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  1. Hi, I've been trying to change the camo of each individual Ghost and all was going well until I realized the GRAW2 engine defines one camo for a set of gear and uses it for the rest of the team. For instance, Jenkins uses Torso 2 in the game files. So does Ramirez. Jenkins' camo is set to multicam but Ramirez' is the coyote camo (slightly more yellow than standard ACU.) The torso on Jenkins is overridden by Ramirez' camo, as coyote instead of multicam. To fix this, what I tried to do is create "new" armor pieces. There are only 2 holsters, 4 hip pieces, and 4 torso pieces. I tried to extend them to six corresponding to the character's gear, but every time I try to do it I get an error when loading a game and it crashes to the desktop. I've tried everything under the sun that the game files make clear. I point the textures to the original, made copies of the original to correspond to their number. I've linked their materials to the valid file but anything I do still crashes the game. I've tried to reverse engineer Brettzie's mod since it uses new models, but I've had no luck trying to design mine like his. Anyone know what to do? Help would be greatly appreciated.