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  1. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    I'm putting together a few different addons to go with the main mod: Arctic Winds (winter stuff is being locked to this, also has a few sound and texture things from Frostbite to make winter work was intended) No Night Vision (using night vision will result in a blacked out screen, also makes all NVGs on the models invisible) Real Camo Skins (main Ghosts use real camo patterns from 2010 and earlier, namely Multicam, Tiger Stripe, Desert Tiger Stripe, also thinking about A-TACS Arid Urban, M81 Woodland, and DCU) @Panth283, the real camo skins addon will probably be what you want. The gear there is probably the most modern of the high quality models (Peltor-type headset, plate carrier with belt, MICH 2000 helmet), though nothing I have is more modern around 2006-2007 (I don't have any FAST helmets, and the closest I have are high cut skate helmets that don't use full headsets). I can also see about making what you want a personal skin. Send me a PM with which guy(s) you're referring to exactly and we can go from there. Also, playing with weather some. Jungle Beach map which is normally day now with dense fog and a fierce thunderstorm. Going to look at different weather effects for more variety and also allow you to play some missions with different weather settings (imagine Iron Dragon with some rain and light fog limiting your view distance, for example). With that said, I don't plan on doing any day to night conversions or vice versa.
  2. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    So now that I've got the new character models in there, I'm thinking about going through and removing the "Ghost" CENTCOM reskins in order to save space since I find them mostly obsolete at this point. This would bring the mod size down by around 200+ MB and cut down on load times since the game wouldn't need to read those kit restriction files upon launch. I'm retain the files so that I have the option of using some of them in a more limited capacity later on. Before anyone asks, the Task Force 245 guys are safe. They are staying in. The list of skins being removed: Ghost Ball Caps w/AK Chest Rigs Ghost VBSS (normal and winter) Ghost Fleece Jackets (normal and winter) Ghost Direct Action Winter Please let me know what you think, especially if any of those groups are ones you particularly like. The personalized skin option is still available btw.
  3. Jack Wachter

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Updated camo
  4. Not having AI squadmates doesn't bother me much (granted I'm not sure if I'm even going to get this game around launch time). As for Ground Branch, they are working on an engine update and other content stuff. They're still moving along, but small team with limited time means that things will progress relatively slowly.
  5. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Version 1.0.13b is released. Check OP for download link. Main things are new skins and simplified MP setup.
  6. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    I don't know about doing a whole faction of them, but I've done some personal skins for JustinRed87 (who is former Marine) that are based on that. Below are some screenshots, though I may have made some modifications since I took them.
  7. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Current design of the main operators, let me know what you think and if I should make any changes. Ball caps worn under the helmets and PVS-14s mounted on the helmet.
  8. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Those skins haven't been added yet. The next update will include new SP skins and a winter optimization addon that will change the SP guys to winter versions and do a few other things
  9. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Thinking of redesigning the Ghosts again. Working on new patterns to use (the ones up above are meh compared to what I have now). Also looking at using some of the other Blood Oil models. Recent tests, still got some adjustments to do. The main issue with the current model is that I made some things invisible on main body texture: left leg magazine pouches and the ball cap worn under the helmet. This results in no blood showing up on the main body as well as some other weird things happening (relatively minor though). I find it kind of jarring when they get shot but see no blood like they're completely fine. This sucks since I really like the fact they wear a full headset and are fully kitted out with flashbangs and such. So there's a few ideas I'm thinking about in my mind: Put in the left leg magazine pouch and ball cap back in. As for the night vision attachment, there's a few options: remove it entirely, put in the same NVGs except put up (doesn't make sense with the ball cap), or put in PVS-14s (see below pics for a reference of what that would look like). This will keep the blood effects and give Ghosts in full direct action loadouts, though everyone with ball caps under the helmets may be weird. Use a mix of the ball cap and boonie hat models from Blood Oil. These use a single ear headset instead of the Peltor-looking ones. Ball cap would be for rifleman and demolitions since they have flashbangs and more assault-type stuff on them while the boonie hat would be support and sniper since they lack flashbangs on the model. Can't use balaclavas on these guys due to the way the right ear is setup. Look at the regular balaclava model from Blood Oil. It has a couple flashbangs on the front and covers the full face. Can make it the only one or mix it with ball cap and boonie guys. Leave them as-is other than updating the patterns. So, what do you guys think? What kind of look do you want for the main Ghosts in VoA? More pics for reference: Current model with no invisibility on the main body + PVS-14 attachment Old test with boonie hat guy Ball cap references Balaclava references
  10. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Current main Ghost designs with custom tiger stripe camo
  11. Jack Wachter

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Started messing with recolors of tiger stripe with some gradients, colors based on the different variations of Multicam (normal, arid, tropic, and alpine). Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Transitional) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Arid) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Tropical) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Arctic)
  12. Ike.log was helpful in pointing me to the exact kit restriction so I could figure out the syntax error, so that's what got me thinking about what the game does during the launch phase. This whole situation is more proof showing how this game wasn't designed to have tons of content. Getting off topic a bit, but sounds are definitely major and one of the things I've been working on with VoA. I've been told that sound matters more than anything else for combat vets.
  13. The small text files definitely are slower to extract, probably due to the fact they are separate files. Granted, I believe that's more of an unpacking issue than an issue with launching the game. Reducing the number of kit restrictions in VoA brings the times down drastically. Maybe I should redo MP and NOT go insane with the kits like I ended up doing. From what I can tell, seems that it checks certain files for syntax errors, with kit restrictions being one of them. What issues have you seen on the Ike.log file when the game won't let you start it?
  14. Jack Wachter

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    If I can ever figure out how to get OBS to NOT freeze on a frame during recording, then I may just do that @Lightspeed. They are pretty cool missions, especially the hostage rescue in the city where you start on the balcony. So probably going to drastically cut down on how I handle the MP kit restrictions. Seems that I went way overboard and ended up making the launch time for the game way longer than it needs to be since afaik, the game checks every single line in the kit restriction files for any syntax errors before either launching the game or ending the launch if a syntax error is found. I'm looking for more details about this and started a thread to discuss this here. I'm looking at drastically cutting down the number of MP kit restrictions by limiting AI backup options to 2 per unit (loud and suppressed) with novelty options thrown in as I feel like it (exact setups will vary depending on the faction). With a stronger SP setup coming in the next update, the loss in MP can be somewhat made up in SP. Cutting down the number will also make certain operations like adding in new personal skins to MP much less time consuming. If you have any feedback on how you use the MP kit restrictions, please let me know so that I can figure out the best way to go about this. As for new skins, I'm still working on how I want the main "Ghosts" to look. I've got the jungle and winter guys now setup with pre-2004 Multicam (at least my best representation of it) vests since it's more green. I am also looking at making the ball cap and left leg magazine pouches visible again since it seems I managed to disable blood effects on the main body by doing so. Not sure if it's something to worry about or not though.
  15. So playing around with my Violence of Action mod, it has absolutely horrendous load times (4+ minutes) and I think I finally have an idea of what's happening. From what I can tell, the game goes through certain files and checks the syntax of them and will not launch the game if there is a syntax error in these. I know it does this with the MP kit restrictions (RIP me with what probably amounts to a few million lines that need to be checked, I'm not joking) and believe it also checks the various files in the equips folder. Anyone know if this is accurate and what exactly happens when the game is starting up? Looking for ways to keep load times down.