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  1. Beta v3.0 released, Operation Black Mamba has been updated and should feel pretty different in certain areas. Also includes the recoil reduction for all weapons. Links in the OP.
  2. Continuing to update Operation Black Mamba, I've gotten a LOT of positive feedback for it. I already know that I'm getting close to the script size limit for this mission. Additionally, the next update will feature ALL weapons with half their original recoil. This should be most noticeable for MGs and have a much more accurate cone of fire as you'd find in real life. Here's some art I had commissioned for this mod by theNadeFace, inspiration is taken from one of the missions I am planning to make. This mission is based on the experience of a large force conducting a highly coordinated raid and should be much more straightforward than Operation Black Mamba.
  3. Jack Wachter

    Two New Console Commands

    Both of these codes are mentioned in @ApexMods's notes found within the HU extras, so he at least was aware of them earlier.
  4. Update to Beta v2.1 posted, check OP. The mission has been fixed and improved. Wait till you see the insertion.
  5. Had some testing done by JustinRed87 (who I consulted with early in this mission's creation) for the mission and got some great feedback (and found out I didn't account for the MP hidden actor bug, so I need to fix that). I'll probably package together the updated (and hopefully fixed) mission with some additional CQB training missions because I love those and want more maps for those. Below is a clip from that test session that'll give an idea of what style I want to go for with some missions. The event that happens is ultimately a randomization thing, but I HIGHLY recommend playing it a few times before watching the clip to prevent spoilers. You've been warned.
  6. Sounds yummy, literally.
  7. Beta v2.0 is released, mission is included. Briefing is located in a separate folder within the mod, "zOPORDs." Delete all prior versions of the mod before installing.
  8. Beta v2.0 is in the works and will be including an expansion on the CQB training missions. There will be 3 modes for CQB training: CQB 1: OPFOR firing blanks (they can't hurt you) CQB 2: OPFOR with normal weapons CQB 3: OPFOR and noncombatant mix, I figured out a way to have the mission end when all OPFOR are dead (I use a recurring check of how many actors are alive vs number of players and noncombatants alive) Additionally, I have a mission I've been working on. It's that agent rescue in heavy fog idea I had. I'll likely continue to make tweaks to it after its initial release, but here's a preview of the objectives (and a redesign of the JSOC Task Force). Should be pretty hard (it stresses stealth and speed) and a different style from what most are used to. I throw in noncombatants to make target discrimination matter and some other things that I don't want to spoil. Let's just say Modern Warfare, except I'm not interested in pulling my punches.
  9. Added a small patch that adds in randomized CQB training missions and a couple fixes. Check the OP
  10. Jack Wachter

    Randomized Killhouse

    It works actually, the only issue I have is attaching a CompanyRef to the second use of it.
  11. Jack Wachter

    Randomized Killhouse

    Attached are the current template scripts that I import to help me make these faster. All you need is a map where you define the insertion zone and zones for points 0 through 35. template_cqbtraining_opfor.gtf template_cqbtraining_opfornoncombatants.gtf
  12. Jack Wachter

    Randomized Killhouse

    The problem is that it doesn't seem I'm able to link the second SpawnOpposingPatrolForce to a company reference, so I can't even check
  13. Jack Wachter

    Randomized Killhouse

    It works except for automatically ending the mission when all of the actual enemies are dead. It's still functional, just requires manually exiting the mission and no notification when all enemies are dead.
  14. Jack Wachter

    Randomized Killhouse

    I found a way to do it. I'm using SpawnOpposingPatrolForce for both the noncombatants and OPFOR. The sequence goes like this: SpawnOpposingPatrolForce Set the first active company to be called "Noncombatants" Make all actors in Noncombatants undetectable Queue a loop for all actors in Noncombatants that leads to a block that gives them all some form of kit with no weapons (I decided to set them up with cameras among other things) SpawnOpposingPatrolForce <-this spawns another enemy patrol force, but these guys keep their weapons and act as normal. EDIT: Here is my current template script. I'm using separate constants for some of the numbers so that I don't have to open a million windows to adjust one value.