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  1. Private B

    Happy Birthday

    thats coz predator, foxtrot, devil dog, lp4life and Sfwanabe are the same person, i think 4 of those accounts are banned ones too.
  2. Private B

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday NY
  3. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    Yup, simple as that.
  4. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    Simba and Timon, not really pen tool ... just PS and using levels to darken the pencil outlines
  5. Private B

    Buzz Lightyear!

    Very very nice.
  6. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    *cough*ididntbreaktheforum*cough* Work in progress, Lion King © Disney Scar and Simba with their Base colours on, and Scar's hair EDIT: now with eyes and such ...
  7. Private B

    My line art

    Wow, thats pretty awsome, and about the shading.. err is there dodging or burning tool in PSP? I just add another layer of shading on top of the colours, looks like thats what you did for your last work there. Great job. EDIT: Here's some tutorial on inking (digitally) and colouring Inking(Note this is only for Photshop) Basic cell shading using Paintshop pro Tips on shading and coluring using PSP 7 Enjoy
  8. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    Errmmm, just check up on deviant art, and I haven't tried PSP so i wouldn't know if it can work, I use Photoshop CS. EDIT: I added some Links in your topic Ben.
  9. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    Wacom pad... I wish... *dreams* anyways..yeah, pen tool in PS, i went over the pencil lines i scanned in.
  10. Private B

    First pen tool Art

  11. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    An incomplete fish, you still can see the pencil marks
  12. Private B

    First pen tool Art

  13. Private B

    First pen tool Art

    Click here First sketched with pencil, then scanned, outlined with pen tool and coloured in with PS. Didn't turn out too bad I guess, too bad the lines are all flat, couldn't find edge tipped brushes.
  14. Click Here The best star wars movie ever?