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  1. wombat50

    Software Igor in Ghost Recon

    Vérifiez votre ike.log (pas IkeCrash.log) pour les erreurs avant de redémarrer Igor. Je pense qu'Igor écrit également des erreurs dans le ike.log. Peut-être avez-vous besoin d'activer un mod dont vous appelez un acteur? J'utilise FireFox pour mon navigateur, c'est pourquoi il n'a pas été traduit sur GR.net Check your ike.log(not IkeCrash.log) for errors before you restart Igor. I think Igor writes errors to the ike.log too. Maybe you need to activate a mod that you are calling an actor from?
  2. wombat50

    Software Igor in Ghost Recon

    Chris, veuillez utiliser Google Translate. From M04 Village: Group: <Default> Comment: Init Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set mission end timer to expire in 30 second(s). Make all members of UN Troops invincible. Make all members of Russian Troops (Village) invincible. Group: <Default> Comment: Contact UN Troops Objective (1) Trigger Event: A member of player platoon is within 4 meter(s) of UN Troop 1. Responses: Set UN Troop 2 to hostage behavior. Increment contact counter. Continue executing responses if ((The value of contact counter) is equal to 2). Set contact UN objective timer to expire in 1 second(s). Increment mission end counter. Increment no fail contact counter. Invincibility for enemy and hostages will have to be taken off at some point. In the example you may not need or use all the responses. In Igor Responses look for HostageActorOn or CaptiveActorOn. I am not sure about the difference? In Igor Actor Properties you can assign the hostage actor a weapon. Hostage actors will follow you when you bump them or maybe they can be given their own path? To be friendly the hostage company must be marked Allied in Igor Company Properties. It will require trial and error as I have never tried it myself.
  3. wombat50

    Software Igor in Ghost Recon

    Chris, C'est un exploit de traduire l'anglais vers le français à Igor. Bravo à toi! À propos des acteurs du recrutement en GR: Je pense que c'est possible. Mettez-les en otage et quand vous les bousculerez, ils vous suivront. Je ne pense pas qu'il soit possible de leur donner des waypoints comme des coéquipiers Ghost réguliers. Si vous voulez qu'ils aient une arme, vous devrez en assigner une à Igor. N'importe quel personnage / acteur fonctionnera. Vous pouvez ajuster leurs statistiques dans le fichier .atr pour en faire de meilleurs soldats. Le nombre le plus élevé est 8. Je n'ai jamais pensé ou essayé l'idée de recruter des acteurs en GR donc j'espère que l'idée de les mettre en otage fonctionne. Je pense qu'il serait préférable de publier en français et en anglais en utilisant Google translate. Chris, That is an accomplishment to translate English to French in Igor. Bravo to you! About the recruiting actors in GR: I think it is possible. Put them on hostage behavior and when you bump them they will follow you. I don't think it is possible to give them waypoints like regular Ghost teammates. If want them to have a weapon you will have to assign one in Igor. Any character/actor will work. You can adjust their stats in the .atr file to make them better soldiers. The highest number is 8. I have never thought or tried the idea to recruit actors in GR so I hope the idea of setting them on hostage behavior works.
  4. I should have said starting with Windows 7 the disc version will not work. So it applies to Windows 8 too. The last time GR installed and worked for me using discs was using Windows XP. There is a work around but it is considered illegal. The Steam version is the only legal option. What card you have whether it be a Nvidia or AMD may make a difference. I know AMDs RX 580 and RX 590 with the latest drivers will not let GR work. Maybe a older or different type of AMD card does not have this problem. What video card do you have?
  5. I'm using Win 10 on two computers. One has a Nvidia card and GR works with the latest GPU drivers. The other has an AMD card and will not even launch the game with the latest drivers. This happened several months ago and I downloaded the oldest drivers AMD had and GR worked normally. I think they were the Apr 2019 version. Check my reply to MilitiaMan in this thread Another issue is installing GR with a disc version on Win7 and 10. Microsoft did something that messes with the Digital Rights Management on the discs and the game will not launch. The only legal alternative is to buy the Steam version.
  6. wombat50

    Help playing coop

    In the search bar of your browser type my ip and when you search it should give you your IP. Like Rocky says just text it or email your IP to your buds and they should be able to join unless... -you are behind a firewall or anti-virus that needs you to give permission for GR to connect to the internet. - you are using a router, then you need to do port forwarding in your router. I think the ports are: TCP: 2346-2348 UDP: 2346-2348 There are tutorials online and on YouTube. Knowing the brand and model # of your router may be of help. Not sure about this idea so anyone please pipe in that knows more about it. If you have a router and don't want to do port forwarding plug your Ethernet cable directing into your computer's Ethernet port bypassing the router. Again unsure if this is a good or bad idea. Run the game with no mods until you have successfully hosted a game. About Heroes Unleashed: 1. If Desert Siege or Island Thunder are not present, it is necessary to install compatibility add-ons for Heroes Unleashed. You find them included in the mod's "XTRAS" bonus content folder: Found in: "Heroes Unleashed\XTRAS\HU Compatibility Add-Ons\"
  7. wombat50

    Hospital for New Years

    Best of luck Dannik! I hope you are well soon.
  8. Maybe I'm piling on. Worth a Buy's review of Breakpoint as contender for worst game of the year. Starts at 2:21
  9. wombat50

    Happy New Year Ghosts!

    Back at you Lighty!
  10. wombat50

    Multiple Myeloma

    I hate it about your Mom. Bless the both of you.
  11. wombat50

    What's up?

    I have played several hundred hours of SP Wildlands. Some aspects are believable while the driving was not. It is a very fun game. Unsure if I'll try Breakpoint. I still play OGR coop most Sundays with a few friends. We call it the fastest 4 hours of the week. Best of luck to you and yours ZJJ.
  12. wombat50

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Those pesky varmints!
  13. I had similar issue with an RX 590 card using Win10 64 bit. I rolled the drivers back to win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.4.3-apr22.exe I got an error about missing a .dll file but the one you reference does not ring a bell. I did not keep any notes so I don't remember the .dll or how I knew where to look for that error. My ike.log read: RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Creating a 1920x1080 window at 0,0 on monitor Generic PnP Monitor attached to Radeon RX 590 Series RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Game running on primary display Generic PnP Monitor attached to Radeon RX 590 Series RSDirect3DRenderer::BuildDeviceList: No compatible adapters found RSDirect3DRenderer: Could not build device list RSDisplayMgr::CreateRenderer: Could not initialize renderer RSUIMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize mDisplayMgrIkeGameMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize UI_MGR: -1 Not much help. This page only has previous RX 580 drivers back to July so hopefully if you rollback to that version it will let GR work. Like I said I rolled back to a April version but I guess AMD aren't offering them now. I checked this page for previous driver versions for my RX 590 and it appears the 580 and 590 use the same versions, at least the version numbers are the same. And that page is now only offering back to July versions. Try the July version if that does not work I can upload the April version that worked for me. I kept them because I still play GR once a week with friends. I found this AMD Cleanup Utility very helpful uninstalling old AMD drivers. Has a d/l link on the page.
  14. wombat50

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    I hate that. Was going somewhere and saw a couple of buck deer fighting. One got killed while the other ran off. I checked the dead one and it had a pristine pelt. Trying for one of those outfits from the Trapper.