoke_light.rsb. M01 Shrub is properly tagged not to be seen through. Friendly and Enemy AI fire thru it at targets on the other side of the smoke. The prefix ike may have something to do with it as most of the smoke and fire textures are named with it.