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  1. Hey all, Been a while since I've stopped in. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with table top role playing games, but I've been playing them since I was a kid. Since high school, I've been playing one in particular, based on a real world, pan-dimensional apocalypse of sorts: Torg. So one of the recurring characters in my online game is a female Australian reporter working for BBC radio. I had the idea that if I could find someone willing, it would be awesome to have a lady with the right accent make an audio recording of some fake news story that I could use to start an adventure off. Anyone out there that would be willing to try filling this absurd request for help?
  2. Punjab

    German WW2 Vet's View on War

    This has turned out to be a truly powerful discussion. Thank you gentlemen, for your impressive opinions. While my mind has not been changed, I know that my grasp of the debate has faced a new enlightenment. I would dare anyone to deny the same after reading the last few posts. None of us now, in the axioms of today, can truly understand the mentality of the men of sixty years ago (unless of course we have some old gamers in here). Looking back we can only guess at how the economic depression, political uncertainty, and the upheavals of war effected the choices that men made. It seems to me that most soldiers of WWII had a universal understanding that the fates of mankind were changing. And each one, for better or for worse decided that they would die for their way of life and for their country. While the D-Day invasion is a triumph that the Allied veterans deservedly celebrate, for some of the surviving Axis soldiers as well, it was an event to remember. For some, it mean't the end of the war might be approaching, hence a better chance of surviving it. And for others it was simply a day comrades fell, and the last remaining bit of hope was lost. Regardless of side, I am in awe at the maelstrom of emotions that all participants might have felt on that day. A day that changed the fate of nations, and mankind.
  3. Punjab

    Hottest Woman on Earth?

    I'd put my money on Elle McPherson, or Rebecca Romain Stamos.
  4. Punjab

    German WW2 Vet's View on War

    I think (maybe I'm wrong) you are misplacing some of your anger, Dick. We always read and hear about veterans who respected their opponents in WWI & II. None of them villified the Germans, they were also soldiers after all. They were not there by choice. The German soldiers under Rommel and Von Runnsted (sp) had suffered just as much, if not more than the invasion force on D-Day. Afterall they had been fighting a devastating ground war for four and a half years. Most had been conscripted or misled into fighting. At best, some of them held the idealism of blind nationalism, a love of country, much like their advesaries. I would bet that none of them fought for Nazism, and most of them had little to no true understanding of it. Very few soldiers fight for ideals. They are told or asked to fight for their country, and they do it. I believe that 99% of the Wehrmacht fought with an equal amount of honor to that of the Allied forces, facing equal sacrifice and are deserving of equal tribute. War is a great tragedy, but to vilify a fallen soldier for the ideals that he was forced to fight for, is an exercise in ignorance.
  5. Punjab

    RSE's thinking on the PC version of GR2

    Very pertinent. You made some good points Ef. So good, I actually read that whole post. I'd also like to add, that tactical simulators are geared for an older audience. Where as an action title will attract a more diverse, and wider audience. So, we have only to blame the twits, kiddies, and theives among us.
  6. Punjab

    Is this the new face of War?

    Very true, D. But the generalized idea is still the same: civies, or "neutrals" in a combat zone with rifles. They are outside the COC, probably with their own directives. Hell, they probably pay health insurance. I don't necessarily disagree with the idea, there are some jobs that the military finds it easier to out-source, then to train for. As long as the military knows who and what theyare dealing with , it's not a problem
  7. Punjab

    Is this the new face of War?

    It's really not that new. The Brit's have been hiring mercs for centuries (Hessians and Prussians mostly), and the French Foreign Legion started as something similar. But, in the 'corporate structure' of the world today, it does have an odd feel to it. Contract soldiers, with no apparent loyalties, sends a chill up my spine.
  8. Punjab

    Which NATO SF units do you like?

    That I'd like to see in game: 1 GSG9 (love the hardware) 3 Austrians (all about the Aug) 2 A Ghurka regiment 3 10th mountain or an Airborne of some kind. 4 Delta 5 The FFL (although I hate FN's) 6 Some country that fields AK's (why not) 7 Israelis ( again for the stuff )
  9. Punjab

    Do you customize your controls?

    I'm also a number pad guy; I need me some right-angled keys. I would actually kill for one of those keyboards, Vamp. Here's the setup: Forward- 8 Backwards- 2 Left- 4 Right- 6 Peaks- 7 & 9 Lower- 5 Raise- 3 Reload- 0 Switch- Del Open- 1 Binos- Num Lock Zoom In- / and mouse wheel Zoom Out- * and mouse wheel Night vision- + ROF- - Quick map- Enter Push to talk- Direction pad right Run- mouse 2 Shuffle- mouse 3 When I go prone, my hand just slides up one row of keys, and I've got all my peaks and zooms literally at my fingertips
  10. Logo, Tags, Website, rips one another to shreads...give these guys some skills and they'd be a clan
  11. Punjab

    1v1 GR tournament

    Works for me
  12. Punjab

    [VF] - Violence Fetish

    These guys rock... No other clan forum out there is as much fun as VF. Anyone looking for a clan, that jokes around and kicks butt on the field, should check them out. BTW, nice to see you guys got a server up, I'll definately have to swing by some night.
  13. Let me taste the sweetness of those remorseless tears.
  14. Punjab

    Vilnius Courtyard

    Zantar, what is that, first ed AD&D? I've always prefered Forgotten Realms. Now Waterdeep or Menzo, those would make good GR maps.
  15. I could be wrong but don't most (maybe all) grenade launchers have delay fuses? Where as the round won't arm until it's reached a certain distance from the firer. I figured since we are on the subject of realism so much, it should be brought up (if not already). I am a big fan of the weapon type, and I hope they do the OICW in a more accurate fashion. Also, I think it would have a good impact on the game, and how these weapons are used and percieved. (aka, actual skill would become more of a factor)