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  1. Sart added a post in a topic Happy New Year...on to 2016!   

    Oh lerds, I did it again. Happy I'm-late-new-years!
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  2. Sart added a post in a topic Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays   

    Merry I'm-late-x-mas!
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  3. Sart added a blog entry in Sart's Shack   

    Still here...
    March 2014 baby! Still at GRNET!
    Remember when GRNET had a clan!? Then it changed it's name to TE (Tactical Elite I think)? That was bad-ass. We rocked some Alpha Squad tournaments, hiding in bushes while AI Russians walked a meter passed us because somehow they couldn't see our computer legs sticking out. Something about Jack Stone riding a boat down that river map. Also I remember ###### GOING DOWN on that docks map. Someone made an awesome shot with and AT launcher on the castle map as well but I don't remember who.
    And then Ghost Recon 2 came out (not on PC though, ha) and everything went kinda south. That makes me sad.
    GR was such a great game, Red Storm basically took Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear and moved it outside. Add some tanks, rocket launchers and grenade spammers and BAM, one awesome war game. Unfortunately they decided to go with the "4 men VS the world" system that every shooter ever likes to do and ruin the series. For me at least.
    Rainbow Six has gone the same route. Is that series even alive?
    But games set aside - "Real Life" has me rather busy. I'm in my eighth year in the military and have reenlisted for the final time (at least I think, this is the third time now). I'm tired of being yelled at because my hair is too long. Really?
    That, and with the war in Afghanistan just about over (if you want to call it a war), there really inst a point in being in the service. My dad enlisted in the army when he was 18 to go to Vietnam. Once the war ended he quit because "What's the point if there isn't a war". I thought that was silly when I enlisted at 18. I figured I was just going to stay in till I retired. Turns out the old man was right, ain't no point. So when I do get out in the next year or two ill be following a different path. A path involving four legs, fur, and sharp teeth. Dog training. Weird.
    That's it for now. Long live the mighty Sega Genesis!
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  4. Sart added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    Kinda late to the show, but merry Christmas!
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  5. Sart added a post in a topic Shootmania Storm   

    New screen shot released!
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  6. Sart added a post in a topic Tripwire President: Call of Duty ruined a generation of gamers   

    Nice. Agreed.

    Add quick time [PRESS "A" TO BLOCK!!!1 OOPS TOO SLOW GAME OVER] events to the list. Whoever invented those needs to be hit over the head. Can't bother with a decent cut-scene? No problem! Just have the player bash a single button within a certain time frame to cover up the lack of story or plot development and replace it with a false sense of control. A++.
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  7. Sart added a topic in Arma 3 - General Discussion   

    Alpha Release - March 5th
    ARMA 3's ALPHA release date was announced today:


    To sum it up, you have to pay-to-play the ALPHA version. But before anyone flips, it's a pretty sweet deal. Basically if you pay now, you'll not only get access to the ALPHA, but also the BETA and the full game release. That's a rock'n deal.

    There is also a "ALPHA Lite" version which is free, but it appears to be invitational only, meaning someone who has a full version of the ALPHA can invite you.

    Anyway, BIS has a lot of different deals going on with this ALPHA release at the moment. The major things (game, editor, multiplayer, etc...) are available in all the versions. Make sure you check out the official website for more details and which package is best for you:


    Check out the "Play" link in the top right for all the package deals and the computer specs. needed to run the game. Also, a lot of new screen shots have been released, make sure you check them out as well.

    See you on the battlefield!
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  8. Sart added a post in a topic "Vintage" Site Poster   

    I remember that patch...

    It didn't work.
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  9. Sart added a post in a topic Serellan partners with 505 Games for Takedown : Red Sabre   

    I'll say. The "RS" deal is back in full swing (at least for the good titles). Conspiracy theorists, rejoice!

    Rainbow Six
    Rogue Spear
    Raven Shield
    Red Sabre

    George Bush faked the moon landing. Also something about Elvis.
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  10. Sart added a post in a topic The Off-topic Off-topic Thread   

    Look at this silly dog!
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  11. Sart added a post in a topic My Mods   

    Ollllllllld Schoooooooool!

    Welcome back buddy!
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  12. Sart added a blog entry in Sart's Shack   

    Pier Solar (HD!) coming to modern consoles? Take my money!
    "What the hell is Pier Solar?" That's the first question that probably will pop in heads if they see the title of my blog entry. By the way I hate the word "blog", it sounds stupid.

