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  1. I made this several years ago from a audio recording of an Alpha Squad Rules Briefing we had before inserting on the Navyy Terek mission. I used Arma 2... because I could lip sync the audio to the characters. We all had sweaty palms and a rapid pulse. :-)
  2. 9MS Mod inc. Operation Blue Glow http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=895 Probably elsewhere too.
  3. Yes, mods can be installed. The address is different from installing with discs. Something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GhostRecon
  4. If you are installing from a set of discs you probably are not going to get it to work. From what I know Micro Soft screwed up the DRM for allot of games with Win7 and later operating systems. If this is the case Steam is the best option as it has no DRM associated with it.
  5. The UK version would not show for me in the US. I found this and hopefully it is the same: Wildlands Documentary Trailer [ANZ]
  6. The .rsb's with alphas would save as .png's but eliminated the alpha channel. Might be an error on my part.
  7. My version of PS would not save alpha channels in PNG format so you have the choice of them in PSD or Targa. If they don't have alphas I sent them as .png's. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5wy7m4j8hg71pc2/MP06_PNG.rar
  8. I used a text editor that has a find and replace function. Notepad has a find feature but I don't think it has a "Find and Replace" I did it for a kit restriction file or .kil File for MP use. In HU MP there are several classes and many characters for each class so there were hundreds of kit files that needed editing. Notepad++ has a feature labeled "Replace All in All Opened Documents" and that made it quicker. I should have looked in the Extras folder. Maybe there is exactly what I needed in there.
  9. @solrI altered magazine and AT counts for guys I play with. It was a lengthy process but it worked even if it was not entirely what I wanted. Good job on your efforts. I think it is the best method to make additional mods to alter HU the way you want it.
  10. I was going to insert a .wav sound but no workie.
  11. I have had to uninstall/ reinstall GR. Sometimes it is the fastest way. I looked at Blood Oil and if you have a text editor that does "find and replace" it wouldn't be too much work. Ctrl+f brings up the window. Notepad++ is a good one. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.3.1.html Most of the opposing force atr's in BO are named: <ActorName>a Mend Rebel</ActorName> so replace with <ActorName> </ActorName> (leaving a single space) There are a few named <ActorName>a RevGuard</ActorName> so replace with <ActorName> </ActorName> Good call on the options.xml and maybe the unlockedheros and unlocked_missions.xml too.
  12. Sorry for the troubles Mark. Actor files in which mod? And exactly what are you doing to them? Syntax errors do exactly as you say, the game will not launch. The ike.log entries are all present in Rockall(I'm aware that it is not activated) except opposing_force_33.atr . I may be wrong but when the ike.log refers to an .atr file that does not exist at all there is something amiss in a text file such as the .atr files. Could be wrong on that. I see the NAG Mod has an Extras folder so you can use it with other mods. The installation says to: "To use, simply replace the entire 'Actor' folder in a given mod with the 'Actor' folder contained in the .zip file. I will add more as time goes on." If the .atrs were replaced in the NAG mod that could be an issue. Be satisfied that GR, DS and IT work. Add Mission HX to the mix. Mission HX has only the null.atr in the actor folder. Get GR, DS, IT and HX working before proceeding. I have Mission HX and NAG and had no problems but I haven't tried running them with additional mods. I did have to restart GR to get NAG to work after activating it. Just throwing stuff out there Mark.
  13. I'm still on Win 7 but I'm wanting to know the pros and cons of playing GR on Win 10. Please let us know the current state of playing GR on Win 10. Thanks -Matt
  14. I have a friend that is temporarily playing GR on a laptop using Win10. He has the 1.4 patch installed but can only play in windowed mode. Maybe you can enable that somehow? Win 7 and 10 have messed up the disc in the drive versions of GR. IIRC I could play GR in this manner until I tried to apply the 1.4 patch. The legal workaround is to use the Steam version of GR which doesn't seem right having to re buy the game because Microsoft messed it up. In my case I used a workaround that is frowned upon at gr.net. I'm certain that at some point HU will crash because a version is only patched to 1.3. Maybe someone with actual experience will come by and post.
  15. Good idea having one thread and the work is top drawer! I have redone the Female_Voice folder in GR and it has a similar theme as the first pic in your post.