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  1. NightCrawler

    NC's Submissions

    Thanks to you Wombat!
  2. NightCrawler

    Happy Birthday Wildlands!

    Happy Birthday to one of my personal favorites. Can't wait for the next one!
  3. NightCrawler

    Help picking a new monitor.

    I'm older now and fishing in the winter doesn't appeal to me.
  4. NightCrawler

    Carl Bookhart Mission

    It is fantastic. The only complaint I have about the game is no mod support. IMHO it's as good as I ever expected and then some. As the old saying goes, "it's better to burn out then fade away". Best of luck on getting your PC in order Rock.
  5. NightCrawler

    Carl Bookhart Mission

    Completed almost all of the missions near a half a dozen times. When you count multiple characters and playing with my friends on friday nights. The drawback, they haven't added anything really new and with no mod support. I'm basically done. 455+ beta hours and I'm bored to tears, I never thought it would happen.
  6. NightCrawler

    Carl Bookhart Mission

    Yeah yeah, defend yourself anyway you want. Bookhart died to my hands a half a dozen times. Damn giving this guy a hard time is near impossible. He has more excuses then a wife.
  7. NightCrawler

    Carl Bookhart Mission

    I'm just happy you're finally playing the game. A year later.
  8. NightCrawler

    Merry Christmas Ghosts!

    Belated Merry Christmas and here's to your New Year being one of the greatest of all time!
  9. NightCrawler

    I got wildlands

    I'm glad you guys finally got the game. I did try to tell you. Merry Christmas.
  10. NightCrawler

    Help picking a new monitor.

    Well I just upgraded a few months ago. I had a budget of under 1000 dollars. I wanted 4k. There are some great monitors, but the prices are high when you're looking for 4k, but after many hours I finally found a curved Dell 3440 and got it on sale under $800. My advise is go and do your research, because I can tell you it's a new world when it comes to monitors now that HD and 4k are in PC land.
  11. NightCrawler

    New Record For longest sniper kill shot...

    I reckon those guys are being trained well in the great white north.
  12. NightCrawler

    So I got a 1080... (ansel shots)

    Welcome to the new world Zee hope you enjoy the new card. Nice screenies!
  13. NightCrawler

    Special Forces Ghost Pack

    Here's a screeny with the tatoos the new shirt and pants, boots in woodland with the beret and old GR patch.
  14. NightCrawler

    NC's Submissions

    Mastering CQC. The second one is the new Special Forces goodies they added with the last update. This one is just another of the awesome sunsets in Wildlands.Love this last one, couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  15. NightCrawler

    Wow Check NC's close kills!

    Good luck!! I practice alot. And since they've put in Tier 1 I find that getting up close and personal is the best way to survive.