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  1. Easy Movie Maker is a free Microsoft App for Windows 10. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/easy-movie-maker/9nblggh626qk I haven't tried it but it says it supports 4K. I have used older versions of this for Win7 and XP and was satisfied with it for basic editing, transitions and titling. If you are using Win7 there is a similar MS app/program but I don't think it supports 4K.
  2. Always Zee, great work!
  3. What kind of case are you getting? Very undecided here. I'm thinking a R200 by Corsair but that is only because a channel I watch uses allot of those on builds. Mid Tower is plenty big for me. Not into lights or a side glass.
  4. Mission HX scripting makes my head spin when I look at it. :-) What comes to mind is trying one of three options but I have know idea if any will work. -Hide object but be sure to make it/them invincible. -Teleport to an area where it can not be seen. -Make Invisible. Not sure if this applies to AI of both sides or not. Does not actually make them disappear but the AI don't see them. I hope you can get it to work as HX modding is good gaming. Friends and I play some Assault HX but we don't like what it does to the far clipping and fog settings. I think Harntrox was trying to make it more challenging maybe but it is hard on the eyes.
  5. My Mom used a hearing aid and it would give her fits to adjust the volume. She would have to take it out and fiddle with the tiny controls on the hearing aid. Maybe the remote saves doing that. Hope it works out for you.
  6. I frequent here quite a bit and I've not seen selfies with a drone before yours.
  7. Well done NightCrawler. :thumbs up:
  8. Hehe, played with a guy from Port Morphett that would say that.
  9. Translation by Google Translate Hello Gamer & Gamers "Ghost" is looking for a nice open-minded person at least 18 years of age. "GHOST" is a funny community of all living conditions and professional groups. Our age ranges from 18 to 60+ years. The average is around 25-35 years. Now to us. We have been in existence since 1 June 2016 and have developed into one of the most successful and organized gaming clan in Germany. Currently, there are some games available: Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Rainbow Six, The Divine, For Honor, & Ghost Recon Wildlands More. Our server range can be seen, "Ghost" now has many hundred active gamers. The members are the clan and so is also processed. We are looking for some nice people who fit into our community. Disturbed fires which will be "disposed". Cheaters as well as arrogant highskiller we can not use. The members are supposed to feel comfortable and know that they always have nice supporters with any questions and concerns. If you are looking for a game that is not a game, then you should go to the top of the page. There are co-players available with high or low skills, ie, there is something for every taste. We also have teams for gamers with a bit more pro-gaming, but also fun gamers will find a good connection here. Our TS3 Server ts3.ghost-online-gaming.de Website www.ghost-online-gaming.de
  10. What I liked about OGR maps is they never seemed copy and paste from one to the next. They all had their own flavor.
  11. I'd have to study awhile to pick the best of that lot. Well done Zee. Maybe with all the ups and mostly downs of UbiSoft they are finally getting it together and hitting their stride. If nothing else they have created a stunning game world.
  12. Scored some great prices! The new rig should be fine til you get around to building the Ryzen system.
  13. I was thinking of upgrading to a Intel 4790k. Are you guys satisfied with that cpu or are you thinking of upgrading soon? 4790 would be a giant leap in performance over my AMD Phenom II x 4 965. Not into overclocking so I probably wouldn't get the K version but would consider it if you thought it was a good idea.
  14. I hope she makes a full recovery and at present I'm glad she is "mostly OK". I knew you had a heck of a time some time ago and didn't know it was a stroke that left you in a wheelchair. Always hoping the best for you. -Don
  15. Not Available in Booger County, USA but found this: