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  1. STU_Snake

    Soviet Sailor Who Saved the US

    Reminds me of that movie K19: Widowmaker, not sure if there is any resemblance...
  2. STU_Snake


    remind me of the site maddox.xmission.com
  3. STU_Snake

    Half-Life 2 Development Saga

    hate to break it, but its "steam", an anyone else thinking a GR.NET CS: Source team ?
  4. STU_Snake

    Half-Life 2

    HL2 is rather good, been playing it almost non-stop for the last few days. One problem though, whenever I go to adjust my video settings, the game crashes to desktop... there is a message that appears, but I can't remeber the details of it... and btw, if anyone wants to look me up on steam( ) the names OneBadRasta
  5. STU_Snake

    7000 !!!!

    6 992, c'mon, its so tense :punk:
  6. STU_Snake

    Commandmap in GR2?

    This game has been Xbox-ified, and seeings how I haven't played a console game in forever that had a command map, I think there might not be one.......
  7. STU_Snake

    serious XP prob

    thanks for the help gents, all cleaned up
  8. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    or a point system, casue a team coud have 60 bronze and nothing else, then the second place team could have 59 gold, seems like the second place team had to work harder.....
  9. STU_Snake

    GR video

    great work, music was "different"
  10. STU_Snake

    "The sig above you" thread

    8/10 didn't think anyone knew about trigun....
  11. STU_Snake

    Ryan243 gets owned....

    He could have made this thread more pointless than it already is.....
  12. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    Canada was tied with Malaysia or something before......
  13. STU_Snake

    serious XP prob

    everytime I start up windows, it takes for ever, and I keep getting the message "sdkek32.exe" has encountered a problem.... it kepps doing that for a while,. then it sometimes starts up
  14. STU_Snake

    Update Gamespot Hands On

    lets hope this isn't anytihng like SOCOM II with its 100000000000000000's of glitches
  15. STU_Snake

    Tactical tips for Free Russia

    Lots of frag/explosion diversions? I have no idea never played the mission.....