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  1. Didn't show for me but I found this one that did.
  2. I had a look at all the missions and played through a couple. Not for the faint of heart! MrMoon has left no stone unturned. New character skins, 5 new missions, map retextures, sounds, music, splash screens and other additions all done with care. I know he has done a great deal of this work by himself but gives credit where credit is due in the readme. Credits: ubisoft, Phlookian, Slug, Don Miguel, P2 mod team, Tinker, DTD Pro Mod Team, SAS mod team, BajaBravo, MONOLITH, Centcom mod team, Wombat50, The sum of all fears, Zeealex, Hana of Rambo mod, Thales100, Tovarishch , bigbluesoul, tomandandy, Natsanwa and Snowfella Changelog: New actors New vehicles New weapons New sounds New music Updated textures Retextured maps New mission Remixed original missions Updated textures for airbase map
  3. Thanks for the link to the WIP. Looking forward to having a play through. I hope you get to feeling better and RL issues get sorted. Mate, you truly are a gem at modding GR.
  4. No big deal for me Rocky. Thanks for trying to get it sorted.
  5. Rocky I'm still getting: Sorry, this experience is not available in your territory.
  6. Same as EasyCo. I'm in the US. Could be related to this video:
  7. I made this several years ago from a audio recording of an Alpha Squad Rules Briefing we had before inserting on the Navyy Terek mission. I used Arma 2... because I could lip sync the audio to the characters. We all had sweaty palms and a rapid pulse. :-)
  8. 9MS Mod inc. Operation Blue Glow http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=895 Probably elsewhere too.
  9. Yes, mods can be installed. The address is different from installing with discs. Something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GhostRecon
  10. If you are installing from a set of discs you probably are not going to get it to work. From what I know Micro Soft screwed up the DRM for allot of games with Win7 and later operating systems. If this is the case Steam is the best option as it has no DRM associated with it.
  11. The UK version would not show for me in the US. I found this and hopefully it is the same: Wildlands Documentary Trailer [ANZ]
  12. The .rsb's with alphas would save as .png's but eliminated the alpha channel. Might be an error on my part.
  13. My version of PS would not save alpha channels in PNG format so you have the choice of them in PSD or Targa. If they don't have alphas I sent them as .png's. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5wy7m4j8hg71pc2/MP06_PNG.rar
  14. I used a text editor that has a find and replace function. Notepad has a find feature but I don't think it has a "Find and Replace" I did it for a kit restriction file or .kil File for MP use. In HU MP there are several classes and many characters for each class so there were hundreds of kit files that needed editing. Notepad++ has a feature labeled "Replace All in All Opened Documents" and that made it quicker. I should have looked in the Extras folder. Maybe there is exactly what I needed in there.