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  1. wombat50

    The YouTube Thread

    Your a wiz with the editor BZ. Well done.
  2. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Thanks. I loved that piece of music.
  3. wombat50

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Random screenshots in a slideshow with music by Chill Carrier.
  4. Download is about 3Gbs'. https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/wildlands/en-us/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:152-334805-16&ct=tcm:152-76770-32
  5. wombat50

    The SCUD Hunters are Back

    I may tire of these outfits but I rarely get them mixed up with the enemy. The ghillie pants are OK but would prefer them like chaps were the ghillie portion is on the front of the legs. If your are going cowboy might as well go all out. Edit: Played the other day but today while launching the game I'm receiving a 3Gb download for the game. 😮
  6. wombat50

    The SCUD Hunters are Back

    You can change the AI team mates clothing and sex if I'm not mistaken. I may be wrong but their weapons remain the same.
  7. I'd recommend it to any gamer especially if they can catch it on sale for $30 US that Ubisoft does once in awhile..
  8. Mostly SP and co-op point of view. Fast paced but 23 minutes long although those statements seem to contradict one another.
  9. Courtesy of ZeeAlex. Not sure if she converted Diaz from GR2 or someone else. Diazwmbt.rar
  10. Almost certain it is a GRAW or GRAW2 model. Someone set a similar model to me several years ago although what you have looks like a better texture job. ZeeAlex set me the Diaz .chr files and textures from GR2. We use her in our main kit restriction file. I'll have to paw through some of MRMoon's stuff!
  11. Thanks Rocky. A minor concern is the 1.2 patch is contained in the main P2 download. When the archive is opened the 1.2 patch is one of the files. Maybe refer to the patch on the download page as "updated patch 1.2" or flag it some way.
  12. Re downloaded P2 as one of our guys said he had trouble doing so. Failed first attempt for whatever reason but successful on the second attempt. I applied the 1.20 patch which I thought took care of a issue with the Mp Actor Files but apparently not. The issue is playing maps in MP on Desert and Jungle maps. In the platoon setup screen the soldier's faces are white and when going into the game it is CTD. The MP actor files don't contain head and character references for Desert and Jungle. Attached a small .zip archive with readme that fixes the issue. P2_MP_actor_files.rar
  13. wombat50

    GR Community SDK

    Hello Alex. Long time no see. The .jpg in your last post does not show for me.
  14. wombat50

    Campaign - Brazen Eagle

    Yes I have had similar issues, especially failing at extraction.
  15. wombat50

    If I die in Ghost Mode?

    I think that's right.