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  1. die7

    Sixpence in the line of fire mod

    @Rocky this is really good mod, maybe you can take look and add it to download section, its amazing as sixpence
  2. die7

    Ghost Recon steam edition

    once you start GR you will see on main menu in right corner which version is installed, normally Steam should provide patched version, if not, then yes you will need to patch it
  3. die7

    Using 3d Studio Max for GR in 2020

    indeed you will find enough information here in forum, an if someone can point you in proper direction ..hmmm.. that will be the last remaining map maker afaik ...join https://discord.gg/WXfnh7e an try to take contact with jmscreator
  4. @wombat50 maybe you can fix also mision1 since it end up immediately if num of demo charges is not fulfilled, at least with proper message..I mean, I can do that, but I see you got your taste already
  5. @wombat50 thank you, I have now both of them downloaded..damn good stuff
  6. man I just realised that Clear and Present Danger 2 was released...mmmm then this one need to be played ...nowwww
  7. such shame that this one like CAPD2 never was finished and released, since it is really impressive work
  8. @wombat50 what is the status of this mod, was it ever released? Download links do not work fore me, and yeaaaahh I would like to take look to this one, thank you
  9. die7

    The Ghost

    here are some dev insights : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z4KL4rY1gRGEHT6bcm1X06EW6-2eodgg/view currently the 4 of 10 planned mission are finished, unf. it take me very long time , but I hope to provide very interesting mod
  10. Sounds a bit as joint task force (game) it starts in Mogadishu ends in Bosnia
  11. die7

    Igor editor basic movie's

    Hi, chapter 3 is done and it covers: Chapter 3: Adding static and dynamic (triggered) plans to enemy's Adding (multiple) zones to the patrols (master trick) Adjusting engine's AI by adopting/adding : Pace, Alertness, Combat ROE, Movement ROE Creating and using defending zone and stations Creating Intro movie (placing and switching to different cameras) Playing music file by trigger Debugging/Fix :))) Consulting Igor editor advanced documentation PC Cheat codes for mod development (airoe, aiinfo, names, superman, range) In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 3 :https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zcWMhWUCVGLYaDeDUkxMngVjcnypjqIv test-mission-01.mis
  12. die7

    The Ghost

    yepp, there is nothing comparable..and thank you for all your effort ApexMods you are one of my modding idols
  13. die7

    The Ghost

    Thank you Rocky, I appreciate your offer and will come to that a bit later, currently I'm done with 3th mission of 10, so it will take some time since moved to new house but planed beta release is end of march 2020