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  1. I love Ghost Recon. I bought Breakpoint on pre-order. Even bought the Nomad figurine. I realized I loved Wildlands, not Breakpoint. I played the pre-launch and the Beta, and I have 100+ hrs in game, lvl 30 and gear lvl 225. Main quest and all side quests done solo. And I then realize I cannot fully explore Aurora because the game DEMANDS you need to coop to raid. So the raid and raid bosses and their loot is not optional playing solo. Also the main quest is really really short, and when you have done all the side quests there are only faction quests left. Except Ubisoft decided to put a cap on Battle Points. So if you have a day off work you can not grind Battle Points for loot. No no 400 pts pr day max. Yes you player, you buyer who paid for the game. The crafting part is just ridiculous. You are running around accidently picking flowers and roots and nuts but I have never ever crafted any of those. And I never will. I am not going to use use them. Ever. I am playing an elite soldier, not some florist or herbalist. If I wanted to craft potions I would be playing WoW or some stupid grind game. I am not playing the Witcher I am playing Ghost Recon! The Assassins Creed class system gives you benefits as a sniper or stealth or assault or whatever class they will come op with, but it takes away the freedom of being an elite badass like you were i Wildlands, having the perk you could use it with witch ever weapon you choose. This means you will have to go to inventory and change perks to deal with Droids, and change back to whatever you prefer to fight humans. Item wheel in Breakpoint is like the perks irritating to manage, because you have to manually go to inventory to change items to mines, rocket launcher or C4 or whatever the situation requires. Item wheel is simply too small, and all perks should active once you put skill points onto it. The Division loot system is awful. Picking up new weapons with a higher gear lvl is a stupid waste of time. I am all yellow, but when crafting new weapons the game assumes I was asking for a blue or a purple item 10 times before it delivers a yellow. And then the added benefits are random and usually extremely unuseful since you want handling/range/accuracy. Also Divisions bullet-sponge system is implemented in the robot-droid. Shoot their armor to exploit their weakpoints or shoot them when they reveal their weak spot. Bad call Ubisoft. Bad call. The Splinter Cell part is good though. I like the part where you are able to move dead bodies to avoid detection, a bit that I missed in Wildlands. The stealth operative suits Ghost Recon great, but at the cost of initial sniping abilities and assault skills for when crap hits the fan, it just do not work. Nomad is an all round bad ass. Ubisoft should keep him like that. Drop the roleplaing crap.