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    GR: FS multiplayer!!!

    I own the 360 and got the PS3 version for free. I really loved the multiplayer. Conflict is so fun! But I got the PC version on sale and I tried playing multiplayer. Sadly, no one’s playing. Anyone down to play? My uPlay tag is XxTheDxCDudexX. On GRFS, it’s my old tag HopeyoudieXO Tweakbox Appvalley https://vlc.onl/
  2. Is there a way I can get to use my attack drone in the normal campaign I’ve been wanting a drone that shoots for ages and when I found out you could get it in fallen ghosts I was so happy but it’s not showing up as a skill on the normal campaign Do I have to get it in fallen ghosts to get it in campaign or what? Any help is appreciated. appvalley tutuapp tweakbox
  3. I saw the new GRW Year 2 Trailer And was wondering if they will add a Map Editor because one of the Update said something about Having a very own PvE Update. _____________________________________ my issue has been solved!! ______________________________________ https://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/
  4. Have you seen the random 2 people fixing a drone/motorcycle? I came across one of them, and one of them is worried about the broken bike, and the other one says, "It's fine, with the riots going on they'll never notice" or something along those lines. But imagine if there were riots. This game is lifeless at the moment, I don't know if I've been traveling to the wrong places, but it always seems like that there's not a proper town without it being filled with soldiers, and you can't and really don't care about the people because they're whining their ass off, or they all look the same and are doing the same thing. In Wildlands people would be talking, doing their jobs, and partying, instead of staring at you like you're naked. Of course there is the bad gunsmith, the boring story, and more I doubt that Ubi will fix. _____________________________________ my issue has been solved!! ______________________________________ SHAREit Appvn
  5. had the same issue!!
  6. Today I completed Wildlands for the first time, I unexpectedly loved Wildlands much more than I expected, I didn't get it for th showbox e story but I actually became invested in it. So after debating wether to get Breakpoint or not (I know about its bad reputation) I played the trial, on Immersive mode, and am even more undecided. There are moments of amazing stealth gameplay, great new mechanics like the prone camo and health recovery. I also really like (most of) the new animations, and camera angles. It felt so good to play. But the story... and the menus... and the drones. Ugh. The UI a usps tracking nd game is so unnecessarily co speed testmplicated, as Ubisoft seems to be a fan of messy menu design and RPG elements in every genre, which I really don't enjoy. The plot so far, imo, is awful compared to Wildlands, the grit is gone. How many drones are there, which are mandatory? Is there tons of them? I think that might be my reason to buy or not buy. (my main issue is drones that can attack you.