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  1. This http://portforward.com/guides.htm might help anyone who's having router probs. It helped me with mine. There are literally loads of routers listed and step by step guides on how to port forward etc. I didn't even know what port forwarding was before I read this stuff.
  2. They've been offering it for free with the intel quads on newegg for the past couple of weeks. Not sure if they still offer it though. Does anyone know if these kind of deals are available in the UK, please? I can never find any
  3. Rabbai has written his opions about the full game somewhere and I'm grateful he's put his opinion on, cos I've been waitin ages for it Well obviously i'm not gonna base my purchase on one persons opinion, but many people seem to have said similar things if you look through the threads. Quite a few people think its not a fully new game and is more like what GRAW should've been like in the first place. I'm not gonna bother ranting on or anything, it's just not worth bothering any more Buy it if you're not bothered about "the direction in which the ghost recon series is going", or if yo
  4. This is all I play now, can't stomach any other form of TvT. Only problem is it can be hard to find people who will speak up over the mics. I don't like being team leader yet, but I like to spot stuff
  5. Thanks, this is what I wanted to know
  6. Hmmm thats kind of what I mean. In the 360 version (yeah I know they are 2 seperate games, but bear with me) there's a video of a mission where everyone seems to be on full auto and can't hit the side of a double decker bus (its a bit "vanilla BF2", really) even though they are only across the road from each other. To me that seems more like the all out confusion that you mentioned and thats what i'd expect. I wouldn't expect enemies to constantly engage you (sometimes only one by one) using single shot. Can you see what I'm getting at? The firefights feel too clean if that makes any sense...
  7. But did you ever try playing the aztec-type map that got ported into [GR]? I can't remember what it was called, but people seemed to love it. I hated it because all you could do was run about. I tried the slow walking and creeping and I was always the first person to die so i welcomed the spawns. I don't know how many tvt maps are in GRAW2, maybe they are fairly big and suitable for the way I like to play. But even though this is meant to be a tactical suspense-filled game to people like us, we are in the minority.... sorry to say it, but we are . A lot of people might plan to play that way,
  8. I liked zero respawn back in the day, but that was on massive maps where you actually hide somewhere and crawl around on you belly in bushes and along cliffs. The only map i've got to go on is the beta test/demo RvA map. Zero spawn on that map would just be hell for someone that plays slowly like me because the run and gun players will just run to the middle channels and start chucking nades. Then thats me gone for the round . But that kind of BS just wont work on the bigger and more open maps where you have to be careful and stealthy. I used to find that on small maps you are forced to run
  9. Yeah, I hope the mature people from here have given it a go. The fact that you are forced to work together has its pros and cons. Some servers have an autokick if you dont join a squad after a certain amount of autocues. But, it's no use if the only squad with spaces has people speaking another language. You either have to be a TL yourself (i'm not confident to do this very often ) or risk getting booted. What I like best is the kit restrictions (only a few snipers, GLs, AT etc per faction), the way that you cant jump out of burning/moving vehicles without injuring or killing yourself and
  10. Can someone who's been in the armed forces/armed response unit etc and actually been in a firefight answer this please. Ok this might sound like a really stupid question, but does GRAW2 portray the action how it might pan out in real life? I mean, there's the 360 approach which people say is "arcadish", but then i see the news and there are people spraying bullets down streets with AKs and it seems like all hell must be breaking loose somewhere and to me it looks like the action you see in the 360 version (within reason ) Then there's the way that the PC versions (GRAW / GRAW 2 demo ) ten
  11. In the unlikely event that you guys can tear yourselves away from GRAW 2 for a few min Project Reality is now at version 0.6 Have a look at the promo on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8MY-Z5PD6s If you're interested, you can download it here: http://www.realitymod.com/files.html
  12. Yeah. If you're in the UK, you will be able to get in on the cheaper internet (somewhere like amazon.co.uk) before it goes cheaper in the highstreets, depends how much you have to pay for P&P, though. The price of GRAW dropped quite quickly, but I wouldn't say it was cheap considering it was pretty much unplayable straight out the box. Only people with an internet connection would have had access to the patches. Chances are you'll find it on a "2 games for £XX" offer, but the other games in the offer will be rubbish (that's what happened to GRAW in the UK. So i'd say an online s
  13. I liked the fact that GRIN came here and took notice of what was being said, we were lucky they did. But the fact that we're still here after the GR2 fiasco when we got no news at all means that Ubi know they can do it and we'll well still be here anyway. Don't you think? If they're stupid enough to gag the people who kept us hopeful, then that's their descision. All we can do is say thanks to GRIN (as we always do ) for taking the time to talk to us. I know for a fact that I won't be buying that new ubi game that people were talking about, that's the only way I can strike back. Everythin
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