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  1. I completely agree NightCrawler that more slots are needed for co-op. Many times we have more then 4 people so GRW is not even mentioned as a option to play co-op. I have said in the development of both GRAWs, GRFS and GRW that this is a key feature. How difficult is it to allow the extra slots? The feature of 9 co-op slots is the only reason we still play OGR after all these years. Soul switching would be gravy but if I bought GRW that would be sorely missed.
  2. Above version was unavailable in the US. Found this:
  3. @dutchlowlander In the Heroes Unleashed\ shell\ art\ hud folder delete cmi.rsb to have red diamonds on the Command Map. Make a backup copy if you feel the need. Apex has provided Legacy Mods in the Extras folder of HU but I'm not sure how or which one gives red diamonds on the command map.
  4. I have corrected the Cartel map tagging that let AI see through vegetation using Alexander's method manually. He is working on modding tools to fix this in a much easier way. Hallelujah! as my poor little fingers are wore to a nub doing it manually. There are several dozen community made maps that can be corrected using his method.
  5. OK. I appreciate your efforts.
  6. Making progress. Not sure if the .rsb texture names match the names in the 010 Editor. They don't appear to. Many names are for example: Name: 52 [16] so I'm not sure it is a plant or not. Allot more progress then ever before. Edit: Did a more thorough or complete job of editing the same .map file but have two plants that are still incorrect.
  7. Thanks. I will try it. I agree most of the time .rsb's are tagged correctly in the RSB Editor. BYTEFloorPolygon only to be changed to 2 if the value is 10. Otherwise do not edit? I have no idea how you figured this out but excellent work.
  8. I had no luck so I must have done something wrong. Do I change tagging in the RSB Editor or in the .map file?
  9. Oh my, I will have to try that!
  10. It does not get any better then that. Good on ya.
  11. I think you may be on to something with "Not Collidable 3D" I was skimming through the Ghost Recon_Level Builder.pdf And it did mention collisions when setting plants. Most of what I read was going in one ear and out the other but I'll re-read it. I agree "Line of Sight" is the problem as in the AI can see through vegetation on some of the community made maps. No big deal for PvP but a deal breaker for co-op.
  12. Decided it was silly so I took it down.
  13. Uploaded to MediaFire. I hate to post the b9 release notes into the thread as it is several pages long. Hope it works this time. HU b9 Release Notes
  14. HU_b9_ README.HTML Download to your computer and open with your browser. Go to Release notes section to see changes for b9. They are too numerous to list as text.
  15. Last pic for #2, I see it is being put to good use. :-) I placed the case you linked to on my Amazon wish list. Looks like what I'm after. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OFR33LW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_EiDZyb24KDG0S