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  1. bnk182s

    Far Cry

    Hey, Just wondering if Far Cry is, you guessed it, worth the money. Also, what game does it closest resemble? Finally, is it like GR, because i've seen the GR maps being added in. thanks
  2. Hey, I am running a G-FORCE 4 and am looking to upgrade. I am "blind" when it comes to this, so any help will be great. I am trying to upgrade for Half Life 2, because I'm not sure if I can run it well with this. Please in your suggestions remember that they are INCREDIBLY expensive and I am INCREDIBLY thrifty! Thanks for your help guys!
  3. bnk182s

    Planning on Upgrading Graphics Card

    So I did go up the "pole"?
  4. bnk182s

    Planning on Upgrading Graphics Card

    hey, I'm the topic starter and I am the proud new owner of a Radeon 9600 SE...turns out the store owed my dads business money and gave me a card instead of paying my dad....SCORE! newayz, how does a 9600 compare to a Nvidia Geforce 4? Just wonderin....thanks alot guys for supporting this topic! P.S. Hope to play you on DOOM 3!
  5. bnk182s

    when getting a tan.....

    lmfao for 5 min!
  6. bnk182s

    Planning on Upgrading Graphics Card

    Some general Half Life 2 specs came out so I think I'm going to be able to run it. Here is the specs! But also my comp fixer.....HAJARR!.... is gonna take my current card and take its value off another card that I will buy...so it's like trading a game in at EB!
  7. bnk182s

    Online games you play

    I did go there and I still don't know the strory line! ....j/k
  8. bnk182s

    Mission: Afghanistan

    I would if I know how to d/l mods!
  9. bnk182s

    Online games you play

    what is www.runescape.com?
  10. bnk182s

    Choosing which branch to serve

    Lets get back on topic! Post some new pics of hot girls!
  11. Hello, I have just installed GR and I've never installed a mod. I opened it with fileplanet, and then I had to choose which program to open it with....well I chose Ghost Recon ( the main file) Not only did I not get it, but now I can't choose what else to open it with. I hope you guys understand and please help me with this problem! Also, what is the current patch state of Ghost recon?
  12. bnk182s

    How do I install mods?

    Thank you guys so much! I always thought you had to "open" it! also, I have the gold edition...also, you are right about my newbiness. Thanks again guys.
  13. bnk182s

    FSW or GR2?

    Darn, every game comes out in sept. to dec.! Every game that I want. Not enough time!
  14. bnk182s

    Found this website

    oh- lol- I thought they were real!
  15. bnk182s

    Found this website

    Holy s-word!
  16. bnk182s

    How do I install mods?

    1. I opened it. Should I have saved? 2. All I did was click open with Ghost Recon. After that, GR started up, just like I double clicked the icon. 3.Will I be able to use that for over 21 days? 4. Thank you for taking interest in my cry for help!
  17. bnk182s

    How do I install mods?

    sorry-is there a free winzip?
  18. bnk182s

    How do I install mods?

    I dont have a zip extension i only have zAp! Man, compouters are so stupid! newayz, what do I do now?
  19. bnk182s

    Full Spectrum Warrior - new Review

    thanks for the support matt!
  20. bnk182s

    Virtual memory too low

    I get that same message in BF 1942. I load the game, and then the game minimizes and the message pops up! it's VERY annoying
  21. bnk182s

    What Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I'm reading the Bourne Identity....hope to finish it before the Bourne Supremacy comes to theatres!
  22. bnk182s

    Ghost recon Blood gulch...!!!!

    CHEMS- I would love you forever if you did this!....waitaminute...I already do love you!...waitaminute....not like that.....ahh whatever....you know what i mean!
  23. bnk182s

    Planning on Upgrading Graphics Card

    Yay! Today I hopefully get my comp back from the shop. It's like 5 days over! I'll hopefully post my d thingymagiggy!
  24. bnk182s

    Planning on Upgrading Graphics Card

    damn- i am really having trouble understanding all this. oh well. Thanks for the help guys but I think I'm gonna stick with my gforce 4 and pray. thanks again guys.
  25. bnk182s

    Hello Miss Canada

    Denmark's my fav!