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  1. I'll admit I was skeptical of using it, I was so used to using the arrow keys and trackball and just reaching over my left hand with my right and mashing whatever buttons were mapped on the keyboard. I never used the "lean" feature and certainly never used the fluid motion found in other games. This game pad combined with a comfortable trackball really will give you an edge over the conventional keyboard. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING can be mapped to your left hand, and everything is just a finger's length away. If you are a serious FPS gamer, you definitely need to pick this game
  2. Ghost Recon game up--haven't played in awhile, dusting off the old keyboard! GR, DS, IT with Fl-AVA mod IP: TS: Teamspeak not required, you can just listen in if you don't have a mic. Co-OP for now, if enough people come in possible Adversarial. Games for fun, play to the last man standing. Come on in! Wrangler
  3. Roger that about the scripting, I'll let that issue die As far as my system, I've got an AMD Thunderbird 1.3 GHz with an ATI Radeon 8500LE 128MB and a SB Audigy Gamer sound card. I'm pretty sure this is a "bit" more than GR requires, and I've got several games that run quite smoothly that require many times more computing power than GR ever will. So aside from a hardware issue, any other ideas?
  4. Just want to start out by saying thanks, it's always good to get new mods, be it maps or weapons or both! With that said, maybe you can clear up a few "problems" my team mates and I have been seeing. The first is the graphics, specifically looking to the "distance." We've noticed that on most of the maps the game is slow to draw the next section of the map. The next graphics related question/problem is FPS. I've got my graphics settings turned way down and I still only get on average 30-45 fps, sometimes dipping down as low as 7! While I love the "reflective" surfaces, it seems to slow d
  5. Game down, great games as always...That polling center on defend is a real ######!! Catch up with you later!
  6. Game is still up, come on in...
  7. Awesome Games Flying, once again a great time! I'll be back in a little bit, hopefully I won't miss too much.
  8. Game down, you missed some awesome play....
  9. Game up DS, IT, FL-AVA 1.4 IP
  10. WK, thanks for the invite, I'd definitely be there except for a stupid research paper I've got to finish. Two words---college sucks! Keep me posted though...
  11. GGs all, thanks again for hosting Splaster, seems like UO is becoming a habit again! Oh, and I hope everyone noticed that I had the most kills in several rounds tonight!!
  12. Thanks for hosting Splas, it was almost like old times! Just have to get used to a little choppier game, but other than that it was fun. And notice I wasn't the first to die all the time, and even if I was I still had more kills than most...
  13. I recently wrote to the head of Customer Service of UBI about the poor multi-player features included with Raven Shield. I got a bit of a personalized response, and I want to make sure as many people read it as possible, whether or not you own the game or are considering it. I've posted the letter and response in the usenet newsgroup alt.games.rainbow-six and alt.games.ghost-recon. Please leave a comment there or post one here, and if the mood strikes you feel free to write UBI as well--if this is a sign of things to come with the Rainbow Six series or even the next installment of Ghost Rec
  14. Rogue Spear and Urban Ops with patches IP TS 1.5 Come join in some old school fun!!
  15. Rgr that, next time we'll post, the more the merrier...besides, might as well play R6 multi-player the way it was intended--through direct connect, rather than the B.S. they've got going on for Raven Shield.
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