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  1. And to add to the glichyness they've recently done a fairly major upgrade. Give it some time and if it don't get right get ahold of support and let them know.
  2. New Monitor Screenshots
  3. That's the same message I got on the ram. I don't overclock so I'll bet that has something to do with it. On another note, I may be getting that new monitor from Acer. The wife thinks that she wants a new handgun.
  4. So I'd never heard of this UserBenchmark before so thought I go check it out. Thanks Lighty. My results Gaming 93% Nuclear Submarine Desktop 78% Battleship Workstation 61% Destroyer The most surprising to me was my DDR 4 memory was slower then I thought it was. Looks like I may want to upgrade that.
  5. Just a couple this time around. I've been trying to get a good Door kicker since I saw yours Panic.
  6. Bout time Lighty, man of your age should've known better then to wait so long.
  7. tactical realism

    Well I'm not trying to be hostile. So I'll just apologize that I'm not articulate enough. I did not mean to offend in any way.
  8. tactical realism

    Nope didn't say that just that most of the posts that you've posted for quite some time have been mostly negative about GR. To the point of redundancy.
  9. tactical realism

    There's no argument Zee. My only problem with 101459 is the negativity in his writing, he may be right and accurate but some things just don't need to be stated. I'm not anyone's enemy and I'm friends of many here at GR.net and have been since the earliest of days.
  10. tactical realism

    I don't need to assume anything. I do own what I say, always. All a man has is his word and those words mean things.
  11. tactical realism

    Still don't appreciate your venom for anything other then what you think is good. You still speak as if you are the only opinion that matters, you're not. Back on topic, as with all games time with tell, as will the community that buys those games. The trailer though dark is very good. I will probably buy this and beat the daylights out of it as I have hundreds of other games.
  12. Right! That's how we all started with 56k and Teamspeak that was in its infancy.
  13. Damn that was a wall but I read it 90% of it. Beer no thanks, Tequila for me.
  14. Not really, my apologies if it looked that way. Just trying to add to it.
  15. Check this one out. I got a link from Geforce the other day for it and I thinks it's quite impressive. Wish I had the money. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-x34-series