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  1. die7

    The Ghost

    yepp, there is nothing comparable..and thank you for all your effort ApexMods you are one of my modding idols
  2. die7

    The Ghost

    Thank you Rocky, I appreciate your offer and will come to that a bit later, currently I'm done with 3th mission of 10, so it will take some time since moved to new house but planed beta release is end of march 2020
  3. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    the solution for your idea could be found in (team) search and rescue.gtf, I think this is the nearest solution
  4. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    the first script is ok, it's a typical firefight with 50 enemies and it works, the second one can not work, afaik just one opfor company can be spawned and existing, the second is automatically player company
  5. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    define variables of actors/teams/company's in startup and not in preaction trigger
  6. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    can You attach mission file so I can take look
  7. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    that can be solved by multiple ways , either create timer and call trigger timer expired(one sec, check if all members of OPFOR company is killed or is 0 members is in OPFOR alive then end objective, or/and endGame) or chose trigger DeathCompany then close objective/EndGame.
  8. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    nice work
  9. die7

    Igor editor basic movie's

    Thank you Giampi, my wish is to keep this great game alive by creating mods/mission etc. but also to motivate other players for modding. Well, I'm not sure regarding Youtube or Udemy since is my English is definitely not perfect , and I do not have to much experience with creating e-learning movies but I try my best to explain, but it could be a thing. Hope I will get internet next days (moved to new house) so I can deliver chapter 3 and 4 on coming weekend.
  10. die7

    Randomized Killhouse

    Very nice to idea, unf as far I know spawn points, base, etc are not planed for civilian, so to achieve this you need to b be creative and maybe work with rand integer, triggered plans, zones, hide, show, invincible, invisible etc
  11. die7

    Igor editor basic movie's

    Hi, chapter 2 is done and covers: Chapter 2: create Company create Platoon Create Team Add Actors to > Team Change Actor, kit, position Create objectives Mission was created which contains 3 objectives: Kill Patrols Kill BigBoss Go to Extraction Create script which: Set flags for Patrol1, Patrol2, Player Platoon, Big Boss Set Variable for Player Platoon Check if patrol1 is killed check if patrol2 is killed check if BigBoss is killed Check if Player is near to extraction Zone and continue if Patrol1 and Patrol2 are killed and finish mission In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=180UcU5TXD65QuPhV4Uz5dH_MN64MR4cM test-mission-01.mis
  12. die7

    Igor editor basic movie's

    Sure I understand your worries , and exact that's one of the reason why I've started, beside of that I do not play newer games and know lot of other ppl which not follow today's games industry , and regarding Igor movies can say as long one person is helped I see my duty as done
  13. Hi all, since I would like to save your time here some starter help movies Chapter 1: start editor ref to documentation create own mod create new mission adjust weather activate the mod test new mission https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFB2fE5xWfFmNwXRJThrNLNLTJ8HAOAV/view?usp=sharing other chapter will follow ...
  14. die7

    The Ghost

    Hi all, after years and years of playing and studding OGR and all available mods, and scripting work of some great ppl (see bellow) I came to idea to create one by my own, and here I am just to give you a info about "The Ghost" which is currently under development. The Ghost will be a veteran mod which is oriented on the realism in every aspect of the military sim and the war, and I will try to get best out of the igor. Your ghost team will fight in mountains, villages and city's of Bosnia and will take warlords down, /rescue civilians etc. Some of missions are pure fictional, some unfortunately truth. The ghost has also one additional mission by (re)using great work of other great modders to honour and to thank them for keeping this great game alive like: ApexMods Zeealex Tinker Streinger, Black Sabbath & Stealth-Mods team Lisac Viper-6 Rocky Eisenhauer sixpence Testers are more as welcome I will keep you up to date
  15. die7

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Rocky