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  1. wombat50

    AMD GPU won't let GR start in Win 10

    Rolling back drivers did the trick. Found an AMD page that had drivers as far back as April 2019 so I tried those and it worked right away. Allot easier then some things I was thinking of doing. Thanks Dannik!
  2. Had some bad luck when lightning fried my computer. Bought a pre built with an AMD RX 590 in it. Plays Wildlands fine but Steam GR version will not launch and I get this error: Procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore|FileRepository\ u0346134.inf_amd64_fba44214d7b32915\B346122\atiumdag.dll The ike.log says: Could not initialize renderer(Assuming this means the video card) My old computer with a Nvidia card ran GR fine. So wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with an AMD card. Might find an old version of atiumdag.dll which seems to be the culprit although setting permissions to overwrite anything in the Windows folder is problematic. My other alternative is to hope the Nvidia card from the old computer is not fried and try it.
  3. Hammer, IIRC you posted a screenie of a vehicle you were working on years ago. It filled up the entire Red Square on the M15 map. You said you needed to adjust the scale of it a wee bit. 😀
  4. Besides the P2 Mod these are other mods Mig was the creator of: Knight Fork Pressure Guatemala Mod Africa Burning They add up to about 30 missions. I know he helped other mod creators as well.
  5. Details: https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/pc
  6. Migryder aka Mark Nelson was the creator of the P2 mod along with the help of many other people. I learned yesterday that he passed away December 3, 2017 at the age of 63. . We(Team Nighthawks) helped with testing on P2 and liked and respected Mark very much. Mark's obituary: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/starlocalmedia/obituary.aspx?n=mark-a-nelson&pid=187858167&fhid=15380 Back in May Team Nighthawks also lost a member. His name was Wayne Graham from Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Rest In Peace Migryder. Rest In Peace Wayne.
  7. IIRC a fresh install is that way until you start unlocking heroes with new kits. Not sure at what point a rifleman gains access to all the stock kits. I think it unlocks them when you start playing the DS campaign and more yet when playing the IT campaign. Not positive.
  8. wombat50

    So who tried the Beta?

    Have not played the beta but the driving was ridiculous in Wildlands. I didn't mind it terribly but you should not be able to drive off a 50 foot cliff and continue on.
  9. wombat50

    Light Tools and RSB Editor

    Lighting Tool RSB Editor
  10. wombat50


    I remember you drew the outline of Rockall used in the mod.
  11. wombat50


  12. I have never done it but I think Ghost Recon requires 3D Studio Max version 4 or 5 to properly import models into the game.. These are very old versions and very hard to find and buy. It also requires some plugins for 3DSM to handle working with GR models and exporting them in to the game. It might be possible to import Blender models into 3DSM but I'm not sure. So at the least it requires 3DSM version 4 or 5 and the appropriate plugins for that program. You can search the Ghost Recon Modding section of these forums for details or tutorials. At this late date it will be a good trick to accomplish what you want. GR(PC) Modding Forum which has sub forums for modeling weapons, vehicles and maps.
  13. Uplay Reward for playing Wildlands. Some headgear with earphones and a mic worn in The Division for free.