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  1. ArmedLightning

    GRAW Extendend Draw Distance (Release)

    --Update 2-- It appears the spawning issue and other artifacts are a result of modifying the "clip_plane" and "silhouette_base" values in the "settings\materials.xml" file. The behavior was consistent after testing a range of values, as a result the default values are recommended. Furthermore, too high of spawn values in the "units\mass.xml" will certainly lead to instability and crashing. I'm unsure if raising a particular entry too high is the cause or if it's a cumulative effect. The highest spawn values assigned to an object in the default file are "in=25000 out=25500". When applied to every other object, the engine seems content. Furthermore, after raising values to this threshold, I've gone on to individually adjust some object values well beyond this set-point in an attempt to see if a particular object is the culprit (still on-going). A quick and dirty stability test can be performed by starting a new game. The game will (reliably) crash during the HALO jump sequence if spawn values are set too high. Stability testing via a loaded save didn't yield consistent results in replicating failures. Additionally, it seems if the game didn't crash during the HALO sequence then it can be assumed that the edited ranges were stable (I was able to complete the first mission). Once again I've updated the archive in the first post. The spawn distance of small objects was raised a slight amount and an additional file added (u_historical.xml) which was discovered during subsequent review of the game files.
  2. ArmedLightning

    GRAW Extendend Draw Distance (Release)

    --Update-- It seems the my cause of instability was incompatible values between the "settings\materials.xml" and "units\mass.xml" files. At first blush it appears that spawn values cannot exceed the clip_plane value. Raising both the "clip_plane" and "silhouette_base" values or lowering the spawn values seems to alleviate the issue. This rule might also apply to clip_plane values for objects and props. Unfortunately, I've noticed a new issue concerning the spawning and de-spawning of a certain structures with the raised values. I'll attempt to try and isolate the cause. If any progress is to be had I'll update my post. Eventually, I may try to put together some sort of documentation detailing rules of thumb for anyone interested in modifying the included files. Meanwhile, an updated (working) version can be found in the first post. As a final note, the initial values were based on the GRAW 2 Extended 1.53 mod. Despite the the similarities in regards to the engine, at the moment GRAW 2 appears to be a little more forgiving in regards to values it will accept.
  3. Several years back I toyed around with the draw distance of props, clutter, etcetera. Unfortunately that work was lost and I had to dig in the recesses of memory to remember what all I had done and where I had left off. At any rate, having finally grown tired of the un-optimized clunky mess that is ArmA 3, I've begun to revisit some older titles. Starting from scratch, I've managed to identify many of files and settings that affect rendering of clutter, graffiti, etc. I make no guarantees regarding performance or stability. I haven't done extensive testing and at the moment I have stability issues with the title. I'm not sure if it's a result of this mod or another. Better late than never! GRAW Extended Draw Distance v0.4.7z
  4. ArmedLightning

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    HU - No Auto-Save Touching on a prior topic buried long ago, I've never been a fan of the auto-save function as each save (last checked in v1.00) weighs in at several MB each and can quickly add up. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a miser when it comes to SSD space. After some brief reading, I dived into Igor (having never touched it before) in an attempt to isolate the script function related to the auto-save. Fortunately, "Apex" was consistent in his work so isolating it was pretty easy. The hardest part was the tedious slog through each .GTF and .MIS file to excise the applicable block. At any rate, for those who are still interested, here are the files that I've modified. I've only done limited play testing, so if any mistake was made along the way it's unlikely I'd catch it due to the sheer volume of missions available. Currently it's based on the v1.01 update and packaged as on unofficial add-on. Others have expressed interest in this feature, so rather it never see the light of day, I wanted to share it here. Hopefully some of you find it useful. Finally, it would be nice to see the auto-save eliminated from future updates. If i recall correctly, I think Apex himself said he wasn't partial to the feature in a response to another post. Let the players spam Quick-save if they choose. With tools like AutoHotkey, Logitech Gaming Software, etc., they can setup similar behavior if it's really that important to them. HU_No_Auto-Save_1.01.7z