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  1. The first kit for the first 3 actors in each platoon is the default way the game handles it. For the mod stuff I do, I just use separate AI backup actors with a single kit for the first 3 actors in each platoon to make it super obvious what they are using.
  2. 20 GB is certainly much more tolerable, but I still think the map pack idea would be the best way to handle this. Hardcore players will probably download whatever you make, but more casual players (of which most of the people I play with are) don't want to commit the space. The main goal is to increase accessibility. We want more people playing, right? Most people probably don't play most of the maps. I know I don't. Why should I be forced to download them? Since you already organize the map files so well, wouldn't be that hard to just pull the mission files and the map folde
  3. DeCENT is my latest work, using both CENTCOM and HU as base mods. DeCENT is overall an enhancement, but focuses on SP/COOP with some custom missions in there.
  4. This. I can't imagine the game actually looks that much better. But I'd love to be shown that I'm wrong. As for the image compression, I'm still a fan of the map pack idea, but 40 GB is certainly more tolerable.
  5. What about the idea do you not like? Both options, at least for me, sound like they suck. On one hand, I would get infuriated by loading times (this is the kind of game I want to jump into and play with minimal loading once it boots up). On the other, I would have to convince myself and others to free up space (and as I said, some of the people I've talked to and play with will NOT download HU with the current size projection, including those that already have the space).
  6. Would it be possible to setup a HU "base mod" and then separate the maps into map packs as separate downloads? Some of the people I've talked won't be getting the next version of HU if it's going to be that huge, so this is probably the best way to handle it.
  7. The accessibility is going way down. I would have to cleanup some space to even install it at this point. I know some games have large install sizes, but that doesn't that's an example we should follow. I definitely don't like the prospect of having to tell some of the people I play with "hey, you know that giant 30 GB mod? It's got an update that more than doubles the size." Would it be possible to make a version with downgraded textures?
  8. Why do I feel like this is going too far?
  9. It's hard to get excited without the details on what is now possible.
  10. By all means make the documentation for it. Even if we don't use the template, may be able to get more knowledge on what can be done.
  11. Documentation is probably the biggest one. I did take the time to copy the extraction timer thing since it was easier to understand. Otherwise, I don't know what is going on with it. Even if I did, I'm not sure if I'd use it since each of my missions has its own distinctive personality.
  12. I use Google drive, then set the share settings to anyone with the link can download.
  13. Glad you enjoy it. Loop thunder? Black Mamba already has thunder. I went with a storm to allow me to place heavy fog and add to the atmosphere where almost everything thing is hostile to you: you're outnumbered, outgunned, and the weather makes the environment that much more non permissible. As for rain and no thunder, I think it depends on what you're going for. I disagree that GR is atmosphere by itself. It all comes down to how each part comes together (the scenarios, weapon feel, sounds, etc). Thankfully, @ApexModsalready did a lot when it comes to environment sounds.
  14. VoA was my 2nd major mod project, requiring CENTCOM to run properly. I am no longer working on this mod. DeCENT is the successor to VoA and requires both CENTCOM and Heroes Unleashed to run properly. I am still developing this mod and it also features custom missions that I've made.
  15. Here we have another sound demo. This time, getting into a firefight.
  16. Having read the book, the movie now annoys me. Sicario (both of them) has some interesting stuff.
  17. Got the sounds and tried them out. Overall an improvement. Let me get a good recording so I can post a video.
  18. You by chance have the multicam swatch you used for that texture? I'm always game for more camo swatches to work with.
  19. Adversarial game modes where there is an AI company hostile to all players that just patrols around and/or civilians. Something that makes hunting other players more interesting. Most of my PvP experience seems to boil down to "whoever moves against a stationary target dies."
  20. Does removing the HUD also mean removing the top left text? I know I use that for my missions somewhat, including my copy of the HU exfil timer. I just want names in MP to not show up for kills. I know we can make our names blank, but that is far from ideal since it becomes hard to tell who has joined and what slots everyone is in.
  21. I'd prefer making it where I press F9 and the normal HUD info appears for as long as it's held down or something. If that's possible.
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