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  1. The 1070's and 1080's are so worth it. I'm glad I took the leap.
  2. Your mother had a way about her, to get to the point simply and elegantly and sometimes downright mean . You are simply young and it shows in your writing. You're very intelligent but you tend to ramble about things, we the readers, especially the old ones, don't care about. My apology if I said something out of line.
  3. Just go to my profile it's been there for a couple of weeks.
  4. Yeah I'm not gonna read Z's post either it's a wall of text. Kinda reminds me of 101459's long winded speeches of BS. All I know is, I like the damn game Ubi, great job and kudos from NC!! Finally I get a game I think I'm gonna love as much as I did back in the day. It's been so long!!
  5. Well I deserved one too but she wouldn't cave for that cost. Even though I let her get a $40K Jeep for her fun. Life just ain't fair.
  6. That's where I got mine in Dec. But on steam it's digital only! So if you need a set of DVD's you'll still want to hit up a store or Amazon.
  7. Bite me with your big bad 1080. How do you get your wife to let you have such expensive toys??
  8. My son loved this...for about 4 hours. Haven't seen it played since. Hope you have holds your interest a bit longer then it did his.
  9. Ark

    I have it but was not hooked. DayZ is the game that gotten the most of my hours since OGR. Though I've played many, many games and even loved a few nothing has taken the place of OGR. I will say after playing the closed beta that this new one may take hold of me. Just in that weekend I logged over 25 hours and had a blast. I'm so looking forward to this weekend and full release in a couple weeks. Glad you found a game to keep you busy. Life without games is boring indeed.
  10. Just a few more hours...should I call in sick. Damn still got bills to pay. Reckon I'll wait.
  11. Still good to see you. Glad you're all safe and in the US. Now you just need to find some time to game.
  12. Yeah we remember you, was just saying in another post how the place is starting to look like the Old GR.net, thales100 posted in another topic and a few others from the past have been either posting or lurking lately. Are you going to be giving GR Wildlands a go?
  13. Another old timer comes home, Welcome back thales100. Starting to look like the old place again.
  14. Get on Wildlands this next weekend for the Open beta!