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  1. =sealz=Agentorange

    ACU Skin

    Nice to see the armys new cammo getting some lovin.
  2. =sealz=Agentorange

    So I got the flashlight working....but

    It stuff like this that brings a smile to my face, Now it my not work great but just the fact that we have made this much progress showes the level of skill and determination in the GR mod community and gives me some hope for some great mods down the road.
  3. =sealz=Agentorange


    Ok how can reinable the IFF triangles.
  4. =sealz=Agentorange

    What would classic Tank look like............

    Well embassy would be nice if they "revamped" it. Like made more building enterable for us to snipe from. set up some of them vulcans around in windows some fire escapes to snipe from. It would rock.
  5. =sealz=Agentorange

    What would classic Tank look like............

  6. =sealz=Agentorange


    lol sounds like my computer hard disk only instead of guns i got helos.
  7. =sealz=Agentorange


    Well if you want to get a true squad then you can remove the whole sniper class all together.
  8. =sealz=Agentorange

    M4 SPR MK12 MOD 0

    Forgive me for not posting a big congrats in this topic sooner I had to go change my pants after looking at them models.
  9. =sealz=Agentorange

    6 Months Down The Line

    GJ man it would be nice to have some heat shields on the SR-25 though.
  10. =sealz=Agentorange

    looking for M4 modder

    ...........m4.............m4...............*brains* People our like zombies all they want is more of the same old brains. But you have to admit the m4 is the bread and butter weapon of SOCOM right now.
  11. =sealz=Agentorange

    We want LAPES drops

    It would not have to be a air field it can be any old place big not much bigger then a foot ball field. They slow the C-130s WAY WAY WAY down almost to the point that they are going to stall well 13knots from the stall point and then they let the thing drop out the back. A small clearing not to heavly guarded would work nicely.
  12. =sealz=Agentorange

    We want LAPES drops

    LAPES (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System) is a were a cargo plane like a C-130 would skim about 5 feet along the ground and a parachute is poped out the back and jerks the cargo out. This would be just cool to see a LAPES drop of like say a DPV for the ghost during a mission. Say for example the ghost could secure a small field then a scripted radio call is sent for the C-130 to make its run. It swoopes down and drops the thing and it coms to a sliding halt along the ground ready for action. The images show how it works. They show a small load of supplies but they can do it with light units as well like a striker or the XM125(think thats the designation) light tank or just about anything else that you can shove in the back of a C-130,C-17. Type II Modular Platform with Two Strongbacks Positioned, Typical
  13. =sealz=Agentorange

    Mk12 Mod 0 SPR

  14. =sealz=Agentorange

    M4 Solid Stock

    Cool man i wish the image host i used was still up so i could show you guys. Oh and there is such a thing as the SR-15 the SR-16 is just what they call it in air soft to avoid legal stuff.
  15. =sealz=Agentorange

    Laser aim

    All that it is, is a really long red stick modeled on the end of the gun isn't it.