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  1. Mods: My experience with Arma 2 and 3 is don't use PlayWithSix to handle mods or launch the game. At times that program nearly cost me my sanity. You can have multiple shortcuts for Arma2 and 3 and edit the target line to launch mods you want. Arma 3 is through Steam and they have a decent launcher that handles mods downloaded through Steam or mods you downloaded elsewhere like Armaholic. Took just a little bit to get comfortable with the Steam Arma 3 launcher. Browse the Workshop through Steam to check out community made mods for Arma 3. The same may be true for Arma 2 if you purchase it through Steam but I have no idea. Most Arma 2 mods can be found at Armaholic. If I find a Arma 3 modder that has made a good campaign or mission I look for more from them in the Workshop. SP: I played allot of campaigns in Arma2 and Arma 3. Some were the best FPS experience I ever had but not all the community made missions and campaigns are without fault. The better campaigns were equal to or better then anything in GR. Generally: -The controls and handling AI squad mates can be a pain but with experience it is passable. Arma 3 character control is markedly better and the game, fog and lighting are as well. -Yes, animations can be unconvincing. -Voice acting varies greatly in community made campaigns and the AI radio chatter is abysmal mostly. Radio chatter and AI call outs can be switched off through scripting IIRC. -Invariably a AI squad mate is "out of ammo" and resupplying him or getting him to shut up is a chore. I have read that this is the fault of a loadout that has insufficient magazines especially for the pistol. -AI driving is improved with multiple vehicles if the formation is set to column. If you are driving on the road and AI driven vehicles are driving thru the brush the formation is set to something other then column. -Updates to Arma 2 and 3 can make older missions and campaigns unplayable. -I use google when searching for info on Arma. The search function at Bohemia Interactive forums is awful. Armaholic search functions is OK. -Many scripting commands work on all the iterations of Arma and OFP. With each new game they have updated the game engine so scripting commands can be the same. New commands can be added but may work for only the newer versions of Arma.
  2. Ha! I currently have a sailboat. Definitely would like something similar to your new setup.
  3. I thought improved response time might be an advantage in online PvP gaming. But as it turned out that was pie in the sky. A cheapo logitech KB from Walmart would do as well. Still it is a solid KB that should last a long time. I have a black KB with white characters but much prefer white KBs with black characters. Much easier to see in my case.
  4. Starting with Win7 installing with a set of GR CD's doesn't work. I think Microsoft screwed up the Digital Rights Management with Win 7, 8 and 10. I got my set of CDs to work but only by downloading something that is not allowed to be named here at GR.net. Buying the Steam version is the best option if I'm correct.
  5. Good job on the narration.
  6. I completely agree NightCrawler that more slots are needed for co-op. Many times we have more then 4 people so GRW is not even mentioned as a option to play co-op. I have said in the development of both GRAWs, GRFS and GRW that this is a key feature. How difficult is it to allow the extra slots? The feature of 9 co-op slots is the only reason we still play OGR after all these years. Soul switching would be gravy but if I bought GRW that would be sorely missed.
  7. Above version was unavailable in the US. Found this:
  8. @dutchlowlander In the Heroes Unleashed\ shell\ art\ hud folder delete cmi.rsb to have red diamonds on the Command Map. Make a backup copy if you feel the need. Apex has provided Legacy Mods in the Extras folder of HU but I'm not sure how or which one gives red diamonds on the command map.
  9. I have corrected the Cartel map tagging that let AI see through vegetation using Alexander's method manually. He is working on modding tools to fix this in a much easier way. Hallelujah! as my poor little fingers are wore to a nub doing it manually. There are several dozen community made maps that can be corrected using his method.
  10. OK. I appreciate your efforts.
  11. Making progress. Not sure if the .rsb texture names match the names in the 010 Editor. They don't appear to. Many names are for example: Name: 52 [16] so I'm not sure it is a plant or not. Allot more progress then ever before. Edit: Did a more thorough or complete job of editing the same .map file but have two plants that are still incorrect.
  12. Thanks. I will try it. I agree most of the time .rsb's are tagged correctly in the RSB Editor. BYTEFloorPolygon only to be changed to 2 if the value is 10. Otherwise do not edit? I have no idea how you figured this out but excellent work.
  13. I had no luck so I must have done something wrong. Do I change tagging in the RSB Editor or in the .map file?
  14. Oh my, I will have to try that!
  15. It does not get any better then that. Good on ya.