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  1. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1427
  2. Awesome, gonna reinstall GR for the 150789th time to give a great shot at this mod.
  3. Me too, looking forward for this rework, thanks a lot.
  4. BlackHawk Crashed Model

    Awesome man.
  5. BlackHawk Crashed Model

    Hey Giampi hdyd ? I think that lighty included a crashed BH (hx?) in Golden Triangle tournament - http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=677 .
  6. I would like very much to see DS missions.
  7. Single "White" Male ? ######
  8. The Forgotten Mods

    Jack57' and Right Hand' missions, nothing but the very best.
  9. Nah your M99 was firing a 20mm cartridge, not a .50 like mine.
  10. Nice one, it reminds me a bit the GRAW2 mini video I recorded some years ago, sniping a heli with the M99, it explodes a few seconds after the .50 shot and just a moment after firing the rockets that killed my team mates.
  11. Migryder... Great modder and an extremely cool guy, I hope he is doing fine...
  12. Looks great, very friendly stuff.