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  1. wombat50

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    We play some HX gametypes. In the Mission HX mod either in the briefing or at the very beginning the player or players were cautioned to wait in place for 10 seconds. Occasionally we have the problem when starting a HX gametype(in HX5) we will be all bunched together and can not get unstuck. If we will wait 10 seconds it usually sorts itself out. Maybe something similar is going on here in the last two posts? Just a guess.
  2. wombat50

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    I really like HX5. It has lots of good gametypes and missions too.
  3. wombat50

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Hey pagey! Go to HU/Shell / Art folder and delete cmi.rsb and that will let enemies, hostages etc show on the command map. The game will then use the cmi.rsb in the Ghost Recon\Data\Shell\Art folder
  4. wombat50

    Nice crash at Oulton Park in Pcars2

    Lotus, to me they are still very nice looking.
  5. wombat50

    Deep State 2nd Trailer

    In Wildlands I enjoyed the missions with Sam and the girls from GIGN and BOPE. Should be good in Breakpoint too.
  6. wombat50

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    The saloon in Valentine.
  7. wombat50

    Red Dead Redemption PC Screenshots

    Finished the story awhile back but still lots to do.
  8. wombat50

    Wildlands Retrospective Review

    I played over 800 hours single player so I enjoyed it very much too. I thought the driving was arcade and I could play the whole game that way but it could be played more realistically if I chose to. That was a aspect of the GR 2001 game, there was a choice in how the game could be played. I agree with and enjoyed your review.
  9. wombat50

    Add texture for my CHR as Face

    I know nothing about 3D Studio Max. White faces in the player setup screen in MP will lead to a crash when the game is started.
  10. wombat50

    Add texture for my CHR as Face

    Maybe I don't understand. I assign different textures with Mike Schell's Skinner Characters, vehicles, sky-boxes or most models. Looks like this: RSE uses head.rsb in the character file but then it can be assigned a specific texture in the .atr.
  11. wombat50

    Ghost Recon steam edition

    I'm like die7, fairly positive it is fully patched.
  12. wombat50

    Using 3d Studio Max for GR in 2020

    I am not familiar with creating maps. I am certain you will need more plugins then what comes with the 3DSM demo disc. There are plugins and files in GR.net download section Again I'm not sure the ones you need are all there. Do you have the pdf named Ghost Recon Level Builder about creating maps? Good Luck
  13. Link to CAPD2 V2 Patch: https://www.mediafire.com/file/r5o2i1wcdgwpo6j/CAPD2_V2_Patch.7z/file Specifically to be used with CAPD2 Version 2. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1285 For now it is meant to be run as a mod at highest priority. If there are no issues maybe later Rocky can add it as a patch in the download section. Contains a change log and credits text. Primarily addresses the vegetation issues on mission, 06, 18 and 19.
  14. @die7, Got it. I'll try to upload the patch as soon as possible.
  15. @die7 If you will fix the .mis file and send it to me I will include it in the patch. 😊 You can probably attach it to a message in this thread.