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  1. Yes at first this was frustrating because of the very basic tutorials. But in the end it's all worth it.
  2. NightCrawler

    Screenies by NC

    Thanks Rocky.
  3. That's the one Rocky. They do tell it how it is, both good and bad of course starting with the bad. Bodark that is exactly what you should do.
  4. NightCrawler

    Screenies by NC

    OK I see them. Oh I think I know. Give me a minute.
  5. NightCrawler

    So who tried the Beta?

    You know me, always PC.
  6. NightCrawler

    So who tried the Beta?

    Got to have Red Dead! I'm so happy they finally made it for PC!!
  7. NightCrawler

    Screenies by NC

    I used to be able to link these to the site. But in my old age I've forgotten how. Please forgive an old guy. Here is a link to my Google pics I hope it works and you hopefully can see all of them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QirWqCSFEoCPtUdaA A true ghost gets up close and personal, while not being detected. Now if my team would learn from my example.
  8. Rock Paper Shotgun is the only critic that gave the game a fair shake. I was there in the beginning and feel like I know as much or more then most on all topics related to Ghost Recon and this game is Ghost Recon and it is fun. The original is just that. Most of the people playing this version either weren't born yet or were just children. My son being one of them and he and his friends are having as much fun as this old guy and my friends.
  9. This one is dedicated to Rocky since it's October and it's his month.
  10. People take things too serious. Having fun...yes. How is it playing with your friends...Awesome. Would you recommend...yes. Nuff said. btw Rock it's way better graphics then Wildlands, at least IMO.
  11. NightCrawler

    So who tried the Beta?

    Performs good on my PC. Vehicles handle alot better. Not perfect just better. When you get a squad together and play it's still great fun.
  12. NightCrawler

    So who tried the Beta?

    I played it and loved it. Thankfully, I bought the day it was available for pre-purchase.
  13. NightCrawler

    NC's Submissions

    Thanks to you Wombat!
  14. NightCrawler

    Happy Birthday Wildlands!

    Happy Birthday to one of my personal favorites. Can't wait for the next one!
  15. NightCrawler

    Help picking a new monitor.

    I'm older now and fishing in the winter doesn't appeal to me.