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  1. wombat50 added a post in a topic Wombat50's "Migryder Festival Mod"   

    Been raining and cold for 4-5 days so I got bored and worked on ICA_Rifleman_Cuba.

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  2. wombat50 added a post in a topic CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)   

    Agree completely Zeko.
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  3. wombat50 added a post in a topic Some trees and other stuff appear as white blocks   

    From the Ghost Recon Main Menu select Options / Graphics tab and set Tree Model Detail to High.
    I have encountered this on only one map and this fixed it but in my case it was only trees.
    The other possibility is the textures are missing or corrupt from the mod or a conflict with the mods being used.
    Deactivate everything except what is necessary to play the map shown in your screenshots and see if that helps.
    I'm using Windows 7 and have not had the issue with any of the mods you are using.
    I tried to read your dxdiag but I was denied access?
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  4. wombat50 added a post in a topic Squad: Steam Greenlight Announcement Trailer   

    Sounds are real nice. Terrain is very realistic and it has rivers and creeks unlike ARMA series.
    This is still in beta?
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  5. wombat50 added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed   

    Nat would have to alter the model to remove the suppressor but to change the sound can be done by opening a different sound in Audacity or audio editor of your choice. Edit the sound to match the 'rate of fire' and use the file names in the .gun file. Since these sounds are listed in the P2 effects.xml it is not necessary to run them thru the Sound Volume Editor in IGOR.

    For example, these are the lines that gun sounds names are shown for Nat's n-famas sd.gun
            <SelectiveOption RateOfFire = "980" RoundsPerPull = "1" StartSound = "nat-mac-ss.wav"/>
            <SelectiveOption RateOfFire = "980" RoundsPerPull = "3" StartSound = "nat-mac-ts.wav"/>
            <SelectiveOption RateOfFire = "980" IsFullAuto = "1" StartSound = "nat-mac-sf.wav" EndSound = "nat-mac-rc.wav"/>
    It is a matter of using the file name an applying them to a sound of your preference but the sound must match the rate of fire.
    In the example the 'ss' entry is single shot, 'ts' is three shot, 'sf' is full auto and 'rc' is the tail. This is the naming convention RSE used in the stock game but not all custom gun sounds use this format. All weapon sounds in GR are 22050Hz, mono, .wav format.
    The SD weapon sounds in P2 have a rolloff entry of 2000(meters) in the effects.xml which really needs to be changed to 30. The way the SD sounds are in P2 the enemy can hear them from any distance.
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  6. wombat50 added a post in a topic ROE or spotting issue?   

    I'm guessing the spotting distance can be changed for the map in the fogless mod. Look in the mod's map folder ,m11_POW_Camp and edit the .env file to suit. Save a copy of the original .env from the fogless mod if you want to use the fogless settings later on.
    There may be a way to set the initial ROE in the mission file but I have no idea if it is even possible.
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  7. wombat50 added a post in a topic The YouTube Thread   

    Mop bucket as a droid. LMAO. Great video!
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  8. wombat50 added a post in a topic CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)   

    I'm pretty sure he was kidding AND he thought it was a good idea. :-)
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  9. wombat50 added a topic in GR - Mission Modding   

    Mission on Dedicated Sever Doesn't Show Briefing
    Friends and I are playing Project Sentry by H-Hour online on a dedicated server.
    Mission PS03 did CTD but I have fixed that by moving a couple of vehicles and actors onto the playable map in Igor.
    They were placed off the playable map but in a position that was blue when placing them.
    So we tried my fix and as before the briefing did not show or the incorrect briefing showed before launching the mission.
    We launch the game and it is playable but when pressing 'esc' the objective box is also empty.
    Other then that the mission plays fine and completes.
    Does anyone have any idea what causes this?
    It does not have the issue in SP or MP mode on my own computer.
    I highly recommend this mod by H-Hour. Very tough missions with allot of random elements.
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  10. wombat50 added a post in a topic Brother in LAW threatens my life   

    Hope it all works out for the best Papa6.
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  11. wombat50 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    From what I have read at gr.net it will be 4 man co-op.
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  12. wombat50 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    Extremely good write up and I'd say it  took allot of time to put together!
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  13. wombat50 added a post in a topic GR: ZAPAD-81   

    I had the same problem. The maps for Goliath and Hard Frost are user made. For these maps the map maker did not configure it properly for using the command map to direct your AI teams with waypoints. It all depends on the map maker if it is setup correctly for using waypoints. Maps are fine for TvT or co-op. A shame about SP because Zapad is a really nice mod. I hope these are the only two maps with that problem.
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  14. wombat50 added a post in a topic GR: ZAPAD-81   

    I have the mod and will check Goliath later for the problem. I don't think there is a way to disable moving your teams with way-points on the command map so I think it is a problem. The only time they would not move to a way-point is if that team is set to hold.
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  15. wombat50 added a post in a topic Re-skinning question   

    PSD's of rifleman, demolitions and support.
    I used the pen tool to make separate layers for helmets, web gear, holsters, kneepads etc.
    It has been awhile but I think I have labeled all the layers.
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