    Pier Solar is a full blown 2010 game release for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive developed by Watermelon and their Magic Game Factory. Yes, Watermelon and their Magic Game Factory. An old-school style turn based RPG, it relies heavily on grinding an exploring (sounds sexy) dungeons, towns, forests, etc... Usually getting in a billion random encounters, killing many a monster, saving the free world, meeting death a lot, getting angry and throwing the controller. What makes Pier Solar so special is-

    1.) The Genesis isn't exactly known for its RPGs. Thats not to say it didnt have some kick ass ones (the Lunar series), but typically that was more of Nintindo's territory. Another addition to a somewhat limited lineup is great news for Sega fans.

    2.) It takes advantage of the Genesis two embarrassing children - the Sega CD and 32X. If your one of those kids who got the unfortunate gift of a 32X for Christmas and cursed your parents very existence, well then today is your lucky day (if you still have it... and it works) as owning a 32X gives you access to SECRET ITEMS not available in normal game play. Actually I think it might just be one item, a pair of shoes or something. Whatever, who cares because if your cool as hell and own a Sega CD then you can enjoy awesome CD quality music thanks to Watermelon's "Enhanced Soundtrack Disc". Yup, just pop this bad boy in your Sega CD and BOOM - your ears get rocked. It's available for purchase as part of the Pier Solar OST over at Watermelon's website. Don't feel like paying for all that and only want the game disc? No problem, because Watermelon made it available to download for free, all you have to do is burn it to a disc and your good to go. Modern day gaming music combined with 16-Bit graphics, I like it.

    3.) It's a new game for a twenty something year old gaming console. Sure it's been done in the past, but Pier Solar's success was amazing considering how it started off as a couple of dudes trying to have some fun and blew up into a full blown game release. The game has been mentioned on several popular gaming websites, and even comes in a full fledged Genesis style case complete with a colored manual and cartridge (and some other goodies). It's the real deal, and that's a big deal for retro gaming fans. The throwing will cost you a few controllers however.

    Got my copy -

    The games success has spawned two other projects by Watermelon: "Project Y" for the Sega Genesis, which is a beat-em-up style game currently in production, and "Project N" for the Super Nintindo, which who cares because its Nintindo.

    Anyway, with Watermelon's Kickstarter campaign being a total success (over $231,000 pledged for a $139,000 goal) comes the release of a High Definition version of Pier Solar on consoles such as the XBOX 360, Wii U, and the all mighty Dreamcast. It'll also be available on some other platforms that I don't care about.

    Except for Playstation 3, lolz!

    Pier Solar Website
    Kickstarter Campaign
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  13. Sart added a post in a topic Your Username.....   

    I don't remember where I got "Sartillies" from. I picked it up while playing Motocross Madness 2 on MSN gaming zone with my sweet 56k and thinking it sounded cool because it wasn't "XtremeStuntMaster07", "8MYDUST414" or "=123=GenericGameRelatedTitle".

    "Sart" came from playing with guys from GRNET and Aggression on Team Speak, and no one wanting to try and figure out what the hell a "Sartillies" was or how to say it. When we got the new forums and had to re-register, I just stuck with it.
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  14. Sart added a blog entry in Sart's Shack   

    Games I Beat This Deployment
    Down time is game time...

    1.) Streets Of Rage 2
    2.) Vectorman
    3.) Toe Jam & Earl
    4.) Golden Axe
    5.) Golden Axe 2
    6.) TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
    7.) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    8.) Demolition Man
    9.) Halo: Reach
    10.) Halo: ODST
    11.) Ecco Jr.

    I've never been big into the Halo series, but 'Firefight' is sooooooo much fun.
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  15. Sart added a post in a topic PS3 Super Slim Console   

    Oh wow.

    My roommate just came home with the "slim" (or 2000) model last night. He traded his old PS3, and a couple of bucks, for it. I thought that was pretty small for a PS3, but this new one is really cool looking. I like the way the CD tray slides, that's pretty neat.

    Modern gaming consoles are really amazing, they just keep getting better over time. Too bad the quality of games (in my opinion) can't keep up.

    Speaking of Playstation, I just picked up a PS1 a few weeks ago for $10, pretty sweet deal... Although I feel like I'm cheating on my Saturn.
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