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  1. Here's a screeny with the tatoos the new shirt and pants, boots in woodland with the beret and old GR patch.
  2. Mastering CQC. The second one is the new Special Forces goodies they added with the last update. This one is just another of the awesome sunsets in Wildlands.Love this last one, couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  3. Good luck!! I practice alot. And since they've put in Tier 1 I find that getting up close and personal is the best way to survive.
  4. LOL I did too. Just for the damn patch.
  5. Join the club. I didn't care all that much. I had everything I needed to play and enjoy. But it may have gave me more to play for.
  6. Toasty must've been playing on Extreme the entire game not to notice any difference. I noticed!
  7. Finally I hear someone with some sense.
  8. Well since Bodark sets that bar so very high. I'll put up a few of my own. Yeah I'm still playing the stupid game, don't know why.
  9. This might be a bit late. I've already finished the game 3 times and most of the 4th and don't really have any reason to do the same content again.
  10. Yeah I doubt this is ever going to happen. It's been 4 years and nothing has been mentioned since.
  11. And to add to the glichyness they've recently done a fairly major upgrade. Give it some time and if it don't get right get ahold of support and let them know.
  12. New Monitor Screenshots
  13. That's the same message I got on the ram. I don't overclock so I'll bet that has something to do with it. On another note, I may be getting that new monitor from Acer. The wife thinks that she wants a new handgun.
  14. So I'd never heard of this UserBenchmark before so thought I go check it out. Thanks Lighty. My results Gaming 93% Nuclear Submarine Desktop 78% Battleship Workstation 61% Destroyer The most surprising to me was my DDR 4 memory was slower then I thought it was. Looks like I may want to upgrade that.