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  1. Sorry man, there was no interest about it. I have closed it.
  2. Dear community, friends, I want to invite you to our little project called "GRAW2 Revive". Like struth__ said - In 2018 You CAN PLAY G.R.A.W.2 multiplayer again! Gamerecon.net has servers to manage that. And Ghostrecon.org bouhgt VPS to set-up dedicated server for every Friday online play (8:00 PM +01 GMT) You can play on-line in TDM servers 144Hz with 32 slots. You will find more usefull informations on the links below: - WWW GRAW 2: http://www.ghostrecon.org - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ghostrecon - DISCORD: https://discord.gg/D5HdanY Also simple video from testing. If you like it - please join and lets start playing together like in old days. Multiplayer "party" in every Fridays. - P.S. Ghostrecon.net administrators - can I ask to reset my account with email abuse@ghostrecon.org? There is no resend pass link and password forgotted seems to not working for me. Thanks.