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  1. Back when GR1 was in it's prime I was used to having problems with new mods or new equipment and could get it resolved fairly quickly. I do not remember ever having a catastrophic failure however. Last week I had this particular error come up and it actually caused me to have some problems navigating online so I did a clean install of windows and checked to make sure I had good drivers, no conflicts and updated programs, such as AV, and seemed to have everything in working order and created a restore point, or so I thought anyway. I then moved on to GR1 and the mods I wished to use but did
  2. Old school GR player getting back into the original on pc and am looking for a place to play and some direction on where to find some mods.
  3. Old school GR player looking to relive his glory days. Anyone hosting the original GR these days?
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